Hilarious Windshield Notes Written For The Worst Parkers


What A Superstar

While trying to make a clear point as to the driver’s poor parking, this person made a joke out of it, hoping that the driver will not want someone flying across his car and will learn his lesson.

note 1

A Pinch Of Spite

There is nothing like being a little passive aggressive to get your point across and having to state the obvious for the recipient to understand. The writer of this note seemed to keep things tame and polite, but it was the sign off with “Hate you” that really conveyed their message thoroughly. We can all understand their frustration, however, since having to spell things out in black and white when it can so clearly be seen is a waste of their time.

note 2

Grammar On Point

The writer of this note was clearly mad at the driver’s parking and wanted them to know exactly how he felt. Rather than just telling them their parking was poor, or that they are a “tool,” the writer went on to write his thoughts down as he went along. That way, his note conveyed a more profound message from the driver to understand. His poor parking will make someone mad, waste their time in writing a note, question their grammar, and get more mad. A terrible turn in their day.

note 3

Nobody Likes You

It must be a difficult situation to be a person who abides by society’s laws and watches how other people completely take advantage. This witty writer was having none of it and wanted to let the driver know that nobody likes them when they do not work with others to keep society afloat. Perhaps a harsh comment to make, and to a complete stranger it is just forming a presumptuous conclusion. We guess that is what happens when people don’t park in an appropriate manner!

note 4

Grumpy Cat Don’t Like You

No one wants to face the wrath of the Grumpy Cat, so one angry passerby used this to his advantage in letting the bad driver know this is not going to go down well should he park badly again. After all, no one wants to deal with their car being towed, so the Grumpy Cat is just the kind warning that next time there will be worse consequences should their poor parking abilities continue. We are sure this driver learned their lesson.

note 5

Terrible Parking

This note painted on the car is simply a tasteless comment left by one angry passerby. Helen Keller was a deaf and blind woman who earned a bachelor of arts degree. Never allowing her disability to restrict her, she was also an author, lecturer, and political activist, so using her name is anything but an insult. While Helen Keller may not have been able to drive on account of being blind, using her name for someone’s poor parking is taking things too far.

note 6

Personalized Spot

What is worse than someone taking up more than one parking spot when you’re driving around looking for a space? Quite frankly, not much. Regardless of the fact there are more spots available, it is the principle that matters. Since this driver thought they were more special than others and could, therefore, make his own parking spot, someone jokingly drew out a parking spot for them. Outlining their grey car, they were teaching them how important it is to stay in the lines, because, after all, that is parking etiquette.

note 7

What A Jag Off

With the message that read “Thanks for parking so close Jagoff,” it seems that someone is angry at a Jaguar parked in a bad way. However, it appears that they were using the resources they had to make their message clear and used a hygienic pad rather than paper. While this is not the most conventional, nor appropriate, way to write a note, it was perhaps the only thing they had on hand. Sometimes you’ve just got to work with what you’ve got.

note 8

Rich In Parking Spots

Jumping to conclusions can sometimes be a bad thing, but when you have a fancy BMW and take up two spaces, someone is going to comment. No matter how much money you have, or how hard you worked to get your dream car, parking over a disabled spot when you are not disabled nor hold a handicapped permit, is not the right way to behave. This lady was evidently concerned about her disabled mother when she came to stay, and she had every right to say something.

note 9

Come On Dogg

Enough is enough, Dogg, time to get your own space. Time and time again this space’s owner has found his spot has been taken by this selfish driver. Really, what is more irritating than this? We can understand that when someone blatantly ignores the fact that this is not his space and continuously parks there regardless is extremely frustrating for the owner. If anything, we think he handled this quite well with just a little message painted on his car for him to see.

note 10

Sincerely It Is

The aggravation caused when you walk outside your house to find someone parked over your driveway, meaning you cannot get your car out because of some selfish driver. While it is forbidden, and cars have no right to park over someone’s driveway, it is done time and time again. Unsurprisingly so, this guy was frustrated by this driver and made his feelings clear with a note on his windshield. Slightly aggressive and threatening, but when your anger has been built up, you sometimes lose control of your words and actions.

note 11

Who Parked Like A Jerk? Meme Me!

