Check Out Airbnb’s List of World’s Hottest Destinations to Be Visited in 2023

Every year, Airbnb finds out what tourist destinations have been loved by travelers. Like every year, Airbnb has declared its most visited destinations of 2022 and the ones that people are going to explore in 2023. Let’s plan your next trip together!

People’s Favorite in 2022

Along with visiting places that are sunny and warm, travelers packed their swimsuits and headed to the hidden treasures where they could enjoy water activities. According to the various categories set by Airbnb, the majority of its guests made their bookings based on several factors, starting with Pool, followed by Beach, Beachfront, Surf Sport, and Lake House. In addition to that, Ski destinations also made the top ten list in 2022. Airbnb also noticed that a large part of their guests were foreigners. They welcomed guests from London, Paris, Toronto, Mexico, and Seoul. In fact, as the year came to an end, people took long vacations and stayed with Airbnb for 28 nights and more.

A Trip in 2023

Now that the year has come to an end, Airbnb has determined the list of top foreign internal locations for the year 2023 that will welcome the majority of guests. Over the past few years, people have had warmth, homely stays, and water activities on their vacations, and this year is no different. Based on that, Málaga, Spain, has emerged victorious as this year’s top destination. One of the world’s oldest cities, it is known for its culture, food, and gorgeous beaches. Sydney, Australia, came second with its gorgeous Sydney Opera House and Bondi Beach. Australia’s Melbourne also made the list. The capital city of Victoria is loved by tourists for its museums and live music scene. Perth, Australia, the sunniest city in Australia, also made the cut for the top ten.

Other Cities

New Zealand had two cities make it to the most popular destination list for 2023. Auckland, the biggest city in New Zealand, is popular for its closeness to nature, surrounded by mountain ranges and beautiful rainforests. Next is Queenstown, a place perfect for people who want to go bungee jumping, jet boarding, and skiing on their vacation. Brazil struck thrice with Salvador, Florianópolis, and Porto Seguro. Florianópolis and Porto Seguro are perfect for tourists who are looking for sun, water, and sea all in one place. Meanwhile, for those who want to immerse themselves in Brazilian culture, festivals, architecture, and music, Salvador is the place. Lastly, The capital of Thailand, Bangkok, remains a beloved destination for shopping, food, museums, temples, and palaces.

Burgundy, France Ready to House a New Luxury Boutique Hotel on a Historic Location

David Fink, the founder-CEO of the celebrated Mirabel Hotel & Restaurant Group, is back once again with another grand plan. And this time, it’s in his favorite vino region of Burgundy in France. After spending over three decades building stellar hotels, restaurants, and international resorts, Fink is now expanding his portfolio by adding the historic Maison 1896.

The Project

In a recent announcement, Fink informed the press that he is going to take over the Maison 1896 and launch the same the coming summer next year. Located at the historic center of Beaune, the ancient village in the Burgundy region, Maison 1896 will be transformed into a luxury boutique hotel and restaurant. For this project, Fink has partnered with Maison Joseph Drouhin, the famed Burgundian vino family, who is helping him to restore and convert the family-owned historic and beautiful building.

The Restoration

The exteriors of the new luxury Burgundy hotel have already been fixed, featuring local stone and limestone. The new open-louver shutters and windows are restored to their original light green color. The three-story building of the hotel will include two luxury suites and 14 guestrooms. Janet Elarmo, seasoned hotelier and Fink’s partner, has been tasked with hand-selecting all the elements of interior design to craft the unique ambiance of the new Maison 1896. Every room will feature bespoke décor using locally curated accents and items. The oversized in-suite bathrooms will contain separate showers, double sinks, and Victoria & Albert Rivello freestanding bathtubs. The guests will also enjoy artful staircases outside the rooms, colorful stained glass decors, and also an originally-built private terrace.

The Dining

Fink’s new luxury Burgundy property will have his signature detail for the dining experience. Making the restaurant and bars the pivotal point of Maison 1896, the hotel will house several dedicated spaces for distinct dining experiences. However, the showstopper zone will be the glass-covered atrium within the courtyard, featuring radiant-heated French limestone flooring, and offering all-year-round outdoor dining, prepared by famous chef Charles Phan.