Delicious Pan Fried Fish Cakes from St. Vincent and the Grenadines

If you’re having a midday crisis about what to cook for your next meal, you’ve landed on the right page. These mouth-watering, delicious pan-fried fish cakes are just the thing you need right now! Imagine sitting on your porch on a calm Sunday afternoon, watching your kids play in the garden as you gently slide your knife across a crunchy, luscious piece of this delicious fish cake and take the first bite only for the juicy piece to melt into your mouth. Isn’t this a wonderful thing to imagine? So, here is the recipe to get you started on the entire visual.


– ½ pound cod (or any cooked flaky fish that you prefer) – 1 red bell pepper (as required) – 5 green onions – ¾ cup flour – 1 onion (finely chopped) – 1 tsp marjoram – 1 egg – Oil – 1 tsp thyme – ¼ cup milk

The Method of Preparation

Step 1

Cook the fish fillets until they are almost ready. Then set the stove on medium heat and let them gently boil in the water for almost 10 minutes. Later, remove the fish from the pan and let it cool.

Step 2

Once cooled, sliver the fish using a fork, keep stirring, and gradually add in the thyme, egg, green onions, onion, bell peppers, salt, marjoram, pepper, flour, and milk.

Step 3

Heat a non-stick pan on medium heat, once ready, pour the oil. Get a handful of the fish mixture and add it to the pan. Let the fish cakes cook until they turn a nice brown color.

Step 4

Set up the fried pieces on a paper towel and carry on with the rest. Your delicious cakes are ready to serve! Dig in.


You can use any type of flaky fish to make these cakes. For example, cod, grouper, tilapia, swat, bass, and so on.