3 Best Water Filtration Tablets of 2022

Travelers, especially hikers and trekkers, can never be sure where their next sip of water will come from after they have emptied their current reserves. Enter water purification tablets, an essential item for survival in the wild. These tablets, once added to the water, kill the microorganisms present in the water, saving you from diseases like cholera, typhoid, dysentery, etc.

The Right Tablet

Choosing the right tablet can make all the difference in your journey. So, here are some things to remember while selecting the one that suits you best. Initially, check how long it takes for the tablet to purify the water. Next, know how the water will taste and smell after the usage of the tablets. Also, ensure that you thoroughly research the different microorganisms killed by various tablets. These criterias will help you determine what type of tablet will be the best for your journey. To make things even easier, here are three of the best water purification tablets of 2022.

Katadyn Micropur MP1

Katadyn Micropur MP1 tablets are one of the best in the market. They kill all microorganisms, including cryptosporidium, making them one of the most effective and functional choices. The packaging for this tablet is durable and fairly easy to open, they have the best taste of all crypto-fighting tablets and they’re affordable too!

Potable Aqua With PA+Plus

These water filtration tablets are the best tasting ones in the market! Often, drinking chemically treated water continuously can make you crave the normal, sweet taste of water. These come with and without PA+plus, so you can buy whichever you prefer. It’s effective against Bacteria and giardia cysts.


Aquatabs are one of the best value for money tablets available for outdoorsy people. The taste of the tablet is decent, and the smell is only mildly chemical. The tablets only take 40 minutes for purification, and are very lightweight to carry! Even though they don’t have the most durable packaging, these may probably be the best for buying in bulk without burning a joke in your pocket!