Luxury Spa In Sedona Arizona Offers Unique ‘Canyon Bathing’ Experience.

Just when you thought the idea of ‘forest bathing’ was cool, a spa in Sedona, Arizona has raised the bar by offering ‘canyon bathing’ as an option for their guests. For those who don’t know, forest bathing is the Japanese practice of spending time under a canopy of trees simply enjoying the sounds of nature. This is thought to be very healthy and therapeutic as the sounds and sights of the forest are thought to be very healing. Now, you can do the same, but with time spent in a canyon instead!

The Mii Amo Luxury Spa in Sedona offers an amazing package for guests. The process involves a beautiful hour-long walk through Boynton Canyon and is geared towards reconnecting with the surrounding nature. This is not only ideal for sweating out toxins but is a great way to refresh your system and get a chance to see some truly amazing views while you’re at it. Guests will be guided by a local tour guide and the idea is to ultimately drink in as much of the beautiful natural surroundings as possible. Meditation and time to be alone are also included in the walk.

Studies have shown that spending at least 30 minutes in nature every week can do a huge amount of good for your health. It has been linked to lower blood pressure and a smaller chance of developing mental health issues over time. Since then, more and more spas have resorted to including options like this in their packages and there’s nothing better than a week of pampering, healthy eating and some gorgeous views of nature and the experience will definitely leave you feeling prepared for the year ahead! The Mii Amo Luxury Spa is geared towards travelers, so if you feel like unwinding and want to get some real sights and experiences, we highly recommend visiting them!