Sadly, You Won’t Be Adventurous Forever

When you are young, all you want to do is traverse the world and find experience after experience which can build you into a learned and accomplished individual. Unfortunately, your energy for adventure is likely to dissipate as you get older. Researchers in the United Kingdom found this to be true in a survey of 2,000 people. However, just because a survey tells you that adventure dies out does not mean that you need to let it leave you forever.

According to this survey, 36 percent of participants said that risk-taking becomes less appealing in their 30s. Many respondents pointed to the age of 34 as a tipping point. Half of the participants said that they began to feel their physical fragility around that time. In addition, 30 percent said that having a family caused desire for adventure to slow.

Fortunately, it is not all downhill from here. Still, 30 percent of the Brits hold on to their desire for thrills and adventure. Even with a family and/or career, there is no need to kill your adventurous spirit. It might just take some more careful planning to give yourself the experiences you need. There are plenty of locations and activities around the world which you can do at any age.

If you’re still physically up for it, hiking Machu Picchu can give you the thrills you seek. With impeccable views and a little history lesson, Machu Picchu sits in the mountains of Peru awaiting your arrival. There are plenty of tour companies that will help you customize the perfect experience.

Not interested in a physically challenging quest? The Bahamas could be an excellent option, especially for animal lovers. On the beaches of Exumas, you can swim with the dozens of pigs who call the island home. Not interested in swimming with swine? Just sit back and relax in the tropical beauty.