Hot Dogs Are an American Icon – Here’s Where to Find the Best

Everyone loves a hot dog, right? Whether you love yours smothered in onions, cheese, chilli, or any other delicious topping, there’s no doubt about the fact that nobody cooks a hot dog quite like those in America. It’s become one of the most iconic foods that this country has to offer, and it seems as though every eatery tries to out-do their competition to offer the best hot dogs in America.

Hot Dogs Are an American Icon – Here’s Where to Find the Best

Dirt Dog Inc – Los Angeles, California

If you’re the kind of person that loves their hot dog with all of the trimmings, then you’ll be happy to know that Dirt Dog Inc loves to make theirs dirty. As if their hot dogs wrapped in bacon weren’t enough to tickle your pickle, these hot dogs also come with a variety of other toppings for you to choose from. Of course, you’ve gotta order their famous fries as well…

Doogies – Newington, Connecticut

Feeling hungry? Well, Doogies offers a two-foot-long hot dog that will definitely leave you feeling full and with a smile on your face. The size of these things are impressive, but what’s even more impressive is the fact that Doogies has so many different flavor combinations to choose from. Our personal favorite is the Man V Food hot dog, which features onions, chilli, cheese, bacon, and hot peppers.

Hot Dogs Are an American Icon – Here’s Where to Find the Best

Botsky’s – Lake Charles, Louisiana

If you find yourself hanging out around Lake Charles in Louisiana, it would be rude not to drop into Botsky’s and say hi, right? Oh, and taste one of their amazing hot dogs. Featuring hot dogs like the Duck Norris and the Slawdog Millionaire, you can guarantee that these hot dogs will take your breath away. In fact, we’re salivating right now thinking of these dogs.

You can never have enough hot dogs, so why not travel across the country to try out the best hot dogs in America? We’re happy to come along for support.