Stay Overnight In A Pop-Up Apartment In A Department Store

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to spend a night inside a department store, running from aisle to aisle until you passed out in the bedding section? High-end department store John Lewis is giving some of its customers the chance to do so.


Grab your pajamas and your toothbrush. John Lewis launched a pop-up apartment within its stores called The Residence. For those traveling in England, look out for The Residence at London, Cambridge, and Liverpool store locations. Each apartment will include an expansive living room, bedroom, and a wardrobe filled with products found at the store.

If that is not enough, head to the flagship location on London’s Oxford Street. The Residence comes with the amenities mentioned above as well as a kitchen with a wine cooler, a study, and an indoor terrace with a view of Cavendish Square.

IN PHOTO - Vincenzo Maxia (Residence Concierge)

Customers looking to sign up for the free in-store apartment experience can apply by visiting the shop’s concierge. Winners will be selected at random.

Selected guests will have a private concierge at their service from 6:30 PM to 9 AM. They can have the apartment flushed with snacks of your choosing, receive breakfast in bed, and enjoy a tour of John Lewis’s secret hallways or work with a personal shopper for an hour.


Not satisfied with just a free stay in the apartment, The Residence will also host weekly private dinner parties for up to 10 people. A private chef will curate the menu, and a mixologist will shake and stir your favorite drinks. To personalize the event, you can create your own playlist and choose the table settings from the store’s collection. For after meal entertainment, sit back and watch one of the store’s massive plasma televisions, or dive into an array of board games. If you are lucky enough to stay on a Saturday, you can book a brunch for six.