This One Company is Making Outdoor Gear Accessible and Affordable

For two years, the prevalent restrictions on public gatherings have led to a rise in the obsession with exploring the outdoors in Americans. With a halt on social gatherings, be it concerts or sports events or a night out in the bar, Americans are going out on trails and hikes, which has added many new trekkers and hikers. However, it’s no secret that you need hundreds and thousands of dollars on you to sustain the lifestyle when it comes to living the backpacking life.

The Eddie Bauer’s New Rental Program to the Rescue

One way to dodge the cost of the trekking equipment is to rent it. While many third-party businesses are renting out the gears – we don’t see many direct-to-consumer rentals. Probably why Eddie Bauer’s new rental program is interesting for new hikers and trekkers who don’t want to spend a fortune on buying the gears. In partnership with Arrive Outdoors, Eddie Bauer rolled out a rental program for the budget-conscious hikers that are new in the trekking scene and take only 1-2 hikers a year. The hikers can rent the equipment needed for the trek via a link on the official website. They offer to ship everywhere in the USA.

To Make the Outdoors More Inclusive

The program is being promoted to make gear accessible and affordable for hikers who don’t have the bandwidth to buy their setup. The company’s vice president of marketing said in an email that the idea was to make sure the outdoors are more inclusive to all communities, adding that the rental program ensures eliminating some of the barriers to outdoor access.

What Does the Future Hold?

Along with the rental gears on the offer right now, Eddie Bauer also plans to expand the offering to cold-climate gears. Coming winter, one can expect to rent cold weather gears that are generally even more expensive than the three-season stuff on a budget.