The Future Of Flying In America: Private Jet Travel For The Masses?

Watch out, airlines – there’s a new player in town, and it seems like the impact that AURA could have on the airline industry might mean disaster for some old airline carriers. Just when the advent of low-cost carriers and declining ticket sales was starting to wear off, it seems like AURA might be the nail in the coffin for some more established chains.

What is AURA? A fresh new company, founded by a 21-year-old, that promises customers a private jet experience for the cost of a mere $280 ticket. The founder says, “AURA is the vision of an aviation geek who wants you to re-imagine what air travel can be. AURA is all about you. We are forward-looking. AURA is the future, going beyond the nostalgic Golden Age of air travel.”

Zander Futernick, the founder of AURA, explained that “affordability was the underlying principle in developing the business.” So is that why tickets are under $300 for a luxury private jet experience? Yes, says Zander.

“Having flown economy my entire life, AURA needed to be a product I could afford myself. AURA is a sincere endeavor to democratize the luxury of private aviation. Gone are senselessly expensive membership fees and phony claims of affordability. AURA leads a new category in aviation where being fair and doing good are never compromised.”

The company’s flights will take off and land only at small private airports, where passengers are required to be present at the airport just 20 minutes before takeoff.

What’s the most futuristic element onboard the state of the art aircraft? The self-cleaning toilets, of course. On AURA’s website, the company brags that “in only 20 seconds, nozzles positioned around the lavatory sanitize every surface, followed by ultraviolet lights killing 99 percent of all germs. The lavatory is quickly scented for the next guest.”