Things Flight Attendants Wish That All Travelers Knew

Flying is becoming one of the most popular, not to mention ever-so-accessible, ways to travel for both long and short distances. Yet, we all know it can also be stressful. Not just for the travelers themselves, but also for the staff members serving them on the airplane. Fair or not, there are some things they simply can’t afford to say straightforwardly to some of the passengers – and this article will reveal just a few of them.

Keep them in mind next time you’re traveling so you can ensure the experience will be a positive one for both you and your flight attendant.

Good Manners

Things Flight Attendants Wish That All Travelers Knew

Most passengers don’t even say hello to the crew. The lack of simple courtesy, politeness, and respect is something that flight attendants deal with every day. In the initial turmoil of trying to find our seat, fit our luggage in the overhead compartment and get settled in, we completely forget about the people greeting us.

Respect Should Be Universal

Things Flight Attendants Wish That All Travelers Knew

It’s easy to forget that your flight crew is not there to please each and every wish of yours. Of course, you deserve to feel as comfortable as possible during your flight but that shouldn’t come at the expense of disrespecting your flight attendant. If something is not going your way, cut them some slack. Compassion and respect go a long way.

It’s Not As Clean As You Think

Many of us get a bit too comfortable, especially during long flights. Taking clothes and shoes off is a common occurrence that most flight attendants would advise against. Whether it is you or your children walking on the aisle barefoot, keep in mind that the airplane is not as clean as it may look.

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Things Flight Attendants Wish That All Travelers Knew

Better Travel Responsibility

Traveling requires a good deal of planning and some people tend to disregard that. It sometimes results in bad scheduling decisions, being late and even missing flights. As customers, we rarely like to admit when we’ve made a mistake and many flight attendants wish we took accountability for those times. When our flight is delayed, we don’t hesitate to ask frenzied questions about it but we are much more lenient when we are the ones making others wait. Your flight crew would definitely wish for passengers to be more responsible.