The Secret Life Of Kevin Spacey


Without a shadow of a doubt, one of the greatest actors of our generation is the one and only, Kevin Spacey. Unlike many other celebrities, the actor has managed to maintain an extremely secretive personal life.

Secret Spacey

In his long and successful career, many rumors have circulated around Spacey’s private life and he has only confirmed a couple of details over the years. However, recent developments have completely changed the way we’ll look at the House Of Cards star forever…

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Shadows Of Stardom

With an array of timeless, award-winning performances in movies such as American Beauty, The Usual Suspects, and L.A. Confidential, to name a few, Spacey has proven to be one of the truly great thespians of our time. But as it usually works with Hollywood’s finest – fans and journalists alike are determined to know everything about their most beloved celebrities. It seems that, in recent times, Spacey’s suspected secret life has finally revealed itself in a variety of ways…

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London Calling

Let’s focus on one of the most integral parts of Spacey’s life over the last two decades. That way, we might be able to get to the bottom of his mysterious personal life. In 2004, the actor was given the opportunity to be the artistic director of the Old Vic, one of London’s oldest and most famous theaters. It made sense, especially since Spacey had already made a name for himself in theater, on Broadway. But did he take the job?

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Life In England

Spacey took the job in a heartbeat. Between 2004 and 2015, Spacey helmed artistic operations at the theater. During that unforgettable decade, he opened and starred in numerous plays. He lived just a stone’s throw away from the theater and would often be seen stopping off for breakfast at his favorite cafe on the way to work. He also had two dogs, a Labrador and a Jack Russell, but not much else was known about the actor’s private life…

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Complete Mystery

These were the only concrete details that people knew about Kevin Spacey’s private life. However, with time, people started to get more and more suspicious about his life as a single man and journalists were determined to dig up dirt on him. According to The Sunday Times, Spacey’s “love affair with acting, and the absence of a visible partner in the life of an attractive 40-year-old, has resulted in misunderstanding and Esquire magazine’s “bet-hedging” assertion two years ago that he must be gay”.

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Spacey Speaks Up

As suspicions started to circulate, the actor quickly responded to the rumors with answers that were cryptic, to say the least. “I live in a world in which I work with many different people all day long,” he said. “They are my friends and I love them, and many of those people are gay and homosexual…I can’t imagine the need to jump up and say: ‘I’m not one of them.'” But why did Spacey not want to label himself?

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Yes Or No?

The question lingered on and people still wanted to know whether he was gay or not. He continued by saying, “if anyone wants to think that, they are absolutely free to think that. I have no interest in confirming or denying that at all. It’s just of no interest to me. So what?” For a while, the public wasn’t sure what to make of Spacey’s claims, but it wouldn’t be long before he went back on his words…

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No, Apparently

Spacey shook the public once again when he confirmed in an interview with Playboy that he was, in fact, not gay. He “chose for a long time not to answer these questions because of the “manner” in which those questions were asked,” he told Lesley White of The Sunday Times. “I was never talking to someone I really trusted, so why should I do now? I chose to participate because I realized it’s a little hard on the people I loved.”

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Straight To The Point?

Yet Spacey’s answers continued to be unsatisfactory for those who were determined to unravel the truth about his sexuality. “I decided that if people were going to talk about this subject ad nauseum then I should at least tell them what I am not,” he told White. “I haven’t told anyone what I am.” So the mystery remained in the full effect, but why was Spacey so coy about it? Why all the secrecy and misdirection?

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Any Press Is Good Press

The reality was that Spacey had been dating women. Most notably, he had been dating his personal assistant for the good part of a decade. “For a few women, it’s a challenge for them,” he said. “They want to be the one who turns me around. I let them.” Spacey believed that the rumors even added a new dimension to his celebrity persona – for the best. He was now loved equally by both male and female fans.

