John Stamos Gets Candid About His Son, His Greek Background, and Travel

Wikimedia Commons // hyku // CC BY-SA 2.0

John Stamos has lived most of his life in America, but the actor has managed to stay close to his Greek roots. In his upcoming memoir, If You Would Have Told Me, he talks about how travel has been the biggest factor for him to keep the Greek in him alive. And now, it’s his conversations with his son that are bringing him a strong whiff of home! Read on how the actor is keeping his heritage and his love for travel alive with his family!

The Greek Sentiment

Stamos shared that he has a strong belief in the fact that if people do not talk about their ancestors and put up their pictures, they tend to be forgotten for good. So recently, he started talking to his son about his father, bringing about a whole new level of curiosity about “Papa Bill” that further helped the actor bring back memories.

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Whenever Stamos was in Greece, he found that every elderly man in the village reminded him of his father, Bill Stamos Sr., and talking to his son about it brought to the surface many memories of his late father. The five-year-old boy has made him see the place with a whole new perspective, his curiosity helping enhance the connection the actor has to not only Greece but also his father.

A Wedding Gift for the Future

When it came to a wedding day gift, Stamos chose to go with a sentimental travel-themed present that not only held value for his wife-to-be, Caitlyn McHugh, but also had connections with the Full House actor’s heritage and family history. Taking inspiration from the animated movie Up, Stamos prepared an elaborate scrapbook tracing their relationship with mentions of the couple’s trips that they had taken together.

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This preparation also featured a screenshot of a text message that the couple had exchanged in the very early stages of their relationship where Stamos had asked McHugh about what she wanted to do in life, to which she replied “Travel.” Hoping to carry forward the couple’s decision of “no more gifts, just travel, and experiences over objects,” Stamos aims to fill up that scrapbook with memories of travel with his wife and his “little buddy,” who is “a breath of fresh air.” The couple got married in 2018, and have a five-year-old son, Billy.