What Better Way To Complete A Marathon Than Around The Caribbean Island Of Nevis?

If you’re thinking about competing in a marathon, why not do it somewhere with a beautiful scenery and the chance to sightsee around an island while doing so?

The reality is, you can, and many excitable runners are flocking to Nevis, in the Caribbean, to explore the island while competing in a running festival.

One excited Brit did exactly that upon hearing of the race and deciding to build a holiday around it.

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Deciding to take the ‘easier’ 10k course, Londoner Holly Black describes her experience on the island.

Waking up at 5.30am to begin the race, alongside other Britons and U.S. natives, runners follow the track circling the Nevis peak, with the green rainforest below.

Holly recalls passing ‘rainbow-colored wooden craft shops, locals setting up barbecues and donkeys having their breakfast in the early morning sun.”


And what better way to cool off after a blissful run, than being able to jump into the sea to swim the final mile – which one runner had in fact done!

It was after the race, which began with a cloudless pink sky ‘before turning a startling blue’ that the runners were applauded by locals who turned out to watch, and retreating at ‘the sanctuary of a villa at Paradise Beach’.

Here runners could cool down with a swim in the pool, or with a drink at the bar, spotting that same sun they saw rise in the morning now setting at night.

And if that’s not enough, the villa is just a short walk to the clear waters of the beach which stretch to the neighboring island of St Kitts.

With all the luxuriousness surrounding the island as well as the run, this is definitely the kind of race you want to be taking part in if doing a marathon is your thing.

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