Feast Your Eyes On 7 Of The Most Beautiful Pools In The World

There’s nothing like jumping into a body of water, having a swim, or just kicking back and sunbathing on a floaty. So why not do it in style? Here are some of the most beautiful pools on the planet.

Albatroz Madeira, Portugal

pools 10

Here is one of the three pools at Albatroz Madeira that allows users to choose their swimming experience. They can either paddle in the actual pool or dive into the natural body of water, the majestic Atlantic Ocean.

Hotel Indigo, Hong Kong

pools 7

With a glass bottom that allows death-defying views of the city below, Hong Kong’s Hotel Indigo boasts one of the most epic city pools you will ever see.

The Cambrian, Adelboden, Switzerland

pools 8

Here is one of those pools that sees hot and cold meet in the most beautiful of ways. Take a break from skiing and relax in one of these gorgeous bodies of water at Adelboden.

Burgenstock Resort, Lucerne, Switzerland

pools 1

Four Seasons Hotel Shanghai, Pudong, China

pools 2

They don’t call this the “sexiest hotel pool ever” for nothing. This 41st-floor delight is one of those pools that allows users to take mesmerizing views of the Shanghai skyline.

Ubud Hanging Gardens, Bali

pools 4

If there was ever a pool that mirrored the culture in which it is set, then Bali’s Ubud Hanging Gardens’ pool must be it. These terraced pools are reminiscent of the rice paddies that are so prevalent in this part of the world.

Miramonti Boutique Hotel, South Tyrol, Italy

pools 3

From virtually every angle of the Miramonti Boutique Hotel’s pools, one is able to take in the stunning surroundings of northern Italy. Landscape backgrounds have never been so epic.

La Purificadora, Puebla, Mexico

pools 5

Mixing the old with the new, Mexico’s Habita hotel group decided to open up this luxurious pool in a 19th-century factory. The hotel has pools that stand right next to bar/lounge areas.