These Are the Most Stunning Pink Places Around the Globe

A few years ago, pink was a color that many people cowered away from. It was the color that adorned little girls’ rooms, and it was the color that was just a little too overpowering for most people’s liking. However, it’s safe to say that pink has seen an epic revival, and it seems as though more and more architects, hotel decorators, interior designers, and home owners are using it within their buildings. These pink places are stunning, and it makes us want to buy some pink paint ASAP…

The Gallery Restaurant At Sketch

London is full of amazing restaurants, but if you’re looking for something pink and perfect, then look no further. The Gallery Restaurant at Sketch is a pink lovers paradise and was designed by the wonderful India Mahdavi. The whole restaurant – from floor to ceiling – is pink in every way, and those chairs are truly something special.

Paradiso Ibiza Art Hotel

If you’ve ever been to Ibiza, you’ll know that this vacation destination is all about being cool and on-trend – it’s fair to say that the Paradiso Ibiza Art Hotel has hit the nail on the head. As well as have a pink pool bar, many of the rooms are decked out in pink paint with epic furniture thrown into the mix.

Rosas and Xocolate Hotel

Fancy a trip to Mexico? You just have to stay at the Rosas and Xocolate Hotel. This is a pink paradise, and the only problem you’ll find is that you don’t want to leave the confines of the hotel. Both the inside of the hotel and the outside is laden with pink paint, and it’s enough to leave you with a huge smile on your face. We need to book our vacation right now.

You’ve gotta love pink, right? Well, these pink places are truly something special.