How To Avoid Being An Obvious Tourist When Traveling

There’s nothing wrong with being a tourist, but sometimes you get treated rather differently by some of the locals if you’re wandering around, looking lost with a guidebook in your hand, and asking questions in a foreign language that they simply do not understand.

If you’re seeking to blend in and take more of a low-key and unimposing approach to traveling, here are our best tips in how to not be an obvious tourist.

How To Avoid Being An Obvious Tourist When Traveling

Pack The Right Things

Rule number one…no backpacks! What you wear is the first thing people will see, so why not smarten up your look or pack clothes that are less ‘touristy’ – we’re talking no loud shirts, socks and sandals, oversized hats, that kind of thing.

Put The Camera Away

There’s nothing more touristy than taking a hundred selfies in front of a landmark while the local commuters are trying to squeeze past you. Put the camera away. Take in the sights without looking at them behind the screen. Be present!

How To Avoid Being An Obvious Tourist When Traveling

Get Off The Beaten Track

Take a few back streets and explore areas that aren’t necessarily the main hotspots you’ve been told to check out. The vast majority of tourists will visit specific tourist areas, so be daringly different and venture off to areas which aren’t overcrowded and that you take an interest in. This way you’ll get a proper authentic taste of the local life. Just be careful and don’t go down any dark streets!

Go In Off-Peak Season

One of the best ways you can avoid looking like a tourist is to book the vacation in off-peak season. Not only will you look less like a sheep following the crowds, but it’ll be miles cheaper and a lot less busy! It’s a win-win situation, really.

Learn Prior To Your Visit

Not only are we talking about learning the basic language, but you could also speak to people who have already visited to see if they have any advice on what to do and what not to do. Avoid asking the locals too many questions – just take your time and treat it as your own little adventure. Plus, be aware of the scams that can take advantage of you.

Becoming an invisible tourist is easier than you think. Just think wisely, play safe, and put the darn camera away!