These Destination are a Must-Visit for May

May is one of the most popular months to travel, and if you’re one of the many people who are ready to leave their house for the world beyond, we can help you. Here are the top five destinations to travel to during May for an amazing vacation!

Yosemite National Park, California

If you’re in the mood for a hike in nature, surrounded by mountains and greenery, Yosemite National Park is your best bet. May is one of the best times to visit the wild area. For those who are looking to relax, book a room at one of the many luxurious and beautiful hotels in the area. Head to the Yosemite village to visit the Yosemite Museum, Ansel Adams Gallery, and many small shops and restaurants.

Amalfi Coast, Italy

Who hasn’t heard of the beauty of the Amalfi Coast, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the Campania region in Italy? May is the best time to visit and enjoy the offerings of delicious cuisines, breathtaking views, and stunning beaches! The coastline, which runs for 34 miles, is home to beautiful seaside towns, ancient cathedrals, and an experience like never before. From Michelin-starred restaurants to homey, family-run hotels, this region has something for everybody.

Greater Zion, Utah

If you’re looking for a holiday filled with natural beauty and outdoor adventures, Greater Zion, Utah might be the place for you. You can partake in one of the many activities like hiking, mountain biking, and scuba diving! After having a day packed with activities, you can indulge in a night of stargazing or even glamping under the clear sky. The region also hosts the three-day Festival of the Americas in May which is a treat for any tourist.

Madeira, Portugal

If you’re a nature enthusiast, visit Madeira in the month of May to have a look at their annual Madeira Flower Festival which happens May 5-29. The festival will feature the best of Madeira’s famous flowers. You can also enjoy hiking with a view, or if you’re in the mood for relaxation, a stroll through the capital city of Funchal to enjoy the architecture and street arts of the region!

San Juan, Puerto Rico

San Juan offers you beaches, casinos, and luxury hotels for a wild May vacation! In between sipping pina coladas by the pool, travel to Old San Juan and stroll along the city to see the historic architecture and colonial-era homes and feel yourself stepping into another world.