Don’t Sweat Those Long Layovers, Here’s A List Of The Best Airport Freebies

Airport purchases aren’t exactly known for being cost effective, but those layovers that leave you meandering through the halls of your terminal don’t have to so pricey anymore. Many airports have a number of free amenities available, and you don’t need access to a frequent flyer lounge in order to find them, which is especially helpful in the case of a long flight delay.

Several airports offer free calls so you don’t need to use up all of your phone’s battery in order to catch up with loved ones. You can find this amenity at airports like Denver International Airport, Ronald Reagan International Airport, and Dulles International Airport. Free calls can be made from any phone marked “courtesy phone.”

For those who need to stretch out between long flights, you can find complimentary yoga mats at Chicago O’Hare and Midway Airports, San Francisco International Airport, Dallas-Fort Worth Airport, and Miami International Airport.

Yoga may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but if you have several hours to kill in Portland International Airport, Minneapolis-St.Paul Airport, or San Francisco International Airport, you can catch a free movie during your wait.

Still other airports are offering guests free live entertainment and cultural activities. Both Austin and Seattle’s airports offer live music every week, while Miami, Albany, St. Louis, Minneapolis, and San Francisco has art and history exhibits to soak in.

Of course, the best option is to have a long enough layover in order to take time to see a new city, Tokyo, Singapore, Istanbul, and Singapore offer free tours of the city that leave from the airport. If you think you need a new wardrobe before jetting off for the rest of your journey, you can find complimentary personal shoppers at London Heathrow airport.

Even better, there’s no minimum you need to spend, so anyone can indulge themselves like the high and mighty. Wondering what you can find during your layover? The information kiosks will have all the secrets you need.