Looking For A Digital Detox? Petit Saint Vincent Is The Destination For You

We have become so heavily reliant upon our phones and other devices that we don’t go anywhere without them. Many people will admit that their phone is glued to their hand, whether they are texting, scrolling through social media or doing business on it.

If you’re looking for a detox from your phone, to get away from the stress of daily life, this hotel in Petit Saint Vincent is the answer to all of your problems.


Petit Saint Vincent is a 15-acre private Caribbean island, holding just 22 cottages, it prides itself on encouraging tranquility and seclusion from the outside world. The hotel has no locks on the doors, no televisions, no clocks, no phones, and most importantly, no WIFI. It is truly the place to kick back and take a breather in stunning surroundings, giving you the perfect detox.


While many visitors go there to have a digital detox, the island offers luxury and comfort, so you can read a book in a hammock, go snorkeling, drink wine on the white sand beach, and treat it like a much more relaxing home away from home. In addition, the food on the island is of the highest standard and there are two restaurants, serving up the most delicious local delicacies and fresh seafood caught that very day.


If you’re looking for a less formal dining experience, leave your shoes at your cottage and head over to Goatie’s Bar for some rum based cocktails and a filling dinner. On the other hand, if you want to make more of an effort, have dinner at the formal restaurant in the hotel and dig your teeth into a succulent lobster.

However, this relaxing and stress free experience comes at a cost, and you can stay at Petit Saint Vincent for seven nights starting at $4,000 per person.