World Coffee Tour For Coffee Fanatics

If people can plan a vacation around visiting museums or sampling unique one of a kind cuisine, then why can’t you plan a vacation around finding that perfect cup of coffee?

Sure, there is a time and place for a to-go cup full of liquid adrenaline but sometimes you want to sit down and savor finely roasted beans. High quality coffee comes down to more than just the beans. The brewing equipment needs to not only be clean but high quality. Small batch breweries are the ideal choice for savory and tasty blends of your favorite beverage and common if you know where to look.

One of our favorite places to sample small batch brews is Small Batch Coffee Roasters in Brighton, England. In a city known for its trend setting and ultra hip ways, some of the best cafes in the UK are found right here. In addition to letting you sip the perfect cup of joe, Small Batch Coffee Roasters also offers barista training for anyone who considers them self an aficionado.

coffee- small batch

Why stop there? Have you ever wondered how coffee beans are harvested or what steps they undergo to get to you? Doka Estate grows and roasts some of the finest Costa Rican beans, and their love for coffee is contagious.

Since 1986, this Costa Rican coffee grower has only been producing the highest quality Arabica beans an we guarantee you’ll taste the difference. Doka Estate can be found on the high yielding slopes of the Poas Volcano. The 478 acre estate is a coffee lovers paradise! Costa Ricans take their dedication to the term ‘pura vida’ seriously and step one is delicious, fresh roasted coffee.

If Costa Rica doesn’t feel authentic enough for you we can take it a step further! The cradle of civilization and one of the most spectacular places on earth also happens to be home to unrivaled coffee beans. Gesha, Ethiopia, in the Southern half of the country is brimming with astonishing wildlife and unprecedented natural views. After you’re exploring the lower tribe land of the Omo Valley, a visit to Gesha is a must.

Gesha Village Coffee Estate is a new enterprise in the coffee production industry. Gesha Estate works to preserve and conserve the best coffee plants in the world and maintains traditional agricultural practices. You’ll not only love the taste of the beans, but you can feel good about supporting local farmers and eco-friendly methods of production.

coffee- ethiopia