A Family Traded Holiday Gifts for Travel & Would Do It Again

Sierra Redmond is a journalist and a travel blogger. Knowing this, it doesn’t sound strange that her family decided to trade holiday gifts for an adventure in Mexico. They have also decided on doing it again in the future.

Sierra Redmond - a journalist and a travel bloggerThe Family’s Travel & Other Passions

The Redmond family is an active-duty military family, currently living in Las Vegas, Nevada, although they have had the pleasure of living in other places. Sierra Redmond loves luxury traveling, but it’s the food that gets her going. Let’s admit it, food tourism is the best kind of travel experience one can get.

The Redmond FamilyRelease the Holiday Dinner Hosting Pressure

Everyone who’s hosted a holiday dinner party knows the pressure that comes along with plans and meal preparation. There’s always something that will break when the guests arrive, there will always be a missing ingredient for the perfect recipe. In the rare case that everything runs smoothly, the pressure is still there, and it’s never too late for things to go wrong.

Traveling May Be Cheaper Than Holiday Gifts

When you choose to travel for the holidays, you’re not just releasing the pressure related to hosting or even being a guest but can also save money if you do it right. Think of a cruise getaway or an all-inclusive vacation.

Christmas Hat and a Merry Christmas Written on White Sandy Beach When the whole family agrees on spending their gift budget on a travel experience, you don’t have to worry about late gift deliveries, packing, if the recipients will actually like their gifts, and so on. The best thing? A short trip for the holidays may even be the better option for your budget. At least, this is the Redmonds’ experience.

Cultural Awareness Is the Best Gift

Adopting the travel practice at an early age allows kids to live a life rich in culture, which is the best gift a parent can think of. Also, holidays are meant for families to spend time together and not worry about dinner preparations.