Zanzibar’s Wellness Retreat Will Bring Out Your Wild Side

When people think of Zanzibar they think white sand beaches, turquoise oceans, cocktails, and tanning. While the first two are definitely accurate, the latter are missing at Zanzibar’s innovative wellness retreat.

Zanzibar White Sand Luxury Villas & Spa teamed up with Wildfitness, an organization encouraging a healthy getaway with strenuous exercise together with holistic healing and healthy nutrition, to give guests an alternative experience. If you’re one of those people who wants to sit back and relax on vacation, this resort is certainly not for you, but if you’re looking for something challenging and adventurous, then look no further.

The Wildfitness organization explains they encompass “a philosophy that is rooted in evolutionary science and research. Backed by doctors, scientists and university lecturers, we focus on three elements: wild moving, wild eating and wild living.” For seven days, guests will feel energized, stronger than ever, and leaner than before through freshly prepared meals from expert chefs followed by crashing in the lap of luxury in a five-star hotel at the end of the day.

Rather than seeing the experience as a detox or weight loss program, it is intended to be a chance for people to press the reset button, paying close attention to your body and giving it the nutrients and care it requires. Through interacting with nature and removing yourself from the restraints and stress of everyday life, guests will achieve a harmonious balance of mind, body, and spirit. The resort is a sight to see and is situated on the east coast of Zanzibar, spread across the scenic Paje Beach. The villas blend beautifully with the natural surroundings, giving guests the impression that they are at one with nature and given the utmost of privacy.

Guests can expect to be served meals with organic, locally sourced fish, fruits, and vegetables before unwinding in a tropical paradise. With your days being filled with strenuous exercise, the retreat is determined to have guests recover properly through giving complimentary deep tissue massages and a wide range of treatments made from locally sourced products, healing your body and mind.

Although drinks might not be a part of the program, if you’re craving the bubbly, you can sneak off to the resorts rooftop champagne bar for a little nightcap!

Rare Photos of Lucille Ball You’ve Probably Never Seen Before

I Love Lucy was once one of the world’s favorite shows, and its star Lucille Ball, really made a name for herself. These rare photos of the star help us to see what her life behind the camera was really like.

The Man in the Cape

There have been many Supermans over the years, and most fans have their favorites. However, before the likes of Brandon Routh or Henry Cavil, there was George Reeves. George reprised his role as Superman a handful of times for other shows, including a part in 1956 for I Love Lucy.

The Man In The Cape

Lending Her Help

Back when Lucille was still rising to the top, the young actress took plenty of uncredited roles to help further her career. Thankfully, she landed a part in Muss ‘Em Up as the Departing Train Passenger. However, Lucille’s time on the set meant she got to mingle with some of the greats. Back in 1936, Lucille was snapped helping to put eyebrow makeup on none other than the boxer Maxie Rosenbloom. Lucille really was a woman of many talents.

Lending Her Help

Dressed to Impress

Believe it or not, but Lucille Ball was naturally a brunette. She began to dye her hair blonde at the beginning of her career before color film started to become a widespread addition. MGM apparently urged the star to dye her hair red in the 1940s and Lucille agreed. Her red locks later became a trademark of her appearance. Lucille was snapped in 1944 as she dressed her hair with orchids ready to perform at Franklin D. Roosevelt’s 60th party.

Dressed To Impress

Practice Makes Perfect

As well as her impressive TV career, Lucille was also a regular in movies. One of her significant roles was the leading character in the film DuBarry Was a Lady alongside an all-star cast, including Gene Kelly and Red Skelton. However, the musical comedy production meant that Lucille needed to brush up on her skills. It wasn’t long before she was in the dance studio in 1943 where the star was captured practicing with her coach, Charles Walters.

Practice Makes Perfect

Stars of the Show

Lucille was busy filming Too Many Girls when she met bandleader, Desi Arnaz. The couple were reunited the next day, and say they immediately fell for one another. They eloped the same year they met, and although things looked as though they were going to end in divorce in 1944, the pair remained married until 1960. Lucille and Desi were often spotted out and about in town where they were snapped in their peach convertible back in 1950.

