The Geodesic Domes That Will Let You Sleep Under The Stars

If you live in a large city, there’s a high chance that it’s been a while since you were able to head outside and really enjoy the night sky. After all, light pollution makes this near-on impossible in many areas of the world. That doesn’t mean that you can’t stargaze to your heart’s content away from your home, though. If you’re looking for a new vacation to add to your bucket list, these geodesic domes will let you sleep under the stars.

Joshua Tree, California

If you’re familiar with Joshua Tree, you’ll know that this place is not only stunning, but it’s also perfect for stargazers. With one of the darkest skies in the world, this place is a haven for those who want to sleep with a full view of the sky above them. You can simply gaze underneath the galaxies within this geodome, or you could bathe in the hot tub out in the open.

Fox Creek, Canada

Geodesic domes are cool anyway, but this geodome in Fox Creek, Essex, takes that to the extreme. That’s because you can sleep under the stars and on the water with this floating dome. With an indoor fireplace and impressive views of the countryside and the night sky, we have a feeling that you will love this particular accommodation option.

Maple Bay, Vancouver Island

If you’ve always wanted to visit Vancouver Island, you now have the perfect excuse. This wooden dome can be found on Maple Bay and even features it’s very own natural pool. So, whether you want to hang out inside with a fire and the night sky for company or whether you want to hang out in the pool and check out the Milky Way, this particular dome has got you covered.

There’s nothing better than seeing the night sky in all of its beauty, which is why these geodesic domes are the coolest stargazing options out there.