This Bookstore in Beijing in Totally Magical – Here’s Why

There’s nothing quite like wandering around a bookstore and taking in the look, the feel, and the smell of brand new or preloved books. These stories transport us to new worlds and allow us to embark on new adventures, and while some libraries and bookstores put all of their attention into the titles that lay on their shelves, this bookstore in Beijing decided to make the whole buying process as magical as possible.

The Bookstore In Question

So, where can you find this amazing bookstore? Zhongshuge is located in the Galeries Lafayette department store at Zidan Plaza, and while there’s no doubt about the fact that there are oodles of amazing titles on offer here, it’s the experience of buying a book that really transports customers to new realms and new opportunities. The creators of this store were inspired by traditional Chinese gardens that focus on tranquility, beautiful architecture, and impressive labyrinths. It’s fair to say that they succeeded.

Different Rooms, Different Inspirations

Although this whole store was inspired by these Chinese gardens, each room within this store also comes with its own backstory and its own inspiration. For example, the cafe was inspired by a stunning painting called ‘Qu Shui Liu Shang,’ and the children’s area was inspired by the beauty of the natural world. These rooms all come with their own little quirks and decorative styles – and they really do have to be seen to be believed.

The Impressive Archway

Perhaps the most magical aspect of this bookstore is the impressive archway that connects the rooms together. What’s so amazing about this magical door is what lies beyond. While there are rows upon rows of books to marvel at, the designers of this bookstore wanted to create their very own indoor forest. That’s exactly what visitors can now see as they make their way through this stunning store.

So, would you visit this bookstore?