Google Introduces New Feature to Improve Train Search Experience

Planning a trip is a lot of work. From finalizing a location that everyone likes to booking all the reservations in advance, the responsibilities are never over. Well, Google understood this and tries to take some burden off the shoulders of all travelers out there. With a new feature in its search results, your entire experience of booking a train ride will change. You no longer need to open hundreds of tabs before purchasing pocket-friendly reservations.

What Does the New Feature Do?

Millions of travelers step out of their houses and visit various destinations every year. The connectivity and availability of trains everywhere made Google decide to make it easier for travelers to look for the correct one. From now onwards, when looking for a seat on a train, you no longer have to visit several third-party websites, compare prices, and spend hours before you make a decision. Now, all you have to do is search A to B trains and hit the Search button. SERP will show you a box with empty fields where you can put in your travel details and also compare the different available price options. Once you find one that fits your plans and pocket perfectly, you’ll get a direct link to the site where you can make your bookings.

A Little More to Add

In addition to introducing this feature in Spain, Japan, Italy, and Germany, Google now also allows you to check the vibe of and around the place you’re planning to travel. You can see if the neighborhood vibe matches yours before you spend loads of money on a vacation you might not even end up liking. It’ll also highlight the hotspots of the place with the help of information and images available on Google maps. You can apply filters to your search to get better and desired results, instead of being bombarded by information.