The Cast of Neighbours: Where Are They Now?


Spanning over thirty years, Neighbours is undoubtedly one of the most successful soap operas on television. With 7,750 episodes as of December 2017, there is much to know about the long-running hit and all those who graced our screens over the years.

James Sorensen

James Sorensen starred in Neighbours as the single teenage dad during his time on the soap opera but has grown up a lot since then. He has since only gone on to appear in a couple of minor acting roles as he chose to leave Neighbours to join the army. After an injury which meant he had to leave the army after just a few months, he decided to start a Bachelor of Biomedical Science degree at Victoria University. In between his studies, he is also a fitness trainer.



Guy Pearce

Guy Pearce played Mike Young for four years on the series, and he certainly caught the eyes of many ladies. Not hard to see why, he will always be remembered as one of the best looking guys on the show. Perhaps unrecognizable from his younger self, Pearce later moved on to star in American films such as L.A. Confidential, Memento, and The Hurt Locker, which boosted his acting career and allowed him to step away from being just another guy from Neighbours.


Liam Hemsworth

There is a good chance you will know who Liam Hemsworth is or know what he was up to these days. However, before becoming the big film star that he is, he starred in Neighbours for a year! His character was a paraplegic, and his love interest was Bridget Parker, but nothing came of the couple on the show. Liam then made it big in the U.S. starring in films such as The Last Song, The Elephant Princess, and The Hunger Games Series


Kym Valentine

Kym Valentine’s character, Libby Kennedy, had her fair share of accidents, landing herself in the hospital numerous of times. She had even suffered greatly from a motorbike accident on the daytime drama. While it is only natural for these dramatic storylines to take fold on soap operas, it seemed that the story imitated Valentine’s real life, as she was forced to leave the set many times due to health issues. She ended up leaving the show and went on to get married.


Alan Dale

Alan Dale starred in an impressive 800 episodes on Neighbours, playing the character of Jim Robinson. His character is no longer alive in the ongoing series, as he was killed off after Robinson suffered a heart attack. However, he has continued to be a successful actor both in Australia and the United States over the years. He is famously known for starring in hit series such as The OC and Ugly Betty, with his career spanning over many years.


Dichen Lachman

Dichen Lachman was given the task of playing Rachel and Zeke’s older sister on the show. Katya Kinski was the rebellious child with a dark past, and was the mysterious girl on Neighbours. Lachman did a great job taking on this role, and her acting talents were highlighted further when she took on more roles over the years. She became a Hollywood sensation after starring in TV hits such as Dollhouse, Shameless, and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. She also starred in The 100 alongside Eliza Taylor, a fellow Neighbours alumni.


Tom Oliver

If you’re a fan of Neighbours, then you are sure to know exactly who this guy is. Tom Oliver has starred in a whopping 2,800 episodes of Neighbours, playing the role of Lou Carpenter. Lou once played the Mayor of the fictional Melbourne suburb of Erinsborough but has since aged over the years and taken on other storylines. Oliver continued to win over fans with his contagious smile but he decided to officially leave the show in December 2016 after playing the role of Lou for 28 years.


Radha Mitchell

Radha Mitchell joined the Neighbours cast in 1994 at the age of 21. She was introduced as a brand new character, and she certainly helped the soap opera succeed, becoming a prominent addition to the show. Over 20 years later, the starlet still looks great, and Radha has continued to pursue an acting career following her stint on the daytime soap opera show. She has had roles a variety of genres including Man on Fire, Finding Neverland, Silent Hill, and Melinda and Melinda.


Raelee Hill

Raelee Hill came to Erinsborough when she was just 23 years old. This was Hill’s first breakout role since she only started acting professionally one year before landing her stint on Neighbours. Since then, she has continued to act in Australia, as well as on Neighbours, although her character is not so prominent on the show. The redhead certainly looks different from when she started off her role on the daytime drama, but that is probably her 21st-century style transition.


Stefan Dennis

You’ll most likely refer to him as his character name, Paul Robinson, since Stefan Dennis was one of the first Neighbours characters all those years ago. However, that is not to say he will not be recognized when away from Neighbours. Just how he stunned us with his handsome looks back in the day, he is not disappointing us now and has definitely aged well. Other than his successful stint on Neighbours, Dennis has appeared in hits such as The Bill, Casualty, and Dream Team.



