Best Museums in Los Angeles, According to Local Experts

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Most people go to Los Angeles for Hollywood’s entertainment scene or the world-famous food. However, LA locals know that the City of Angels has some incredibly underrated museums. We’re not saying you shouldn’t check out the Hollywood Walk of Fame, or spend $1,000 on sushi, but when you’re done with all that, make sure to check out one of these epic museums!

The Huntington Library, Art Museum, and Botanical Gardens

This museum will have you feeling like you’re a character from The Secret Garden. The Huntington Library is perfect for people who don’t like the stuffiness regular museums can bring.

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According to Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills director of front of house Joyce Louie, “The Huntington is a museum that does not feel like a museum. For me, The Huntington is like going to Disney World when I was a kid and trying every ‘country’ in Epcot — there is the Australian Garden, Japanese Garden, Jungle Garden … even the Shakespeare Garden!”

Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County

It may be best to visit this family-friendly museum in late 2024, as that’s when it will debut its $75 million makeover. The Natural History Museum is the biggest of its kind in the Western U.S., boasting nearly 35 million specimens and artifacts that stretch across a timeline of some 4.5 billion years.

Petersen Automotive Museum

This is the perfect place to go if some people in your travel group are car enthusiasts and others can’t even change a tire, as there’s plenty to do for those who are less motor-inclined.

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Not only does the Peterson Automotive Museum have one of the world’s biggest car collections, but it also boasts a racing simulation and iconic cars that anyone can enjoy – such as the automobile featured in the Batman movies.

Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA)

You’ll never get bored at this museum, as it features tons of temporary exhibits. That said, there are plenty of permanent displays as well, so you can rest assured that your favorites will always be there.

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According to L.A.-based creative director and cultural strategist Maritza Lerman Yoes, “The museum has made a commitment to investing in substantial public art pieces that make LACMA a recognizable beacon of the Los Angeles art world.”

Academy Museum of Motion Pictures

It wouldn’t be LA without a callback to some of Hollywood’s most iconic films, would it? This museum features famous items from classic movies. You can expect to see the shark from Jaws, Dorothy’s ruby slippers featured in The Wizard of Oz, Star Wars’ R2-D2, and even E.T. himself!

Don’t miss out on visiting these museums if you want to experience LA like a local!

Airbnb Stylists Suggests Design Styles for a Rental

While planning a vacation, the majority of people look for a place where they can feel comfortable. If you’re someone who’s renting their property out, then it’s important that it gives off a homely vibe to your beloved guests. With Airbnb listings going up to six million this year, who better to give some home design tips than an Airbnb stylist?

Play With Décor

Instead of decorating the entire house with one theme, try a little mixing and matching. Put everything on a table: décor items you bought, souvenirs from a trip, family heirlooms, and other items you want to put out on a shelf, and now see what looks best with what. You can experiment with cushions, antique items, unique showpieces, and more.

Let the Light Shine

No one likes dark rooms, especially on a vacation. Therefore, as a designer, it’s your responsibility that every room in the house has enough light. We’re not only talking about artificial lighting but natural as well. Instead of hiding windows with items, let in as much light as possible. Also, add candles and candleholders to add to the vibe.

Use Accent Colors

One mistake that people usually make is using primary colors to paint their entire house. Instead, you should use accent colors that complement the primary color. This way, the walls won’t feel too much ‘in the face’ of the person sitting in the room. In fact, it’s not just important that you use accent colors on walls, you can also use them with décor.

Add Art Pieces

It’s important that you invest in good art when you decide to rent your house to tourists for a staycation. Art adds depth to your interiors and also adds personality to a room. In addition to that, putting up artwork by your local artist can make people aware of the talent your city holds. Your house should give them a clear idea of the place. You can include paintings, sculptures, portraits, and prints.

Add Flowers and Plants

If your house lacks personality, one of the most pocket-friendly ways to spruce it up is by putting up plants and basic flower arrangements. Put planters inside the house or a bunch of lilies on the dinner table in order to add calming vibes to the entire place. However, at the same time, also make sure that you don’t end up overdoing it. Finding the right balance is the key here.