Andrew Zimmern Explains Why This Is The One ‘Bizarre Food’ Everyone Needs To Try

The host of Travel Channel’s hit show, Bizarre Foods, Andrew Zimmern is revealing the one most bizarre food he believes all travelers need to try.

Zimmern has been living all of our dreams by traveling to more than 170 countries and documenting it in over twelve series of the popular series. Even as “the luckiest guy in the world” according to the TV host himself, he is willing to share some of his traveling adventures and how to have authentic food experiences on travels of your own.

That way, we are all given that extra bit of advice for our next traveling opportunity and can take some of his expert advice into consideration.


While he explains how he likes to go off the beaten path when finding places to eat in new countries, he has discovered one exotic meal that he believes everyone should try. Slightly different from hotdogs or burgers found in the U.S., Zimmern found his favorite meal in Vietnam.

This was “little baby ducks and chickens are cleaned, marinated in fish sauce and lime juice and rock sugar and chilies, and then deep fried.” While this may not sound appealing to many, Zimmern is certain that it will surprise anyone who tries it.

He explains that “It can be one of the greatest poultry eating experiences you can ever have, and I seek that kind of thing out everywhere I travel.”


His next piece of advice is to always try something twice.“I tell people all the time: Try something twice before you decide whether you like it or not.”

Even if it is something out of your comfort zone or looks particularly grotesque, he suggests going for it anyway. After all, you may be pleasantly surprised after eating a baby chicken deep fried in fish sauce!