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Life With The Ladies

What has fueled the speculation the most is how secretive he has been over his career regarding his relationships. There seems to have been hardly any women that he has had a concrete relationship with, before or after he got famous. However, Spacey has been linked to a handful of ladies over the years. Take April Winchell, for example. After starring in a production of the musical Gypsy, the pair became an item after high school.

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Dirty Dianne

The next sign of romance with a lady came at the turn of the millennium. Spacey was on the verge of collecting his Oscar for his performance in American Beauty. So he took his girlfriend at the time, Dianne Dreyer, to the event and even thanked her in his acceptance speech. After meeting each other on the set of Glengarry Glen Ross, the two were apparently inseparable throughout the 90s. But in 2000, the couple split, and Spacey moved on to someone else…

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On The Hunt For Helen

Again, Spacey hit it off with another actress he had previously worked with. This time, it was with Helen Hunt who he starred alongside in the movie Pay It Forward. The couple were spotted on numerous occasions on dates and even attended the 2001 edition of the US Open together. Surely enough though, things didn’t last between Hunt and Spacey, and the relationship came to an amicable end. For the following decade, Spacey wasn’t linked with anyone else. Until…

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Most Recent Lady

Jennifer Jason Leigh is the most recent lady to have been romantically involved with Spacey. The actress had just got out of an eight-year-long marriage with film director Noah Baumbach, so it seemed perfectly natural to upgrade to the likes of Kevin Spacey. The two were reported to have briefly dated in 2014. However, not much came out of the fling, and Spacey was back to square one. How on earth could Kevin Spacey, of all people, have such an unsuccessful time with the ladies?

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Suspicious Incidents

Despite his handful of flings with women and the interviews with Playboy and The Sunday Times, there have been numerous incidents since the turn of the Millenium that have told an alternative narrative. The first incident came in 2001, when pictures surfaced showing Spacey holding hands with another man on the outskirts of Los Angeles. Although the photos weren’t particularly clear, the witness confirmed that the two had met at a restaurant before getting into Spacey’s Porsche Boxster and driving up a hill.

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First Hand Evidence

The witness gave a full account of what he saw. “At one point the young guy put his arms around Kevin and cuddled him,” he said. “Then Kevin gave the guy a massage, starting at his thighs. The kid had all his clothes on. Kevin had taken off his jacket and his sunglasses. The whole scene just screamed intimacy and togetherness…Let me put it this way…if my wife saw me with another man like that, she would be divorcing me.”

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Work & Play

This was around the time that Spacey had been awarded the Academy Award for Best Actor for his performance in American Beauty. Shortly after, the photos were published in a magazine and all hell broke loose. Spacey was making headlines for both his professional and personal endeavors. The headline combined the two extreme sides to Spacey’s life and read, “Oscar-winner Kevin’s mountain-top tryst with young male model.” However, that wasn’t the only incident that got people asking questions…

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Fun Day In St. Tropez

Not too long after Spacey was caught massaging the young man in L.A., another witness claimed to catch him red-handed. This time, it was on the other side of the Atlantic. The actor was reportedly enjoying himself on a fun weekend in the French resort of St. Tropez. A TV Technician claimed to have spent an evening with Spacey, another man and three other women. This night would take a drastic turn when Spacey asked a waiter to kiss his friend…

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Things Escalated Quickly

Upon request, the waiter obliged and placed a huge smacker on the man’s lips, much to Spacey’s delight. One thing led to another, and technician, along with the others, went with Spacey and proceeded to his hotel suite. However, the night soon turned ugly. According to the technician, Spacey got particularly upset when his guy friend started to get more intimate with one of the aforementioned ladies. Surely this was the story that finally confirmed the truth…

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Kevin Kept Cool

Nevertheless, Spacey continued to play down the intense rumors. “I’ve never believed in pimping my personal life out for publicity,” he said in an interview with Gotham magazine. “Although I might be interested in doing it, I will never do it. People can gossip all they want; they can speculate all they want. I just happened to believe that there’s a separation between the public life and the private life. Everybody has the right to a private life no matter what their professions are.”

