These Gourmet Gas Stations Are Well Worth a Pit Stop

When you think of gas station food, the chances are that you don’t think of fine dining. These might be enough to change your mind as these gourmet gas stations are well worth a pit stop. Whoever knew they could be so classy?

The Station – Charleston, SC

There is a good reason The Station is called one of the best delis in the area. You can fill your tank before chowing down and filling your stomachs with the range of meals available.

Jordan Springs Market – Stephenson, VA

BBQ is on the menu with a stop at Jordan Springs Market/ the brisket grilled cheese is one of the most popular items of offer – did we mention that it’s smoked for a whopping 15 hours? You can enjoy all this and more as antique cars often stop here to refuel.

Rations – Wilson, WY

If you want lunch in the summer at Rations, then you’ll have to wait in line as this gourmet gas station is one of the most popular choices in town. The diner is inspired by Southern cuisine, with items like smoked brisket, a fried chicken sandwich, and falafel salad all on the menu.

Parker’s Market Urban Gourmet – Savannah, GA

A stop at this gourmet gas station is like no other as the building is a renovated car dealership. That’s just the beginning of the fun as the menu is filled with everything from a curry chicken salad to egg casserole.

AllTown Fresh – Plymouth, MA

Fresh by name, fresh by nature. AllTown Fresh uses local and, you guessed it, fresh ingredients to bring their menu to life. The gourmet gas station even has fresh coffee beans that are pressed and roasted right in front of you. Delicious.

These gourmet gas stations are welcome pit stops not just for your car, but for your tastebuds, too, thanks to their delicious menus on offer.