In times of need, it is entirely fitting to make a meme. How else can you convey a message better than with a picture to show your feelings fully? The person who made this meme with the message “Y U No park in a designated space?” was conveying his message across in a hope to let the driver know that this is not a space where he can ever park his car. Not one to waste time in using correct spelling, this quick message will hopefully have done the job.

note 12

Hope That’s Peanut Butter

In some weird way, this prankster has turned his actions into a positive by stating his way of thinking will cost the driver less than his car being towed. Someone decided that smearing a dog’s excrement across the windshield and writing a message would be a cheaper option, yet it is certainly a huge nuisance for anyone to clear up. Let’s hope the driver did not think to put on his windscreen wipers in his rush to get it off because that would not have ended well.

note 13

It’s That Simple

Based on the cold temperatures made evident from this photo, a note written on a piece of paper probably would not have sufficed since it would have blown away, or got too wet. In which case, making the most out of this situation is what this person has done when someone frustratingly parked poorly. Writing in the snow, “Please park better” is one of the more considerate messages out of the bunch, so let’s hope his message was taken seriously.

note 14

Merry Christmas, J*rk!

Remember when Christmas was the most wonderful time of the year? Everyone is happy, everyone is in the Christmas spirit, and life is great. Apparently, this is no longer the case, or so it seems from this person’s message. Although the letter is slightly aggressive and over-the-top, he does make a good point, seeing as though he spent his time shoveling the snow for his car to be parked in the space. For someone else to then take the spot was just not the ideal situation.

note 15

No Mixed Messages

Getting straight to the point is, more often than not, more efficient. Perhaps some other notes have been more creative and gave more entertainment value, but this person just wanted to ask the driver to stop blocking the pavement. The capital letters add an emphasis of anger, but there was no more elaboration to the message. Now they’ve made the statement, it can only be hoped that it was enough to make an impact and have the driver learn his lesson.

note 16


To tell someone they suck at life is extreme; to say that because they parked over their drive can be understood, but once again, slightly extreme. Obviously angry and wanting to vent their anger at the problem – being the driver of this parked car – resulted in this foul-mouthed note. To be fair, that is rule 101 of parking, and the driver should have known this by now. If he’s going to break the rules, he is going to get an aggressive note.

note 17

Park Well Maybe

Just as Carly Rae Jepsen’s hit “Call Me Maybe?” stayed in our heads from the moment we first heard it, the writer of this message was probably hoping for the same from his rendition. Rightfully so, this person was angry at someone blocking his driveway and had enough of it, prompting him to write this message. While it started off all innocent with a change of lyrics, the angry homeowner took a slightly negative turn and ended the message with some name calling.

note 18

Oh So Gentle

Some foul-mouthed note is always bound to get your message across since the anger is definitely portrayed with these form of words. Using the F-bomb on several occasions, one angry writer had clearly had enough of the alarm going off on this car and was letting the driver know there will be consequences. While it is highly frustrating to wake up to hear a car alarm go off night after night, it is no better being the person who ‘keys’ another person’s vehicle!

note 19

Stop Ruining My Life

This guy seems to highlight that he has every right to be in this spot but is just missing the required sticker to show this to the parking enforcement. After being given several tickets, he has clearly had enough because no one likes to pay off parking tickets, especially when the situation could be very different. So, before his sticker arrives, he is letting the ticket man know what his current situation is and to be a little more lenient next time around.

note 20

Poor Stevie

Stevie Wonder is a musical legend and known for his impeccable voice. This talented singer is also blind but has never stopped him from working the crowds all around the world. Whoever wanted to vent out their anger on this poor parking, used Stevie Wonder’s name in a distasteful manner and we, therefore, are more angry at the messenger rather than the recipient. While we do not support poor parking, we definitely do not support negatively using Stevie Wonder.

note 21

What A Jerk

It is common knowledge that is against the law to park in a handicapped spot without any right, not to mention unkind and completely selfish. Those spots are specially designated because they are closest to the end destination and helps people who cannot walk long distances. So when someone takes their spot for the own convenience, you cannot help but get angry at them. What right do they have to do such a thing? Thankfully, this person took the next steps and made sure it doesn’t happen again.

note 22

Resort To Public Transport

Seeing as though it is common to find poor parking on any average day, someone thought it would be beneficial to get cards printed which would best get a message across. This card read “people like you should take the bus,” followed with “please learn to park.” Whichever advice they were going to take, would hopefully have one less lousy parker in the world. These cards have been made with the best interest in mind, so if you get one, know it’s for everyone’s benefit.

note 23

Who Even Are You?

