This South-African Train Is Being Transformed Into a Luxury Hotel

Believe it or not, but this South-African train is being transformed into a luxury hotel. That’s right; you could have one of the most unique stays of your life after checking in to this new hotel on the market – Kruger Shalati: The Train on the Bridge.

A Unique Stay

If you’re looking for a unique night, why not think about Sruger Shalati: The Train on the Bridge? This South-African train has fulfilled its purpose and is now getting a new lease of life as a hotel. There will be 24 rooms in total, and the train will be positioned on a disused railway bridge, meaning there are perfect views of the river below.

Fully Decorated Rooms

Each room will come with a glass wall, so guests can enjoy the views. The carriages of the South-African train will also be decorated by local artists for a different feel in each room. As if that wasn’t enough, the new hotel will even have a separate dining cart for guests to eat as well as a swimming pool – all found on the bridge. For now, only families with children over 12 years old are permitted to stay until the Bridge House rooms are added in 2022.

Plenty Of Inspiration

The new hotel is paying respects to the past as overnight trains would often park on the exact bridge as they traveled to the national park 100 years ago. Even the resort name, Shalati, is inspired by an African warrior queen who was supposedly the first female warrior chief. You can still enjoy the thing that brought passengers here all those years ago as the hotel is located next to Kruger National Park, famous for the “Big Five” animals that all call the land “home.”

People can expect to stay in this South-African train turned hotel from as early as December 2020 – and we can’t wait!