Hysterical News Flops That Should Have Never Aired


Putting aside the infrequent red carpet-associated announcement and random style segments, it is rare to see the acclaimed correspondents and prestigious journalists give away so much as a smile. For this reason entirely, when the unexpected occurs on the most educated platform and professional form of media out there, viewers cannot get enough. We have gathered the best, most shocking, hilariously knee-slapping, sideways splitting incidents and screenshots you can imagine of news reports gone horribly, horribly wrong. For some, these awkward incidents resulted in a few mocking comments online and perhaps even a slap on the wrist. For others who were not as lucky, the embarrassing episode caused them to lose their job and were never hired in the televised industry again.

War Of The Wardrobe

Three news reporters wore white for the same segment, which enticed a lot of drama.


Host Amber Sherlock said there was no way she was willing to participate in a three-way split screen when the other women are dressed the same and asked reporter Julie Snook to put on a jacket. This request turned into a demand and Snook said sarcastically: “If it’s an issue, I’ll just jump on out.” The three continued to snap at each other, unaware their mics were still on.

Pigging Out

This poor reporter had to learn the hard way that the one person you don’t want to mess with while working in television is the technician.


We can’t say for sure what she did to deserve his ire. That being said, it could all be a mistake. We hope everything is good between the employees of ABC 7, and that all the pigs runnings wild were eventually caught!

Blaimed For Cheating

Fox News star Kelly initiated rumors that her first husband, Dr. Dan Kendall, cheated on her while telling USA Weekend a story about Congressman Anthony Weiner cheating.


“I have been in the position, not with my current marriage, where I’ve been betrayed,” she said. “In the beginning, the instinct is very powerful to hang on.” Kelly’s ex-husband Kendall was highly displeased with the accusation that was made on live television, saying he had been accused of being unfaithful to Kelly during their marriage.

Pointing Fingers

On Fox’s Hannity segment, radio host and Bill Cunningham is known to get all wound up whenever put in the same room as Fox commentator Tamara Holder.


This debate over Attorney General Eric Holder, however, crossed some professional red lines when the two started literally pointing fingers and telling the other to shut up. These kinds of shows often bring strong personalities so that the argument will be compelling, but having tensions rise this much was beyond awkward, as the two destroyed each other on national television.

Drooling With Excitement

A news anchor from a Russian channel was busy presenting a devastating report about demolition in Moscow when suddenly, out of nowhere, a loud bark was heard.


When she looked under her desk, the journalist was surprised to see that a black Labrador was ready to jump on her desk and get his 15 minutes of fame, whether she liked it or not. The shocked anchor tried to keep a straight face, but it was evident that she was very startled. Regardless, this well-remembered moment is a favorite one by dog-lovers.

Quick Diet

Journalist Andrea Tantaros proved what being tasteless is all about in a segment for Fox News, saying she believes she would look “fabulous” if she was on food stamps.


The conversation began on a serious note, as one reporter stated that food stamps provide people with $1,033 a month to purchase food. But then, Tantaros thought it would be wise make a comment comparing the weight she would lose if she were on the welfare line. Needless to say, viewers were not happy with this ignorant remark.

Childish Behavior

A news segment discussing milk allergies in children became a kiddy intervention when the toddlers roaming around the studio decided to become more than the topic addressed.


The kids took over the show completely when they climbed on to the anchor’s desk and started messing about with papers laid out on the table. The confused reporters did not know what to do about this situation, so they resolved to laugh nervously and to try to take over the situation in a calm manner.

Sketchy Sketch

Siobhan Riley, a WJRT reporter from Flint, Michigan, was striving to map out the construction in the city by outlining it on a screen, but her drawing took a turn for the dirty when a few circles made her sketch look more like a suggestive doodle than a news report.


Riley probably didn’t notice what came out of her drawing, and if she did, she did a great job pretending like she didn’t. Her seemingly innocent sketch was ridiculed online and was even featured on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Dark Humor

Australian news anchor Natasha Exelby was having a hard time keeping a straight face after just wrapping up a segment regarding a handsome Irish traveler.


Unfortunately for Exelby, she had pretty horrible news to break before she had gotten all her giggles out of her system. “One protester has been killed and ten people, including five children, have been killed after a building collapsed…” she said, breaking into a full-burst of laughter. Exelby quickly apologized for her case of the giggles before the commercial break.

Laughter Is The Best Medicine

NBC journalist Lee Valsvik wanted to put a spin on the Viking spirit, so she headed toward the rooftop at Union Restaurant for some good food and a great time.


Little did Valsvik know that she was actually walking towards the very same venue that would end her up with a huge bruise, since her cameraman thought it would be hilarious to sack her on camera. Still, Valsvik had a great sense of humor about the incident, and she was heard bursting with laughter while on the ground.

New Year, New Me

CNN’s Don Lemon had a New Year’s Eve he was intoxicated enough to forget – but unfortunately, the camera wasn’t as forgiving as his memory. Along with Brooke Baldwin, Lemon arrived at New Orleans to ring in 2017.


After downing one too many tequila shots, Lemon told Baldwin about his failed past relationships, slurring about how he was too self-centered at the moment to date anyone. It’s safe to say Lemon’s drinking would be restrained to off-camera moments only from then on.

All Bugged Out

Brad Wills was excited to go on air with a beautiful setting of a calm beach. The crashing waves and golden sand were emboldened by the sunny skies.


It seemed things could not get much more peaceful than this moment, only then, a huge bug flew right in front of Brad’s face. Poor Brad was caught completely off guard, ducked immediately and shrieked. To make things worse, another reporter was heard saying, “Brad was just attacked by either a large bug or a small drone.”

A Little Bit Of Magic

David Williams was doing a fine job relaying the story of emergency services that had closed off a residential road due to a fire, but then the unexpected happened.


