Discovering Japan’s Newest Gems: Must-Visit Hotels for Every Traveler

Discovering Japan’s Newest Gems: Must-Visit Hotels for Every Traveler

Japan offers a diverse array of accommodations, from traditional ryokans to contemporary urban hotels. Here are some of the best new hotels in Japan for various types of travelers.

Roka Ryokan, Naoshima

The art-centric island of Naoshima is famous for its sculptures and museums. Roka Ryokan, a new high-end inn located in Japan, was very welcome since accomodation can be hard to come by on the island.

Roka Ryokan, Naoshima – Best for Art Lovers

It offers 11 suites with tatami mat flooring and open-air baths supplied by Yunogo hot springs. It also doubles as an art gallery for emerging Japanese talent. This art-lovers paradise can be booked for $560.

Rakudo-An, Toyama

Located in Toyama prefecture, Rakudo-An is a beautifully restored 120-year-old farmhouse.

It features modern Japanese design inspired by local artisans’ crafts, and 2% of its profits are dedicated towards preserving the beautiful historic landscapes of the area. You can book it for $300.

OMO3, Tokyo Akasaka

OMO3, part of Japan’s Hoshino hotel group, offers budget-friendly stays with personalized touches.

OMO3, Tokyo Akasaka

The hotel provides recommendations for local attractions, tours, and on-site dining. At just $80, it’s a great option for those seeking character in an otherwise pricey city.

Marufukuro, Kyoto

Marufukuro is a renovated warehouse near Kyoto’s central station, offering a blend of original features and contemporary cool.

Nintendo’s history is part of the experience, and the hotel’s Carta restaurant offers delectable dishes that are a unique blend of the flavors of Japanese and European flavors. You can start your booking at $420.

The Sense Fuji, Yamanashi

Nestled near Mount Fuji’s trekking trailhead, The Sense Fuji offers stunning views from private terraces.

If you are out on a clear day, you can relish breakfast and dinner under the beautiful skies, which is a stunning sight to behold! Popular nearby attractions like Narusawa Ice Cave is where you can witness a stunning light show adventure.

Treeful Treehouse, Okinawa

Treeful offers an eco-friendly stay in the northern region of Okinawa. High above the ground, situated amongst the greenery, the treehouses are where you can experience a delightful stay.

These treehouses are solar-powered treehouses that provide breathtaking views. Guests can enjoy self-catering or maybe even try a DIY fire-pit menu that has mouth-watering local cuisines.

Roku Kyoto, LXR Hotels & Resorts

Located on the forested western edge of Kyoto, Roku Kyoto offers a range of cultural activities for families. Guests can try washi papermaking, porcelain crafting, and kintsugi art.

After a traditional tea ceremony, they can relax in the outdoor pool and dine on French-inflected dishes. Families can enjoy this rich indulgent in Japanese culture starting only at $640 for a room.