Aaron Jeffery

Aaron Jeffery joined for the 28th season of Neighbours, coming into town as Bradley Fox. Almost unrecognizable now, Jeffery is in his late forties and has recently been cast to appear in the upcoming series of Wentworth. During his career, Jeffery won two Silver Logies and appeared in hit shows such as Water Rats and McLeod’s Daughters. There he met his current girlfriend, with whom he shares a daughter with. He also has another daughter from his previous relationship.



Alan Fletcher

Alan Fletcher will be known by every Neighbours viewer since he is one of the longest-serving actors on Neighbours, having impressively appeared on the show from 1994 until now. He made a brief appearance in 1987, playing the role of Greg Cooper, before gaining the full-time role of Karl Kennedy. Regarding appearances, he is second to Stefan Dennis lasting over thirty years and, other than one episode on Days of Our Lives, Fletcher has kept his commitments strictly to Neighbours.


Krista Vendy

Krista Vendy’s character was the primary school teacher named Teresa Bell. She had everything going for her while living and working in Erinsborough; she loved her job, and she loved her husband, perhaps making her storyline too good to be true for a daytime soap opera. Since her time on the hit drama, Vendy has mainly taken on guest appearances and can be caught in Shock Jock, Mental, and Pizza. What has definitely changed for Vendy is her hair!


Dean Geyer

A grown-up Dean Geyer is catching our eyes! The former Ty Harper went from his punk-ish hairstyle to a more groomed link. However, his style at the time certainly suited his personality. After all, he was a musician before his time on Neighbours and was a contestant on Australian Idol. Following his stint on the drama series, he joined another popular hit series. Geyer moved from the Australian neighborhood to the U.S. where he was cast to play Brody Weston on the American singing drama, Glee.


Moya O’Sullivan

Australian actress Moya O’Sullivan was born in 1924 and began her acting career during the 1960’s. She played the role of Marlene Katz in Neighbours for three years. Her character had moved to town to be near her estranged daughter, Cheryl, but she once again decided to leave and neglect her daughter. Since then, Moya had smaller roles on All Saints and other Australian hits, but her filmography list does not span as long as other successful stars from the soap opera.


Blair McDonough

Stuart Packer will be best remembered on Neighbours for changing lovers as many times as he changed jobs – and there were many. As expected from soap opera storylines, Blair McDonough played the role of a ‘lover boy’ impeccably well. However, his character is nothing like his real-life persona, and McDonough is happily married and a father of two. Away from Neighbours, you can catch the former soap opera star in TV hits such as Winners & Losers, Heartbeat, and Sea Patrol.


Tim Phillipps

Tim Phillipps was one of the young actors to join the show and his stint on Neighbours was his first big acting credit. Coming to Erinsborough as Daniel Robinson in 2007, Phillips is now in his early forties 10 years later. The former Neighbours star continues to act and has had a recurring role on the hit series Once Upon A Time for the last five years – playing the dreamy Prince Thomas. He is perfectly suited to play a Prince, especially with those piercing, baby blue eyes.


Mark Little

Mark Little played the role of Joe Mangel from 1988 until 2005, and with his character on the show for 17 years, he was certainly a big feature on Neighbours. It was also his character which boosted the views of the soap opera in the United Kingdom. Mark did not have any big roles following his role as Joe, but he did continue to act since leaving the show and appeared in minor roles. He is an award-winning actor and comedian, and he married a collaborator who put his shows together.


David Hoflin

When Christian Clark quit Neighbours, David Hoflin was given the role of Oliver Barnes immediately. Producers did not even have the actor audition for the role, and he was lucky to have been given the role because he gained more than just a job from their decision to cast him. In fact, the Swedish actor met his future wife on set! Before arriving at Erinsborough, Hoflin was already known after starring in Ocean Girl, and he still acts on shows such as Alcatraz, Touch, and Supernatural.


Natalie Hoflin

The name Hoflin may already sound familiar, and that is because Natalie Hoflin decided to take her married name after marrying her Neighbours co-star, David Hoflin. Before their relationship, Natalie went by her maiden name, Blair, and from 2003 until 2011, she was best known for her on-screen character, Carmella. Although Carmella and Oliver do not have a romantic relationship on-screen, it was sure to fans delight that the pair developed one in real life because they do make a beautiful couple.


Eve Morey

Eve Morey won the role of Sonya Mitchell on Neighbours and had to deal with her fair share of problems on the show, in which she still makes regular appearances. Perhaps not as hated as some of the other female characters, like many soap opera characters, Mitchell still had her own personal demons which she played out in her storyline. During her time on the show, Morey’s character was faced with alcohol and gambling problems. Morey has also starred in Australia’s other hit soap opera, Home and Away.


