All the Holiday Foods You Can and Can’t Travel With on a Plane

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After spending a long and fun weekend with your extended family for the holidays, the only thing getting you through the exhausting airport lines is the thought of enjoying that leftover holiday turkey sandwich you brought. But suddenly, the sandwich you’ve been dreaming about becomes an item that’s not allowed on the plane, especially with that delicious cranberry sauce you carried with you. Here’s a TSA food list that tells you which festive foods are and aren’t allowed on the flight.

Festive Foods Allowed Through a TSA Checkpoint

Turkey, chicken, steak, ham, or any other meat is a big yes that you can carry with you in any form, like cooked, raw, or even frozen. Stuffing is also allowed, cooked or uncooked, provided you have stored it in a tight box or a bag. Casseroles are a big yes too! It’s mentioned in the TSA website’s guidelines that traditional green beans and onion straws are also allowed.

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Macaroni and cheese is okay too in a sealed pan or you can simply carry its ingredients and cook them when you arrive at your place. All fresh vegetables and fruits like potatoes, broccoli, yams, apples, bananas, lemons, and more are allowed. Candy, spices, and desserts like homemade cookies or store-bought pies and brownies are allowed.

Holiday Foods That Should Go in Checked Luggage

Cranberry sauce, either homemade or canned, is considered spreadable, so put it in your checked bag in a sealed box. No gravy items are allowed. Canned vegetables and fruits come with liquid inside the can, so ensure they’re sealed and packed well. Spreads like jam, jelly, and preserves are a big no. Liquid items like maple syrup or apple cider need to be checked in your checked baggage, but there’s a possibility they might get stopped.

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When packing foods inside your checked luggage, just make sure they are easily accessible to be pulled out during security checks if required. And don’t forget to add them in tightly sealed boxes so there’s no spillage. Go on and enjoy your festive foods at home.

These Hikes in the Berkshires are a Must Visit for All Nature Lovers

Hiking is one of the best ways to get closer to nature and explore every inch of the wonders our planet has to offer. When it comes to finding the best hiking trails, a place that comes to the minds of many is Berkshires. From here, you can soak in the breathtaking views of mountains kissing the sky, leaves turning to gorgeous shades of spring, and landscapes that will leave you awestruck.

Finerty Pond

If you want to go on an adventure during the day, one of the best available trails is Finerty Pond. Start your journey with the Appalachian Trail. This adventure of 5.9 miles begins from Becket Mountain which leads you toward pine-needle-covered roads. While you’re midway, you will find the Finerty Pond. You can stop here to take a swim.

Stony Ledge Trail

Another day trek location in Berkshires is Stony Ledge Trail. Just as the name suggests, this place is perfect for people who love waterfalls. This 4.2-mile-long trail is known for its jaw-dropping views. Stony Ledge offers picture-postcard views of Mountain Greylock covered in many various hues of green, white, and orange. If you are planning to stay overnight, you can reach the top of the Stony Ledge and camp there on the first-come-first-serve site.

Campbell Falls

We have good news for all hikers — Campbell Falls in Berkshires not only offers you landscapes that are gorgeous but also a magnificent waterfall. This hiking trail is for all the waterfall hikers out there. Bonus part: the trails are not long here. The overall length of Campbell Falls is 1.4 miles. The roads are surrounded by white pines and moss-hugged trees. When you complete half of your adventure, at 0.7 miles, you will see the real beauty here, i.e., Whiting River.

Cascade Falls

For people who love the light sprinkling of waterfalls when they hit the stone, hiking up the trails to the Cascade Falls might be the best decision. This 2.2-mile-long trail is not too difficult and even a beginner can enjoy the views from up here. The hike begins from the North Adams and as you finish one mile of your exploration, the town will start fading away. Soon the beautiful notes of splashing water will start hitting your ears. Enjoy yourself, take pictures, and calm your soul.

Bear Mountain to Race Brook Falls

When in the Berkshires, every backpacker has to experience this ultimate adventure. From the best scenic views to rock features seen nowhere else, this trail has it all. Some of the many reasons why hikers from across the world love to visit here are Bear Mountain and Race Brook Falls. Bear Mountain is the highest peak in Connecticut, which goes up to 2,316 feet. Race Brook Falls is a fantabulously-gorgeous waterfall covered by pines and hemlocks. When you start your trek from Mount Riga, after 2.5 miles you must have climbed 2,300 feet to Bear Mountain. Continue for just four more miles and you will find Mountain Race. Right from there, descend eight miles and you will encounter the magical heaven people call Race Brook Falls.