Traveling Is Now Made A Lot Easier With These Apps

Whether you are constantly on the go because of countless business trips or finally get to experience a commercial flight that will take you to an exotic location for that vacation you’ve been craving, this list of travel apps are a must to perfect your journey.



This is an indispensable app that will integrate into your packing routine once you get the hang of it.

Say your goodbyes to overpacking, since PackPoint only requires little information to suggest how to save up on a lot of space.

All you need to do is enter the destination, dates, duration, and activities on your itinerary and you are good to go.



Toss your crystal ball away, Hopper predicts everything you need to know about future traveling.

By comparing mass amounts of data from years back, it is able to estimate when flights will be cheaper and more costly.

That way, you can book your off days at work in advance and know exactly what time of the year you should go on your next vacation, thus saving serious change.



We’ve all been there – you got your boss’s stamp of approval, the next door neighbor to watch over your pup, packed your bags and arrived at the airport – only to find out that your flight got canceled.

That’s where AirHelp comes in – this essential tool helps with those irritating bureaucratic procedures of getting compensation out of those airlines, which is more often than not a lot more valuable than the voucher offered to most frustrated passengers.


Google Trips

Gmail-addicts will jump up and down with excitement when exposed to this app – that is if they haven’t scanned through it already.

What’s great about Google Trips is that it merges everything you could need to make your trip run as smoothly as possible into one platform.

It gathers all the information of reservations you’ve booked in advance, like reservations for hotels, flights, restaurants, attractions and more, and creates a custom itinerary.



For those who are constantly on the move, such as people who travel for business, this app is pure heaven.

If you have yet to experience the wonderful invention that is an airport lounge, make sure to download LoungeBuddy – an app that offers the best and most reasonable deals for lounge day passes.

The app operates in cities all over the world and gives out handy tips like where to eat, shower and rest – and thus aids in avoiding the inevitable back pain caused by metal benches.