This Onesie Is The Last Travel Outfit You’ll Ever Need

Rest Assured

Traveling long distances can be a real pain sometimes. It’s often a difficult choice to decide what to wear, as a long journey can be really taxing on your body. Most of us are familiar with the ‘in-flight wedgie’ or that uncomfortable pain you get in your neck from sitting down for too long. These can really put a damper on your vacation or your journey as there’s nothing worse than spending the first few days of your vacation recovering from the trip there!

Enter the Travel Onepiece by Onepiece. Onepiece is a company that was formed over 10 years ago and has been making comfortable and stylish onesies that set the standard for all the rest. The Travel Onepiece has been specifically designed to cater to every need a long distance traveler might have. Seriously, this thing would be better off on Bear Grylls than most regular travelers!

The Travel Onepiece has neat and useful features like an inflatable hood and neck-pillow that act as a cushion for those overnight trips and stiff necks. It also has this really cute, no-fuss ‘back zip’ that allows you to have ease-of-access when using the toilet, making the whole experience easier and simpler. The onesie even comes with its own toiletries such as an extendable toothbrush and earphones that fold away into the onesie itself.

The Travel Onesie also sports a pretty cool face mask to help you get to sleep easier while you’re on the move. We really love the attention to detail that they put into this thing. Every pocket is designed to hold more than a regular pocket and they’re sealable so you won’t lose any of your valuables in transit. But the best thing is that you can remove each pocket – making security checkpoints a much easier task. Ultimately, we don’t know how anyone traveled before this thing – it’s like a wearable hotel room. A definite must-have for frequent fliers or long-distance travelers.