Take This Custom Built Hotel Room Deep Into The Swedish Forest

If you’ve ever dreamed of escaping to the depths of the forest in order to recharge, this Swedish company is offering to build you a personalized getaway in the natural setting of your choosing.

Vipp may have gotten into hotel design via the steel industry, but they’ve recently expanded their offering to include building private retreats in the place of the customer’s choosing. The CEO of Vipp, Kasper Egelund has deemed it a “battery charging station for humans.”

Each dwelling is only 600 square feet in area, with a chic design that obscures its similarity to an old fashioned RV.

The dwelling consists of two stories, with a living space located on the ground floor, while the sleeping area and bathrooms are on the upper level.

Though such a modernist structure might stand out in the midst of its natural surroundings, Vipp has ensured it blends in as seamlessly as possible with its floor to ceiling windows on the lower story.

The upper story forgoes the panoramic windows in favor of privacy, offering the benefits of a skylight instead.

Don’t worry about weighing yourselves down with all of the accoutrements most vacationers come to enjoy. The modernist cabin comes fully furnished, including a bed, tables, lighting fixtures, and most surprisingly, linens.

While there’s no service designed to cater to travelers’ every beck and call, Vipp has made sure to provide creature comforts like a kitchen, along with a fireplace.

One of these dwellings will cost you, as it’s essentially an investment into a permanent vacation home. The price to buy starts around $565,000.

You’ll also need to factor in a production time of around six months for each part to be fabricated, but it’ll be well worth the wait when you have your very own relaxing getaway to escape to whenever your hearts desires.