Hacks That Will Save You A Lot Of Money On Hotel Rooms

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Vacations are expensive, but we all want decent accommodation when we are abroad for a certain period of time. But the price of a hotel stay can change and one needs to know how to strike a good deal. There are many ways to find good value in your hotel room abroad and here are eight ways to get you started.

Call Hotels Directly For Deals

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If you like the look of a particular hotel, call their number and ask if they can provide a cheaper deal than the one they present online.

Be Competitive

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There is no harm in putting hotels up against one another. A good tip is to book a refundable room and then contact other hotels for better deals. Explain to them that you like their rooms, but have already booked elsewhere. This may compel the concierge to give you a better offer than the one you’ve already taken.

Go Foreign

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Local websites tend to offer high rates for potential hotel rooms. So a good idea might be to browse foreign websites that offer both better rates and a wider variety of hotels.

Whats App?

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One app that is worth downloading is HotelTonight. It offers hotel room prices ranging from 30 to 50 per cent cheaper than usual rates. You can find rooms up to seven days before your desired stay.

Other Options

There are more ways to enjoy your stay in a foreign country than just hotels. Take AirBnBs, for example, which can be much cheaper. Another worthy alternative can be vacation homes, which provide a private, intimate quality that many hotels can’t.

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Get Rewarded

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Many hotels reward customers who return for multiple stays. Every time you earn points, it can pave the way for useful discounts for future stays. It can even result in free nights.

Where Is The Hotel?

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The hotel’s location can be the most significant factor when taking price into consideration. A 15 to 20-minute bus ride outside your city of choice can prove to be the difference between an extortionate vacation and an absolute bargain.

Avoid Weekends

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It should be no surprise that weekends are prime time for hotel visitors. So if you can go on holiday during the week, we recommend you do so, especially for the lower rates.