Best-Rated Safari Operators to Get Back Into the Wild

An African safari is definitely a trip that everyone should take once in their lives. But it’s also a trip that needs to be planned out well, and by a trusted and experienced operator that can arrange a great itinerary.

Based on the reviews of tourists regarding itineraries, guides, staff, destinations, activities, and overall value, yearly ratings are made about safari organizers and tour operators. This type of information can be helpful to anyone looking to make this type of trip.

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Best-Rated Safari Operators to Get Back Into the Wild

Great Choices

With many amazing operators to choose from, there are several that made a great impression on tourists throughout the past year. Coming in 3rd in a World’s Best list survey that has been around for 23 years, is Micato Safaris. Founded in 1966 by a Kenya-based Pinto family, this safari operator has made the list every year. Involved in many charities and always organizing stress-free and exciting itineraries, this outfitter certainly does great work.

For the second year in a row, Roar Africa comes in 2nd on this list. Founded by Deborah Calmeyer, this operator organizes trips from Namibia to Uganda and Botswana. This organizer is frequently praised for the quality of the tours, the guides, and overall excellent service. There are many others that made the list, such as Deeper Africa, Rothschild Safaris, Thomson Safaris, and more!

Best-Rated Safari Operators to Get Back Into the Wild

This Year’s Top Safari Operator

By popular choice, African Travel, Inc. took this year’s 1st spot. This is a family-owned organizer of four generations. Travelers can turn to them for incredible private cruises in Zimbabwe and trips throughout the continent, including South Africa, Kenya, Botswana, and more. Additionally, they can lead clients to volunteering opportunities in Tanzania.

Best-Rated Safari Operators to Get Back Into the Wild

A trip like this is a dream for many people and the operators mentioned here, as well as many other notable organizers operating today, can help create an unforgettable experience. Knowledgeable guides, friendly staff, great accommodations, and amazing sites are all the things that make a trip worthwhile.