Bruce Bozzi Shares His Favorite Places in Los Angeles to Have a Bite and Sip

Bruce Bozzi Shares His Favorite Places In Los Angeles to Have a Bite and Sip

Restaurant scion and spirits entrepreneur Bruce Bozzi is a legendary Los Angeles socialite with a podcast, a signature spirit line, and 35 years of experience under his sleeve. This 21st-century Renaissance man started by leading The Palm, the famed multi-national restaurant group, co-founded by his great-grandfather in 1926. His podcast Lunch With Bruce was re-launched recently as Table for Two, where he interviews celebrity friends like Daniel Craig, Andy Cohen, and Jennifer Aniston. His own line Mujen is becoming a favorite among aficionados.

The Backstory of Mujen

The Japanese spirit shochu is a new passion for Bozzi after he was introduced to it by his friend and fellow socialite Sondra Baker. The pair traveled to Japan to learn more about shochu, which eventually sparked the idea of Mujen, their own line. Bruce Bozzi has shared here his favorite spots in Los Angeles to sample Mujen and more.


Bruce Bozzi Shares His Favorite Places In Los Angeles to Have a Bite and Sip

Gigi’s is one of those new spots in Los Angeles which can surprise anybody despite being small and unassuming. Located in Hollywood, this beautifully designed venue serves exquisite food. A dream haven for meat lovers, the rib-eye steak here is to die for! The restaurant also serves old-school fun hors d’oeuvres like delicious pigs in a blanket. Bozzi threw the launch party of Mujen at this spot with his stepdaughter Billie Lourd.


This one needs no introduction! Helmed by legendary Wolfgang Puck, any Spago spot is one of the most notable and celebrated restaurants in Los Angeles. Referring to Puck as the king of chefs and restaurateurs, Bozzi reminisced about going to Puck’s places in his childhood. He also had been a regular to his flagship spot at Beverly Hills since the 1980s. For Bozzi, amid the changing scenario of the culinary world, Puck and his Spago are still all about elegance and quality on a plate, serving the best California has to offer.

San Vicente Bungalows

Bruce Bozzi Shares His Favorite Places In Los Angeles to Have a Bite and Sip

Jeff Klein, the hotelier of the iconic Sunset Tower in Los Angeles, opened San Vicente Bungalows in 2019. Located in West Hollywood, the private clubhouse has a serene garden-like setting. The club also offers great food and its own signature Mujen drink, named the SVB lemonade. Non-members can also experience the vibe by booking a room at the adjacent Hotel 850 SVB, another property from Jeff Klein. The cozy and spacious rooftop deck of the hotel is perfect for soaking in the sunset and spending a lazy evening sipping wine.

Sail a Glass-Bottomed Boat on America’s Largest Underground Lake in Tennessee

Sail a Glass-Bottomed Boat on America’s Largest Underground Lake in Tennessee

Even the travelers who have covered the entire globe know that they can never see everything. There is always something waiting to be discovered. And sometimes, you have to look under and beyond the Earth’s surface to find these hidden gems! One such marvel is located in the town of Sweetwater, Tennessee, home to The Lost Sea, the largest underground lake in America. And now you explore it in a boat with a glass bottom! Read on to find out more about how you can experience this natural wonderment in the best way possible.

The Lake

The Lost Sea is located inside wide caverns known as the greater Craighead Caverns, an extensive cave network extending from Sweetwater to Madisonville in Tennessee. The caves have been used since the days of the Cherokee Indians — and the large number of Indian artifacts including pottery, arrowheads, weapons, and jewelry found there have testified this fact. Though widely visited since the early 1990s, very few scientific explorations have been made to learn more about the underground lake. Just like the dry caves, the underwater section of the caves are also angled down sharply, making it hard to measure the exact depth of the water. Explorers fathom that the depth is over 100 feet.

The Tour

Sail a Glass-Bottomed Boat on America’s Largest Underground Lake in Tennessee

Though you can’t possibly dream of readily diving in the underground lake, you can very easily get aboard a striking glass-bottomed boat to explore it. After a 75 mile walk across the caverns to the lake, one takes the 75-minute tour ride which covers almost 4 acres of water. Guides are present to provide interesting anecdotes and to point out gorgeous formations called anthodites or cave flowers. While enjoying the breathtaking underground scene and taking note of all the fascinating information, don’t forget to look below through the glassed bottom of the boat! You may find something surprising lurking beneath the water surface! As we said earlier, it’s all about looking under and beyond!