Fletcher Humphrys

Fletcher Humphry’s has a long filmography list since he was famous before, during, and after Neighbours. He was on the soap opera from 1996 until 2009, where he played Guy Sykes, a friend of Dichen Lachman’s mysterious character, Katya Kinski. However, in a strange turn, but not surprising for soap operas, Humphrys later returned to the show as a different character. Aside from his long stint on Neighbours, you can also find him having starred in Small Time Gangster, Home and Away, and Joe Doe.


Ian Smith

Ian Smith returned to Neighbours as Harold Bishop for four different plot lines over the thirty years the soap opera has been on the air. He was the good one in Erinsborough, but he seemed to rub Lou Carpenter up the wrong way and perhaps was not as innocent as he wished to come across. Having joined the cast of the series in 1987, Smith is amongst one of the longest-serving actors on the show but left the show in 2015.


Paul Dawber

Unlike many of his fellow co-stars, Paul Dawber was famous before taking on the role of Kim Howard in Neighbours. Born in the UK in 1956, Dawber won recognition for his role in Sons and Daughters and joined the Neighbours for eight years until 1998. Following the soap drama, he went on to star in Australian police dramas such as Stingers, City Homicide, and Satisfaction. Showing no signs of slowing down, Dawber has continued to act in movies and short films.


Pippa Black

Having watched Neighbours, your skin probably crawls when you catch sight of Elle Robinson. There always has to be that one extremely evil lady on the show and Elle certainly was the manipulative and mischievous one. However, the character was played by Pippa Black, who is actually very sweet in real life. While many may associate her with Elle Robinson, Black eventually left the show in 2009 and can be seen on Law and Order and Royal Pains from time to time.


Kristian Schmid

Kristian Schmid joined Neighbours when he was just 14-years-old, taking on the role of Todd Landers in the neighborhood. Following Neighbours, he will be best-known for playing Leading Seaman Robert Dixon in the TV hit Sea Patrol, in which he starred in all five seasons of the series. Schmid has also taken to the stage, with performances in Two Weeks with the Queen and A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Since his start in 1987, Kristian has certainly had a successful career.


Shane Connor

Shane Conor started as a one-off character in a minor appearance on Neighbours, before being given the regular role as builder Joe Scully in 1999. He maintained a successful acting career before eventually suffering from substance abuse, which affected his behavior on set. In fact, Conor was eventually fired from the show after his on-screen wife had made several complaints. Although he had several written warnings, Conor sued for wrongful termination and won the court case. However, he has not done much acting work since.


Jackie Woodburne

Jackie Woodburne is undoubtedly one of the longest running female leads on the soap opera. Having starred in Neighbours since 1994, Woodburne has remained loyal to playing the character of Susan Kennedy all this time. While her character may not have been so loyal to all her different husbands, Kennedy has certainly played a big part in bringing the show back to its glory days whenever it has gone through hard times. After all this time, Woodburne has hardly changed either and practically looks the same!


Scott Major

Scott Major was welcomed to Erinsborogough in 1993 playing the part of Darren Stark, but then later re-joined the show as Lucas Fitzgerald on the soap opera. He had played the role of Fitzgerald from 2008, but then left the show for good in 2013. Rather, Major decided to focus on directing, and admitted that he even directed some of the Neighbours episodes in 2010. He stated he wanted to test out more than just acting, saying, “I want to do it all. I also do a lot of writing.”


Leah de Niese

A young Leah de Niese joined the Neighbours cast at just 11-years-old. She appeared on the show as Miranda Starvaggi in 1994, and her part was hugely significant for the show, staying on the show until 2001. Leah’s career has now spanned over twenty years which is impressive for anyone in the business. The last recurring role she had was between 2011 and 2013 when she appeared in several episodes of Twentysomething, and in 2017 she appeared in an episode of Scary Endings.


Sam Clark

Ringo Brown certainly had his fair share of troubles while living in Erinsborough. The troubled young man may have looked innocent, but he struggled with addiction and personal problems. Sam Clark was the talented actor who took on the part but was killed off when his character suffered from alcohol poisoning. Clark went on to pursue a career in the music business following his departure from the series, and in 2016, he was cast for a role on Fox’s Grease Live!


