Flying Private Is the Secret to Flying in Style & Comfort

Many people dream to fly private, and for a good reason. It’s a stylish way of travel that offers a myriad of perks such as no security lines, boarding groups, and rigid flight schedules. It’s seen as an expensive and luxurious traveling option that very few people can truly afford.

Stairs with Jet Engine on a modern private jet airplane - Bombardier Global ExpressWhat if there is a way to fly private without mortgaging your house or spending all your savings? Empty leg flights are a great way to find discounted private charters and travel like a rockstar. But how do they work?

What Are Empty Leg Flights?

Empty legs are flights that are scheduled to depart without any passengers. They occur when an aircraft needs to reposition or return for a charter. According to several studies, between 30% and 50% of all private jet charters happen without any passengers on board. Such flights are also known as “dead-heads”, repositioning legs”, and “ferry flights”

This type of flight can be as cheap as 75% of standard charter fees. Furthermore, some private jet membership plans offer their users highly discounted or complimentary access to different empty leg flights.

Private Jet Cabin Private charters are costly, which is why operators try to avoid having empty leg flights. As a result, their availability is often kept from travelers until the very last minute. But with proper research, you can find amazing deals that will change your perception of flying.

Downsides of Empty Leg Private Flights

While flying private is amazing, empty legs flights do have their disadvantages. For one, the routes are limited and there is no way to predict availability. This means that you must be prepared to pack your bags and leave on short notice.

Another downside is that you can book one direction at a time. Meaning, you’ll have to find your own way back. Last but not least, empty legs can get canceled at any time and the operator won’t be responsible to get you to your destination.

Couple boarding on a private jetWith all that being said, empty leg flights are an amazing way to save on private flying but you must be flexible to take advantage of the options that are presented to you