Stars Of The Show

Quality Time

Lucille and Desi welcomed their first child, a daughter named Lucie Arnaz, in 1951. It was one month before Lucille’s 40th birthday, and 18 months before they welcomed their son into the world. Although Lucille and Desi were often busy filming for the show, they would always make time for their family life. The star was spotted in Paris in 1955. Lucie was just four years old when she and her mom headed out to check out the local amusement park.

Quality Time

Carving Her Success

Lucille worked hard to make a name for herself in Hollywood. However, that wasn’t enough. The star was about to break new ground as Lucille was the first woman ever to head a major production company. Desilu Productions was born in 1950. Amazingly, the production company worked on the likes of Mission: Impossible, The Untouchables, and Star Trek over the years, as well as producing their own show I Love Lucy. The couple were spotted posing outside the studio gates in 1958.

Carving Her Success

Three’s a Crowd

It was working on the Broadway hit Wildcat with Paula Stweart that meant Lucy was introduced to her second husband, Gary Morton. He worked as a comedian, and they later walked down the aisle before Lucille taught Gary all about the world of TV production and took him on as part of the Desilu Productions team. They were seen out together at a Friars Club benefit with singer Sammy Davis Jr. in 1973 as the three laughed the night away.

Three’s A Crowd

In it Together

Believe it or not, but Lucille had to find a way to make herself stand out from the crowd. There were many talented actresses in Hollywood at the time. However, Lucille was willing to go a little further with her routines. The actress soon stumbled upon the world of physical comedy – something that many other actresses refused to do. Thankfully, Lucille found her feet and met many other comedians along the way, including Betty White in 1987.

In It Together

Standing Out

The musical film Mame was one of Lucille’s final performances before she passed away. The movie hit the big screen in 1974, and it wasn’t long before the star of the show was appearing at premiers across the nation. Of course, Lucille had plenty of practice at keeping glamorous on the red carpet. It turned out that her premiere in 1974 was no exception as Lucille arrived at the after-party in a full-fur coat. Hollywood glam, eh?

Standing Out

View from the Top

New York City was one of the places to be for rising stars of the time as many fled to the city in the hopes of being the next best thing. By 1965, Lucille was already at the top of her game and was enjoying all the perks that came with her position. As well as going down in history, Lucille also got to enjoy an apartment in the Hilton Hotel as she looked out over the view of Manhattan.

View From The Top

A Big Year

1957 was a huge year for Lucille. She has two children to care for as well as a host of dogs that kept her up and active. It looks as though the star often enjoyed playing with her family, even the four-legged members. As well as having a perfectly retro home, Lucille also created The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour with her husband at the time, Desi. The pair starred in the hour-long special that was aired on TVs across the nation.

A Big Year

Breakfast in Bed

Lucille was born in Jamestown, New York back in 1911, and it seems as though the state always held a special place in her heart. In fact, Lucille later moved to The City That Never Sleeps. Thankfully, it seems as though Lucille did find time to make use of her giant bed while staying in the city. As if that wasn’t enough, Lucille was even treated to breakfast in bed as she read the daily newspaper in 1955.

Breakfast In Bed

Time to Celebrate

It turned out there were a few rules that Lucille wanted in place if she was going to star in CBS’s new show. The series was initially titled My Favorite Husband, and the network wanted Lucille to play the leading lady. However, Lucille would only take the character if they would cast Desi in the show, too. The network agreed and later renamed the show I Love Lucy. Three years before the release, the couple still had plenty of reasons to celebrate.

Time To Celebrate

Best of the Best

Ciro’s nightclub was once one of the places to be if you were anyone of any importance. The club was part of the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood and opened its doors back in 1940. Over the years, Ciro’s was frequented by some of the biggest names of the time, including Frank Sinatra, Judy Garland, Ronald Reagan, and Marilyn Monroe. Of course, Lucille and Desi were often on the guest list as the star was spotted on a visit in 1950.

