This Touryst Game Takes Players On Vacation Anytime

If it was up to your kids, they’d spend all year vacationing. And let’s be honest – wouldn’t we as well? It’s hard to accept that the fun and freedom should ever come to an end. But if we all just vacationed all the time, the “vacation” as we know it would cease to exist. (As would the money to fund all of those travels!)

Adults understand and accept this unfortunate truth, but sadly don’t have the tools to get their kids on the same page. And being pestered about going on vacation all the time can get truly unbearable.

Well, good news, folks: there’s a new game in town. And it’s out to take your kids on vacation for you.

Meet: “Touryst.”

This Touryst Game Takes Players On Vacation Anytime

The Touryst is an adventure game where the player acts as a tourist on vacation in a Pacific-style island archipelago. Like any other vacation, you go there to relax – but amid the sunbathing, coastal dance parties, scuba diving, jazz club hopping, and even diamond spelunking, there’s a surprise in store.

Of course, this surprise quest is the premise of the game – although anyone who’s played or witnessed a round of the Sims knows that this is already all anyone really needs to be entertained for a while. Nevertheless, when the time comes to stumble upon some ancient ruins, you know you can’t really resist the call to investigate further.

This Touryst Game Takes Players On Vacation Anytime

The quests themselves balance individual action choices and search and discovery rewards – or consequences. And while there are a variety of different quests, many of the activities can be done independently as well if the player chooses to experiment before encountering another character who tasks them with a mission.

There’s a lot for the Touryst to explore – almost just like while actually visiting a new place. Next time the kids are nagging, just stick this in their head for a little bit of that mental time on the island we all need.