This California National Park Has Everything an Adventurer Could Ever Want

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California boasts a massive selection of national parks, so you really can’t go wrong anywhere in the state. Some parks – like Yellowstone – get all the hype, but there are others that are just as incredible. Of course, less recognition means fewer crowds, making Lassen Volcanic National Park the perfect destination for an adventurer who wants to try something new.

Lassen Volcanic National Park

Lassen Volcanic National Park is located in Mineral, California, which is situated a four-hour drive away from San Francisco. The park’s brochure boasts its hydrothermal activity saying that it contains “boiling mud pots, steaming ground, roaring fumaroles, [and] sulfurous gasses.” The 100,000-acre park has four types of volcanos (shield, composite, cinder cone, and plug dome), seven hydrothermal spots, and only 446,291 annual visitors. If you think that’s a lot, keep in mind that Lassen Volcanic National Park is only the 124th most-visited national park, making it the perfect getaway for people in the know.

The Park’s History

Lassen Volcanic National Park was first established in 1916. A business named Lassen Peak visited the park between 1914 and 1921 in order to photograph the activity of one of the world’s largest plug domes, which is located in the park. Peak’s work drew attention to the area, eventually turning it into a national park. According to the supervisory park ranger, Carlo Arreglo, “You can come out here and hike in the wilderness areas of the park and not see a soul, depending on the time of year We have volcanic features and hydrothermal features that you might find in, say, Yellowstone, but without all the crowds of Yellowstone.”

Instagram // @lassennps

We suggest checking it out before everyone else discovers this gem!