Saskia Hampele

Georgia Brookes in Neighbours was played by Saskia Hampele. Hampele believed she was meant for the role since Brookes’ original name was meant to be Daisy, which is also Saskia’s nickname in real life. Even though it got changed to Georgia, the Australian actress took the part but then later left the series to pursue an acting career in Los Angeles. Since starting her career in 1997, Hampele has been in a number of acting roles, appearing in Arctic Blast, Blame, City Homocide, and more.


Eliza Szonert

Eliza Szonert took on the role of the rebellious Danni, who always found herself in bad situations. She was expelled from school and was also accused of being addicted to illicit substances because she hid her diabetic need for insulin from others. Therefore, it is safe to say that things were kept interesting for Eliza and the role she portrayed on Neighbours. After leaving the soap opera, Eliza starred on another hit series – Angel, which was the spin-off series from Buffy The Vampire Slayer.


Carla Bonner

Carla Bonner took on a lot with her character Stephanie Scully, who faced major issues such as breast cancer, infidelity, and ended up becoming pregnant! Showing she was not just a pretty blonde on the show, Carla certainly made her mark on the series, and then decided to pursue roles elsewhere. Following her time on the hit show, she continued to appear in TV and film, but also got very involved in charities – a far cry away from her character of Stephanie Scully.


Stephanie McIntosh

Stephanie McIntosh may have been given the role as the stunning Sky Mangel, but her character’s life was not as pretty as she was. In fact, Sky faced tragedy after tragedy during her time in Erinsborough and certainly never got the luck of the draw. However, the same cannot be said for McIntosh in real life, who has been with her partner since 2014, with whom she shares a daughter. She appeared alongside fellow Neighbours co-star Holly Vallance in the 2014 film, Red Herring.


Josephine Croft

Josephine Croft starred as Allana Truman for a total of 42 episodes on the soap opera. Joining the show in 1997, Croft left in 2001 and took some time off from acting after that. However, after a hiatus from the screen, fans were once again graced with her presence when she began acting in films once again from 2016. What many may realize about Croft, is that she loves to change her hair color, and fortunately for her, she suits every color she chooses!


Natalie Bassingthwaighte

Natalie Bassingthwaighte must have had a much easier time going by her character’s name, Isabelle ‘Izzy’ Hoyland, and she sure had the facial expressions suitable for all the crazy girl antics she had to go through. Some of them were so insane, but Natalie certainly pulled them off. Following her time on Neighbours, and just like many of her fellow co-stars, Natalie went on to pursue more acting roles, as well as singing. From 2011 to 2014, Natalie was a judge and a mentor on X Factor Australia.


Sabina Lokic

Many stars on the show started during their teenage years, and this was the case for Sabina Lokic. Lokic joined Neighbours in 1997 but only remained on the show for two years. She spent the next decade working with independent filmmakers throughout Australia, but none of her roles were as notable as her time during Neighbours. Sabina has since shied away from the camera and has not been seen in anything since 2009, making her time on Neighbours her biggest acting role.


Annie Jones

Annie Jones started acting in 1984, and she won he role of Jane in Neighbours in 1986. Jones received international fame and fortune because of this role, and she continues to join all of the Neighbours reunion shows. She was even in the 2015 documentary for Neighbours 30th: The Stars Reunite. The way she is remembered from when she starred in the show has certainly changed over the years and, while she may not look like the girl next door, she still manages to catch our attention with her warm eyes.


Ryan Moloney

Ryan Moloney started his acting career at the age of 10, but this was before he was cast to star in Neighbours. He began his career in the Merilyn Brend Children’s Teenagers and Adults Theatre Company in Eastern Melbourne and starred in the production of The Purple Pumpernickel. He originally auditioned for the role of Brett Stark in Neighbours but did not get the role. Moloney was then later recalled to play the role of Jarrod Rebecchi, also known as, Toadfish.


Ashleigh Brewer

Ashleigh Brewer started her career from a young age, and at age 12 she was cast for the recurring role of Alana in The Sleepovers Club. During her career, she has also starred in Blue Heelers and H2O: Just Add Water. Having focused her time on school, a week after she finished she moved to Melbourne to focus on acting once again. During this time in the city, she auditioned for the role of Kate Ramsay in Neighbours, and in 2009 she made her soap opera debut.


