Restaurants & Attractions Donating Food & Supplies Worldwide

Due to recent world events and the temporary closing of many restaurants, bars, bistros, and other eateries, owners were forced to decide what to do with the thousands of dollars’ worth of perishable goods in their kitchens. Many of them decided to make a donation out of it.

Restaurants & Attractions Donating Food & Supplies Worldwide

The Paris Example

Since the French President Emmanuel Macron issued a 15-day lockdown, many restaurant owners opened their doors so neighbors could go in and enjoy free milk, cheese, beef bourguignon, and other goods. Their employees also got to take some pork pâté, Spanish ham, and cheeses home. Another part of the goods was sold to a nearby bakery that would remain open.

The Disneyland Donation

Restaurants & Attractions Donating Food & Supplies Worldwide

To reduce food waste, the managing team of Disneyland California decided to donate its excess inventory of packaged foods, vegetables, fruits, dairy, and banquet meals, to the Second Harvest Food Bank – sending it on to people in need within the region instead. They don’t call it the happiest place on Earth for nothing!

New York Donating to Charity

Many beloved restaurants in the Big Apple have also joined the donation bandwagon and have given away their perishable foods to the City Harvest charity. There is also an app, Transfernation, that allows New Yorkers with extra food to donate through it. You leave your address and food amount/type, and someone from the app will come to pick it up and take it to the closest food collection service.

Why Are Donations Important

Quarantine or not, donating excess food which you cannot consume before it’s gone bad is always the better thing to do. Many foundations around the U.S. have created dedicated funds that both restaurants and private citizens can join. For example, Feeding America is a nationwide network of food banks, and they always collect food, so keep that in mind.