It as if Liam Neeson was the man behind this note, but if not, then it is someone who was heavily inspired by his famous quote. Enough to scare anyone away, Liam Nesson was true to his word, the recipient would be sure not to make the same mistake knowing he would be boxed in next time. No one wants to be boxed in after all! This is a slightly different threat to Neeson’s film in which he is threatening his daughter’s captors, but the threat is there nonetheless.

note 24

Honorary Member

It’s always nice to join a club, even when you haven’t even asked for it! However, in some way, this driver was clearly asking for it with his poor parking skills. Now an official member of “Park Like An A**” Club, this Beetle owner probably had no idea of the club before getting this message. Now he’s officially been made an honorary member of the club, there is only one way ever to leave and that, of course, is to learn how to park.

note 25

Worst Neighbor Award Goes To…

On most occasions, receiving an award is a very good thing. However, to be awarded with the Worst Neighbor Award of 2015″ is sure not something you are going to hold on your mantlepiece. As frustrating as it must be to be woken up every night for a fortnight because of a car alarm, the threat at the end of this message seems a little over-the-top from an angry neighbor. A strange turn since he first explains he had the same issue so can be sympathetic.

note 26

Office Joe

Taking the innocent approach by just subtly asking if you could park in your own spot – which seems fairly obvious – and everything will be just fine. As if he is waiting for this to happen, the messenger has illustrated himself waiting patiently for the moment this driver learns he has been parking in his spot without permission. We reckon if this approach did not work, things would have gotten a lot more aggressive in the next note. The illustration would be that of rage with the coffee on the floor.

note 27

It Was For The Fam

The weather can be enough to frustrate anyone. When you are locked in the house from too much snow and begin to catch cabin fever, you feel like you should be living somewhere hot and sunny. Even more frustrating is that when you can finally go out and shovel a parking spot for your family, that someone has dared to take it. Every man for themselves in this situation, but why not think of the grueling process someone else went through to make it happen?

note 28

Sincerely, Everybody

It is doubtful that you will ever find someone that says they are fine with poor parking or with a car blocking their driveway, so this person had every right to sign off their message from the ‘general public.’ No one is going to say they object to their stand in telling someone their parking is poor and they need to ‘cut it out.’ It must feel pretty awful to feel like the whole general public is against you, so it is time to change things up from now on.

note 29


Some people really like to take things that extra bit too far, but if it gets the message across, then they are sure going to role with it. While there is no use of crude language or an aggressive tone, the relation to Hurricane Katrina can leave a sour feeling in any readers mind. Everyone likes a good pun, but perhaps when a natural disaster is involved, people should refrain from using them in their joke. The tragedy of the Hurricane is very different to this person’s tragic parking.

note 30

Ice Cream Melted, Day Ruined

Life is full of undeniable delights. Having a child, adopting a puppy, heck, even buying your first car! Then there are everyday pleasures like chocolate, burgers, and a night out at the movies. Without a shadow of a doubt, ice-cream also falls under this list. So when someone was forced to carry their ice cream two blocks just because another person double-parked, they were absolutely justified to write a note when their creamy delight melted in their hands.

note 31


There’s nothing we love more than somebody who always has a plan for every eventuality. It seems like the writer of this note is a fine organizer of contingency plans – specifically, acts of revenge. When someone else took their reserved parking spot, the victim knew exactly how they were going to warn the individual – vaseline and a tow truck. You always need to be careful who you rub the wrong way in the parking lot – they mind just have your days numbered.

note 32

Nut Stamped

As time has gone on, the world has become an ever-increasingly populated place. It’s pure mathematics: more people equals more cars. This would also imply that more parking lots are on their way. However, it seems like the former is progressing quicker than the latter. This is how you get situations like this one, when two cars are forced to park so close together and one feels like the only way to get out is by using a can opener!

note 33

Dear Sir, Please Stop

This must be the work of an Englishman, as Americans aren’t too familiar with the term “bloody sardine.” But we get the imagery. “Like a pack sardines” implies that these parking spaces are a little too tight. Either that, or the person this note is written for cannot park. While we explore the theme of marine life, the song “Wish You Were Here” by Pink Floyd comes to mind. “We’re just two lost souls swimming in a fishbowl” could apply to these two people.

note 34

Just Too Tired

It is evident that the writer of this note had enough energy to express their frustrations via a note but was too tired to give their highest level of handwriting. There are some words here that we are struggling to read, but we’re going to put that down to the writer’s tiredness. We would not like to see what this person may have done had they been at their most energetic. Maybe they would have towed the car themselves.

note 35

Sorry Not Sorry

This is a prime example of the question “who started it?” Whatever the answer might be, one thing is for sure: the writer of this note has ended it, and with aplomb. After arriving at the beach parking lot, they were obviously frustrated by the lack of space caused by the other person’s double parking. So they caused the damage, enjoyed their time at the beach and then taught the poor parker a lesson. This is the epitome of a backhanded apology.