Jordy Lucas

Before Jody Lucas joined Neighbours, she had a guest role in the show Blue Heelers in 2005, where she played the role of Erin Pederson. In 2008, she was cast to play the role of Casey in Bed of Roses, and Dawn in Shrapnel. Then in 2010, Lucas was cast to star in the soap opera and was given the famous role of Summer Hoyland. Lucas stayed with Neighbours and became a leading character for a few years until her eventual departure in 2013.


Ariel Kaplan

Ariel Kaplan began her career on the stage, starring in productions such as The Sound Of Music, Oedipus, Annie, and Les Miserables. Later on in her career she also explored sketch comedies and participated in Skithouse and The Hamish & Andy Show. Her first breakthrough role on television was on The Saddle Club, for which she also recorded songs for the “Best Friends” album of the show. In 2013, she joined the cast of Neighbours but left in 2016 to pursue other projects.


Craig McLachlan

Craig McLachlan joined Neighbours as the cute, curly-haired Henry Ramsey. He was part of the daytime drama for several years and, while we certainly missed the departure of those curls, he went on to have a successful singing career. It was short-lived, however, and he soon returned to acting. Just do not expect to see him on anything other than more Australian soap operas, or The Doctor Blake Mysteries. While this may not already be on your TV guide list, we suggest it’s about time they are!


Jacinta Stapleton

From 1997 to 2000, Jacinta Stapleton became better known as her character Amy Greenwood on Neighbours. The Australian actress made a cameo return for the series’ 20th anniversary but, aside from appearing in the daytime drama, she has also appeared in 11 episodes of Blue Heelers, and 11 episodes of All Saints. Later in 2010, she announced she had signed a contract for two seasons of Stingers. Stapleton also made headlines in 1999 when she appeared naked on the cover of Black + White magazine, which caused quite the stir.


Rachel Friend

Rachel Friend joined the Neighbours cast in 1988 at the age of 18. It was during this time that she had decided to put her university degree on hold to take on the role of Bronwyn Davies in the hit soap opera. However, Friend only stayed on the show for two years and left in 1990, which was the same year she won the Logie Award for being the Most Popular Actress, making her decision to put her studies on hold a good one! Aside from acting, Friend established a PR company in 2003.


Linda Hartley

Linda Hartley first appeared on Neighbours in 1989 where she played the role of Kerry Bishop for a brief while. Having left that role in 1990, she later returned for a guest appearance on the show in 2005, where she played Gabrielle Walker. Harold Bishop had even told Walker that she shared an exact look to Kerry! During this time she was also doing the voiceover for Kerry’s Diary, and also made an appearance in the children’s drama series, Home. She currently lives with her husband John Clark in Melbourne.


Peter O’Brien

Peter O’Brien’s career took off during the 80’s and played several roles on television. After joining the daytime soap opera, he has since become known as one of the original cast members of Neighbours. Before this, he had a role in Starting Out, as well as, BBC’s Casualty, playing the character, Stitch. While he continues to play minor roles on television, O’Brien has also participated in other projects on-screen. This time, however, it was to be involved with the video game, Battlefield 1.


Lisa Armytage

You may scratch your head wondering what Lisa Armytage has done since Neighbours and if you recognize her from anywhere. However, Armytage was one of the actresses from the show who chose to shy away from the limelight after her stint on the soap opera. She appeared in the hit series from 1985 and that is her best-known performance to date. Otherwise, she has portrayed herself in Create Media Show in 2005, a television series which celebrates those who are in the arts and media business.


Ben Mendelsohn

Ben Mendelsohn is undoubtedly one of the soap’s successful alumni’s, having achieved tremendous success throughout his acting career. He played Warren Murphy in 1986 for two years, and this is when he caught the attention of other productions. He left Neighbours to star in The Year My Voice Broke, and what a great decision that was for him. He has also won critical acclaim for starring in American films such as The Dark Knight Rises and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.


Jesse Spencer

We were fortunate to watch Jesse Spencer play Billy Kennedy for six years on Neighbours. During this time we got to watch the stories and life of Libby and Malcolm’s younger brother. However, while he remained to be a success on the Australian soap opera, Spencer went to find even more fame and popularity since his departure from the show. He can be found in the film Uptown Girls, as well as the hit American series’ House and Chicago Fire.


Margot Robbie

Be truthful, did you have any idea that this blonde beauty was once a part of the Austrailian soap opera, or have we just completely blown your mind? That’s right, Margot Robbie, the now successful actress in Hollywood, has roots in Neighbours where she played Donna Freedman. She has come a long way from Erinsborough though, and the international actress can be seen in star-studded and award-winning films such as The Wolf of Wall Street and Suicide Squad.


