People Get Rewards When Their Friends Book Hotel Recommendations

When planning a vacation, booking a hotel is an inevitable part of the process – but it can be stressful. Even though you are submerging yourself in tons of hotel reviews from strangers, it’s easy to still find yourself stuck. What you need in order to pick the right hotel is a recommendation from someone who knows your travel styles. Now, you can act as a hotel agent for your friends and family and get rewards in the process.

Getting awards by recommending hotels
People Get Rewards When Their Friends Book Hotel Recommendations

Recommend Hotels, Get Rewards

Benny is an invite-only platform for well-traveled individuals who are serving as hotel agents. As an agent for your friends and family, you can recommend your favorite hotels, share tips, and even invite their social network to book the hotel at discounted rates.

The incentive for the agent is a 5% commission on each booking referral that they make along with the opportunity to take advantage of the same exclusive booking rate.

Jimmy Suh is the President and founder of the platform, who has over 20 years of experience when it comes to the hospitality industry. He came up with the idea when he saw a pattern in people asking him what some of his favorite hotels were since they knew he traveled often. He believes that having hotels recommended by your friends who know you are a better fit than getting recommendations from strangers.

How to Get Started

Hotel room
People Get Rewards When Their Friends Book Hotel Recommendations

Before you get accepted and start earning rewards, the potential agent has to fill out a questionnaire which details their favorite hotels, some of the preferred destinations, travel history, and other information that can gauge whether or not they align with the hotels on the platform.

The platform is looking for people who truly understand the city along with its hotels. Hotels, mostly independent ones, are also required to apply.

You can take advantage of the Benny platform without knowing an agent by signing up for the waitlist and being matched with an agent.