note 36

Thanks But No Thanks

Security: it can be such an arbitrary thing at times. What happens when one has nothing to hide or nothing to protect? Well, as far as this person’s concerned, they forgot one big issue: they might lose their car if one of their windows is constantly open. All an opportunist has to do is reach for the door lock, play with some wires, and boom – you’ve got yourself a fully operational, stolen car. Who cares if there are no valuables in the car. Cars are pretty valuable!

note 37


Most people on this list will pick up a piece of paper, express their anger at the poor parker without thought and write the first thing that comes to mind. More often than not, the outcome is pretty funny. Then you get a note-writer like this one, who not only thinks carefully about what they are going to write, but types it out on a Microsoft Word document, and even accompanies their thoroughly detailed account of the issue with a visual diagram!

note 38

Itsy Bitsy Turtle

Possibly the most condescending way to get the point across that someone is a horrible parker is comparing them to a three-year-old. It appears that this writer has used the analogy of an image designed for kids to color in a line drawing when it comes to “staying within the lines.” There is no denying that on the one hand, the gesture is light-hearted and playful in nature. On the other hand, though, the poor parker may not understand that they are actually being made fun of.

note 39

You’ve Been Served

It seems like this person has been forced to deal with many bad parkers in recent times. As a result, they have decided to design their very own business card or a congratulations card that welcomes only the worst parkers into a club known as the “Asshat Parking League.” It sounds legit, but we do wonder whether this is actually a club that has its own meetings and events. Or maybe it’s just a tongue-in-cheek card that tries to get a point across.

note 40

Autobots Unleashed

Let’s face it, not everyone is a big fan of the Transformers or is even aware of their cultural significance. However, if you were born in the last 15-20 years and know how to drive, we assume that you are familiar with the franchise, especially since its horrendous film reboot by Michael Bay came out. If not, then let’s break it down for you quickly – Optimus Prime is the leader of the Autobots and says stuff like “Autobots, roll out!” Yeah…yeah, that’s about it.

note 41

Smallest Error

Is it just us, or has the writer of this card actually shot themselves in the foot by spelling the word “revolve” incorrectly? As writers, we are just as offended by this spelling error as the complainer is by the person’s poor parking. In turn, this has created a neverending loop of disapproval, or maybe even a domino effect that could lead to the destruction of all life as we know it. All because this card was just one letter away from being perfectly written.

note 42

There Is Right And Wrong

Another complainer who has taken some time out of their day to construct a meticulous diagram that encapsulates what they are trying to explain. In fact, they didn’t even need to use any words. We believe the poor parker would’ve completely understood the writer’s frustrations with the image alone. At any rate, the writer felt like it was necessary for the driver to know exactly what they thought of them. Sometimes you need to show and not tell in order to get your point across.

note 43

Parking Party

We’re not so sure why the writer would believe that the parker was a Republican purely because they occupied two spaces. All we can suspect is that they have bad experiences with both poor parkers and members of the political party and have confused the two with each other, over time. At any rate, we aim to keep church and state separate. By that, we mean we wish to keep politics in the parking lot separate from actual politics.

note 44

Inconsiderate Sir

There have been reports suggesting that the car one drives actually represents the driver’s personality. If it’s a Mercedes-Benz or a Ferrari, then the person is more inclined to like the flashy things in life. If it’s a smaller car, maybe the driver wants to keep things a bit more simple. So when this writer complained about not just the person’s poor parking, but their choice of car, it was clear that there was more at play here – this was a personal jab.

note 45

Lather, Rinse, Repea-heat

Not only does this writer feel the need to explain to their neighbor what a “curb” is, but they were also compelled to make it clear exactly how to shower. Maybe this is because the poor parker who lives next door has an unforgivable stench. Whatever the reason might be, it is clear, based on the well-drawn diagram, that the person’s huge vehicle is blocking the writer’s driveway. This alone is unacceptable in virtually every single way.

note 46

(Un)friendly Neighborhood Watch

It has been done a million times now. Everyone seems to want to use the one-hit wonder by Carly Rae Jepsen “Call Me Maybe” for their windshield notes. That hook is just so catchy that it is seemingly very easy to rewrite for one’s own agenda. It also appears that the recipient of this cover saw the funny side of it, especially seeing that it came from their angry neighbor. In all seriousness though, she should probably find another spot.