Best Of The Best

Extra Work

Lucille had to work many jobs and take plenty of roles before she eventually found her name as the star that many of us have come to know and love today. As well as working as a model and an aspiring actress, Lucille also took a handful of radio roles to help supplement her income. In 1938, Lucille was one of the many voices to appear on The Phil Baker Show. Little did anyone know that she would one day be a star.

Extra Work

The Latest Fashion

Thankfully, Lucille was already used to spending time in front of the camera before she became a big-time movie and TV star thanks to her years working as a model. She started appearing in commercials everywhere from a young age, including her time sporting the latest fashions in Hollywood in 1936. This was the same year that Lucille moved to the neighborhood as the actress began to land a host of uncredited roles to kick start her new career.

The Latest Fashion

Some Down Time

Being a model for years meant that Lucille knew all about the latest trends. It seems that she applied her knowledge to her own outfits as Lucille was spotted wearing some of the most popular looks of the time in 1938. She might have been working hard to build her career, but Lucille still found time to unwind every now and then. Someone snapped a photo of her enjoying a shake – and even showing off her comedic skills at the same time.

Some Down Time

Changing the Norm

Desi Jr. was born in 1953, but the network wasn’t happy about Lucille’s pregnancy being shown on TV. In fact, they worried that a pregnant woman couldn’t be a part of any TV series and the word alone was meant to stay away from the air. Thankfully, several religious figures gave the all clear. However, CBS demanded they use the word “expecting” instead. Lucille later gave birth on the same day as her character in the show.

Changing The Norm

Teaming Up

Groucho Marx was once one of the most prominent names across the nation thanks to his many acting roles and his successful comedic career. Thankfully, World War II came to an end in 1945, but Lucille and Groucho joined forces to help raise money for the Navy and Army at the beginning of the year. They were both a part of the Hollywood Victory Caravan that toured to 13 different cities to help raise money along the way.

Teaming Up

Caught in the Moment

Many of us take photos with our families over the years, and it seems as though Lucille and Desi were no exception. The couple were busy raising their two children in 1957 when someone was able to capture a candid moment between mother and son. Lucille and Desi Jr. was spending time together in their backyard in Los Angeles with their dogs. This was also the same year that the final I Love Lucy episode was filmed.

Caught In The Moment

Double Trouble

Of course, being one of the top stars of Hollywood meant that Lucille was used to posing for a host of portraits throughout her career. One of the many in 1965 saw the actress wear an all-white outfit for the occasion while she posed in Los Angeles. Amazingly, it turns out that Lucille has two stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. One is for her time in movies while the other was to dedicated Lucille’s incredible TV career.

Double Trouble

Built to Last

Gary Morton and Lucille Ball were married in 1961 and stayed together until Lucille passed away. Throughout their relationship, Gary got to learn all about the entertainment business as well as getting to watch his wife perform in front of the camera and help to raise Lucille’s two children. The couple was often spotted at some of Hollywood’s biggest events. Over the years, Lucille even managed to win four of the 13 Emmy Awards nominations she received.

Built To Last

Getting Cosy

Although Lucille ultimately ended up filing for divorce from Desi after the end of their show, the pair were nothing but kind about one another until Desi passed away. They remained friends all of their lives and would even meet up every now and then. Before they started a family of their own, Lucille and Desi enjoyed raising their four-legged family. In fact, the couple were snapped cozying up with their three cocker spaniels on the couch in 1950.

Getting Cosy

Part of History

Lucille and Gary were photographed in 1987, just two years before Lucille lost her life. The actress was complaining of chest pains in 1989 when she was rushed to the hospital. She underwent an eight-hour aortic transplant and was later given the all-clear to head home. Sadly, just eight days later, Lucille suffered a ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm after she had back pain, and passed away on the same day. Thankfully, her memory still lives on in Hollywood.

Part Of History