Jodi Haigh

Jodi Haigh has been longing to become an actress since the 1980’s and got her big break in 1990 when she found fame and fortune from Neighbours. She starred on the show for three years before leaving to continue pursuing other roles. She has since stayed relevant on Australian TV, and it seems that all her hard work had paid off after years of chasing her dreams. Just as she waited 10 years for her role on Neighbours, it was a good thing she never gave up during that time.


Delta Goodrem

Delta’s character, Nina Tucker, pursued a singing career on the show but Goodrem herself went on to pursue one in real life. She continues to sing and act, as well as being a judge on The Voice Australia.


Thomas Blackburne

Fans of Neighbours got to watch Thomas Blackburne star as Daniel for 19 episodes of the show. Between 1998 and 2004, the teen star was cleverly building up his acting resume by starring in Neighbours as well as other shows at the same time. Blackburne starred in TV hits such as Something in the Air and Silversun, but his most notable performance was in 2001 when he starred in the movie The Bank. As of now, he continues to act and still appears in Australian television shows.


Kylie Minogue

Kylie Minogue may be a huge star, but her career started with a part in Neighbours, where she played Charlene “Lenny” Robinson. Having been in the public eye for most of her life, Minogue has gone on to become a widely successful pop singer, having released 13 albums and won countless nominations and awards for her music. Although she started her career in Australia and is their national treasure, she has had success in many other countries, including the United States.


Holly Valance

Who can forget Felicity “Flick” Scully, who caused more than enough drama in the Melbourne neighborhood. Seeing as though the role was played by Holly Vallance, she is a hard one to forget. However, her storylines, which included moving in with her boyfriend when she was a teenager and later on having relations with her sister’s fiance, are stories to remember. Holly later pursued a short singing career but then returned back to acting where she could be seen on hits such as Prison Break, Taken, and Red Herring.


Nicky Whelan

Nicky Whelan is certainly best-known for playing Heidi “Pepper” Steiger while starring in Neighbours, but she has also been cast in both Australian and U.S. film and televisions shows during her career. In 2016, Whelan became engaged to NFL player Kerry Rhodes, and the couple was married in April 2017. While reports surfaced in October of that year that the pair were divorcing, there has been no official announcement of this. Unsurprisingly, Whelan has also had modeling experience, and the beauty has certainly aged well over time.


Caitlin Stasey

Rachel Kinski was yet another girl on the show who liked to bring the drama, but by Caitlin Stasey playing this role, Stasey grew up in front of our very eyes. She went from the young girl in the drama-filled neighborhood, to a lady who embraced her feminine side. Stasey became a very active and vocal advocate for feminism throughout her country but has also continued to act. She has found more fame from a variety of movie appearances and television shows such as Reign and Please Like Me.

Kimberley Davies

From 1993 to 1996, we got to watch the beautiful Kimberly Davies show off her talents which playing Annalise on Neighbours. After gracing the small screen with her beauty for those four years, Davies has remained out of the limelight for the most part, especially compared to some of her other co-stars. However, she continues to do her thing, and she was on the Australian comedy game show called Talkin’ Bout Your Generation. As for her looks, she remains to strike us with her beauty.


Natalie Imbruglia

While many may associate Natalie Imbruglia with her 2000’s hit “Torn,” they may not realize that she is yet another Australian star that started her career on Neighbours. Before becoming an international singer, Natalie played Beth on the hit series who first worked at a cafe and later moved to construction. Her character also faced many bad relationships during her time on the show, and she was undoubtedly unlucky in love. However, following her stint on Neighbours, Imbruglia found more career success and released five successful albums.


Madeleine West

Madeleine West surely knows how to chose an agent well when it came to her career. The actress hired an agent and three days later she secured the role of Dee Bliss on the hit series. She then decided to leave the show to focus on her family, where she and her partner had six children. Supposedly unintentional, all six children’s names have the letter ‘X’ in them. Following her time away, however, West returned back to our favorite neighborhood and is back starring in the hit TV show.


Eliza Taylor

Eliza Taylor played troublemaker Janae Timmins during her time on Neighbours. Her character moved to a different city to start a better life and Eliza’s time on the show came to an end. While she was causing havoc and being the center of drama on the show, in real life, Taylor is a much happier person. She has since starred in other TV shows since departing from Neighbours, and her most notable performance was playing Clarke in The 100.