note 47

You Can Run But You Can’t Hide

For the guy who thought he got away with it, he’s not going to be happy when he finds out that someone saw the damage he caused before driving away. On the flip side, the recipient of this note is going to be very happy that he has the chance to find some justice from this situation. Ultimately, we have to pay respect to the man who saw something was wrong, and decided to make things right.

note 48

Some Things Are Better Off Unsaid

You know what they say: when you need to go, you need to go! There are just no two ways about it. We hope that the ticket man will recognize this golden rule and consider this case as an exception. On the other hand, we won’t put it past the officer from still issuing a ticket despite the driver’s pleas to spare him because of his toilet situation. This is certainly an ethical dilemma for the ticket man.

note 49

Revenge Is Best Served On A Yellow Slip

There is nothing more alarming than returning to your parked car and seeing a yellow slip planted on your windshield. It can only mean one thing: a fine. Look, we can’t imagine the recipient of this note being too flustered when they realized that it was just an angry driver trying to prank them. However, there must have been a split second when the person’s heart sank in their mouths and they thought to themselves, “Oh no, I’m busted!”

note 50

Game Of Parking

Ever watched the show Game of Thrones? Well, in this medieval show is a family known as The Lannisters who often have people do heinous acts for them while saying the phrase, “The Lannisters send their regards.” It doesn’t look like the user of that catchphrase hasn’t done anything too bad to accompany the note. However, if the show is anything to go by, you can imagine that something terrible happened off-camera. After all, the Lannisters always pay their debts.

note 51

When In Doubt

Even in the most bizarre of situations, a God-fearing individual can take inspiration from their religion to shed light on a serious matter like poor parking. This particular individual has cited Jesus Christ as the standard when it comes to parking. Ultimately, cars weren’t around when this important religious figure was alive. However, if they were, you could imagine that Jesus would possibly be the greatest parker of all time. If he could turn water into wine, then surely he could park a car correctly.

note 52

Are You Kitting Me?

Obviously, any form of theft, whether it be petty or grand should be taken seriously. It is the intention of stealing which is ultimately more important to consider than what was actually stolen. Surely it should be the principle that matters the most. So when this person’s Kit Kat was stolen, they were provided with a note by the thief, who wholeheartedly confessed to their hunger. We’d like to think that the driver turned the other cheek and forgave the person who trespassed against them.

note 53

The Mean, Green, Mystery Machine

If someone writes a note in order to prevent a horror story from happening, then we are all for it. The reality is that the neighbor’s van freaked out the writer of this note. It seems like a reasonable complaint to make. However, we can only suspect that maybe this was a cover-up for the fact that it’s just something blocking the person’s driveway. It doesn’t matter what the vehicle is, anything would be annoying.

note 54

Music To His Ears

They say that one should always crack the window open a little if they have a child or a pet in the car. However, many cars these days have air conditioning, which is a dream come true for those people who are security conscious. Take this cutey pooch, for example, who is apparently staying nice and cool in the car because of the AC. Not only that, but he is also drinking water while he apparently listens to his favorite music.

note 55

All Of The Above

Whoever received this fancy poor parking card must feel honored for not only being thanked for parking too close to the creator of the card, but for five other reasons. To be fair, they may have just ticked one of the boxes, but for all we know, it could have been “all of the above.” Like other complainers on this list, this person has experienced so many bad moments with poor parkers that they have taken it upon themselves to create a business card for such an occasion.

note 56

Mr. T-Rex

Look, this particular note has been written with the utmost sincerity and is the type of thing you could write to virtually anyone. It is written with the courtesy you’d expect from any corporate company e-mail. However, the writer completely undoes all of this hard work when they refer to themselves as Sir Tyrannosaurus Rex. Or maybe that’s the point. Maybe the writer wants to remain anonymous and convey their frustrations in a funny way. Or maybe they’re actually a dinosaur with a top hat, drinking wine.

note 57

Potato Clan Is P*SSED

We don’t know what you think, but, we’re of the opinion that this is far too much work to do in order to express one’s disappointment for another’s poor parking. It seems like with a lot of these incidents that people want to try and be lighthearted with their messages. However, this just seems awfully passive aggressive and unnecessary. At any rate, it’s a funny display and we’re sure that the recipient saw the funny side of it.

note 58

Let’s Play A Game

If you’ve seen any of the movies from the Saw horror franchise, we think you’ll know exactly what this windshield note is alluding to. “I want to play a game” is the classic quote from the villain of the movie – Jigsaw. However, we don’t think any absurd torture games are on the cards anytime soon. Instead, this guy is playing around with the Traffic Warden and showing him all the parking tickets he has been issued in recent memory. Game over.

note 59