Zooey Deschanel Reveals Her Favorite Traveling Activity And It’s Free

Zooey Deschanel isn’t only like us because she seems to be zany and approachable, unlike some of the other rich and famous people. The 38-year-old reportedly also enjoys traveling activities that don’t cost too much money. As she told CNBC, her favorite activity to do while she’s traveling is to simply go on a walk.

“That’s actually my favorite thing to do when I travel,” she said, “just go and wander around and get the lay of the land.” Deschanel says she can find places that don’t normally appear in the guidebooks, such as quality and trendy local restaurants that might have fallen under the Lonely Planet’s radar.

“Even the façades of the buildings are different,” she added. “I love to take in the architecture and the way people live. Just taking a walk really gives you an experience of a place that if you’re just in a car the whole time you’re not going to get.”

Travel is about new experiences and memories, Deschanel believes, which can be satisfied free of charge. Also cheap are road trips, and she said that she has enjoyed many of these across her home state of California.

“There’s so many amazing things to see there. There are so many national parks, there are amazing cities, there are beautiful beaches, mountains, snow, there’s everything,” she said. “California road trips, for me, have been a really great experience.”

She goes on road trips with her family, such as one with her 6-month-old daughter from southern California up to Monterey and Santa Barbara. But regardless of where you are, you can easily enjoy the beauty around you.

“If you can just step outside your comfort zone, you can really find a lot of those great experiences,” she said. As for walking, she pointed out: “It’s free. It’s beautiful. And it’s so enriching, you can really take in a place that way.”