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Straight Until Proven Otherwise

Nevertheless, Spacey still refused to address the gargantuan elephant in the room. A decade passed and despite the continuous intense speculation, people were still unclear as to what the actor’s orientation was exactly. They simply would not believe it until the words came out of Spacey’s mouth. Which takes us back to the actor’s time spent in London, England. During his time spent as the artistic director of the Queen Vic, rumors started to spread once again…

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House Of Hearts

This time, people seemed to believe that something was going on between Spacey and a politician, of all people. According to reports, the actor was close friends with former Member of Parliament Peter Mandelson for over five years. Mandelson, who these days runs the international think tank Policy Network, happens to be gay. This is what fueled the speculation that the two may have been in a relationship at one point. Either that or Spacey just happens to have a gay friend…

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Hidden Politics

However, it seems like both parties have been very coy on their friendship and refuse to share details about it with the public. Mandelson’s behavior, in particular, was put into question at fundraising party organized by Spacey and the Old Vic. According to one attendee at the party, “Mandelson growled at photographers who came too close while he was standing with Spacey.” His strange political encounters didn’t stop there. He also had a behind-closed-doors meeting with Hugo Chavez…But it was other cases that helped to push this story forward…

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Mommy’s Boy

One of the biggest signs hinting at Spacey’s orientation is the fact that for his entire life, he has lived without a wife. In fact, there is hardly any indication that Spacey has been romantically involved with women in the last couple of years, at least. On one occasion, when he was nominated for an Academy Award, the actor took his late mother with him to the awards ceremony. He was so close with her that he even took her maiden name. But why?

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Daddy Issues

This is mainly in part due to the fact that Spacey had a troublesome relationship with his father, Thomas Fowler. He was a technical writer who implemented a strict way of living during Kevin’s formative years. After not allowing him to watch TV as a boy, he sent young Spacey, the youngest of three, to a military academy to maintain a high level of discipline in his life. However, this is actually where Spacey developed a passion for acting…

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Back To The Start

This seemingly age-long mystery has been going on for years. As far back as 1996, Spacey received scrutiny based on his sexuality. In an interview with Vanity Fair over two decades ago, Kevin was repeatedly asked questions about his love life. It even got to the point where his orientation was put into question. Naturally, though, Spacey refused to give “yes” or “no” answers, and has maintained a cryptic quality within his answers ever since. Until now…

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A Huge Announcement

The years of scrutiny and pestering finally came to a head. Recent developments have finally forced Spacey to address the questions regarding his private life. On October 30, 2017, Kevin Spacey released a game-changing announcement on his Twitter account that finally set things straight, once and for all: “I know that there are stories out there about me and that some have been fueled by the fact that I have been protective of my privacy.” However, the announcement didn’t end there…

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The Answer

“As those closest to me know, in my life I have had relationships with both men and women. I have loved and had romantic encounters with men throughout my life and I choose now to live as a gay man,” he wrote. “I want to deal with this honestly and openly and that starts with examining my own behavior.” It was official – Kevin Spacey finally confirmed that he is in fact, gay. The star braced himself for the global reaction…

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Clues Were Always There

Although the announcement took millions of fans by complete surprise, those who paid close attention over the years could spot the little clusters of information. The clues that surrounded his private life helped to connect the dots a long time before any official announcement was made. From the brief dates with women, to the awkward, discrete encounters with male-friends: the idea that Kevin Spacey was potentially gay has been bubbling under the surface practically since the very beginning…

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Load Off His Shoulders

Despite the online backlash, Spacey surely felt a sense of relief. Regardless of the circumstances surrounding this abrupt announcement, nothing can take away from the undeniably huge influence that Kevin Spacey has had on the world of cinema. From his seemingly endless list of incredible performances to his contribution to the world of theater, Spacey’s influence on pop culture, is indisputable. However, there is no denying that the recent developments will change Spacey’s life, one way or another…

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