Unfortunately for the WTLV journalist, a woman wearing a tutu skirt and unicorn mask came barging into his frame yelling out incomprehensible sayings like “boogity boogity boo.” Williams did not even bat an eye during this whole fiasco, despite the fact his good work was upstaged by a woman dressed up ridiculously.

Sum Ting Wong?

A KTVU news anchor was handed a list containing the names of the pilots on the Asiana Flight 214. The flight that had just recently tragically crashed, and so the news network wanted to announce the deceased pilots’ names.


However, whoever was put in charge of researching did a very poor (and slightly racist) job, writing down fake names like “Captain Sum Ting Wong.” The anchor, who had no idea what he was reading, continued to read the entire list before realizing what he was saying.

Thou Shall Not Rap

The actor most famously known for the 1980s series The Cosby Show had gone from status hero to zero when numerous assault allegations were made against him in 2014. More than 60 women accused Bill Cosby of forcing himself on them and carrying out sinful obscenities.


Since many had a hard time believing the horrible story of a televised family man turning into a lecherous predator, news channels constantly reported updates concerning the trial. This channel clearly either had their story wrong or dropped a highly essential letter from the title.

Kerr To Share?

An Australian news channel was mid-interview with a prestigious banker when suddenly, viewers spotted something shady in the background.


Since this footage was taken at the bank, the camera crew should have alerted everyone in the background that their screens were on air. The employee who browsed through the not safe for work pictures was probably not aware he was in the frame as if he was, he probably would not have had risque photos of supermodel Miranda Kerr on his screen.

Hotter Than Hell

Anchor Cory McCloskey has gotten so used to reporting the weather for Fox 10, he practically does it in his sleep. However, one time he was working on autopilot and did not notice when a technological glitch showed irrational temperatures in various regions.


While Ahwatukee appeared to have 1,270 degrees, Wickenburg had 2,385 degrees, and Cave Creek had 2,960 degrees. Luckily, McCloskey was a professional and a downright good one, which is why he quickly bounced back and said jokingly, “I would get out while you still can!”

Legally High

BBC correspondent Quentin Sommerville thought this would just be yet another day on the job, but little did he know he was about to have his 15 minutes of fame – which would be followed by many hours of coming back to his senses.


Sommerville was reporting the illegal substance problem in Afghanistan, and while he was standing in front of a pile of burning substances, he inhaled the smoke and could not stop giggling. To be fair, it was not his fault that the smoke got into his lungs.

Big ‘Ol Problem

These anchors reporting funny local news told the tale of Goliath – a pig who definitely lived up to his name size-wise.


The short segment included a video that proved the pig’s dimensions were enormous, but what left these two adult anchors nearly in tears from laughter was the close-up shot of the pig’s rear end, complete with a zoom in on the pig’s reproductive organs. The footage was luckily shown only on this channel, so the scarring pictures were not displayed nationally.

Drop It Like It’s Hot

Katya Leick, a KSNT reporter, was reporting from an army base within the United States when suddenly, she was swarmed by a pack of cicadas.


Completely unexpecting this ambush, Leick managed to keep calm for the first few seconds, but lost her cool the moment one flew a little too close to her mouth and dropped her microphone Considering this footage was shot in the hot month of June, and many cicadas are most active during the warmest hours of a summer day, Leick should have seen this coming.

A Real Rat

A Channel 3 news reporter revealed the heartbreaking news of a missing girl named Molly Bish, and that 60-year-old Florida ex-prisoner was suspected of kidnapping the poor victim.


The news reporter said a photo of the suspected kidnapper, Rodney Stanger, would appear on the screen – but instead, only his name was put up next to a picture of an adorable hamster holding a film set marker. “Well, no this is not Rodney Stanger obviously,” she said, apologizing for the mistake.

Can’t Breathe

A segment that aired in January 2006 on WAGA-TV in Atlanta, Georgia went viral, and it’s not hard to understand why.


The footage showed news reporter Melissa Sander competing in a grape stomping contest alongside another woman, but as Sander makes a playful attempt at cheating, the reporter loses her balance and falls face first onto the ground. Sander started moaning in pain, saying “Oooh, ow, ooh, stop I can’t breathe.” We just hope she was alright after the cameras stopped rolling.

Cat Fight

Reporter Kathleen Cochrane from WJW’s Fox 8 reported a story about a couple who was arrested for animal abuse after throwing their two cats out of the car.


As if the story wasn’t heartbreaking enough, one producer foolishly suggested that Cochrane would hold a cat during this segment. The chosen cat was not happy with this decision and struggled to get out of Cochrane’s grasp, which eventually led him to leap up and scratch her in the face. Cochrane held her head and started to cry.

Bad Idea

Rob Leth, a reporter for Global News Toronto, stood on the slopes as he reported an inner tube sled race with his “trusty stopwatch.”


Unfortunately, Leth seemed to let the vital fact that he was standing directly in the way of the tubes coming down the hill slip out of his mind. In a matter of seconds, Leth was hit by a sled and thrown into a pile of snow. Like a true professional, he then propped himself up, picked up his microphone and said, “That was a bad idea.”

Pirate Manners

Reporter Madison Brooks was on the streets of Hollywood, covering a story about Breaking Bad fans who were gathering all around when suddenly, a character from a completely different plot started whispering sweet nothings in her ear.


Brooks kept up appearances and ignored what was happening while the man, disguised as Pirates of the Caribbean‘s Captain Jack Sparrow, creepily smelled her hair and caressed her cheek – but once the camera pulled away, Madison was seen looking dumbfounded with disgusted.

It’s All Relative

Wrapping up a segment about an English Olympian athlete’s miniature urn, anchor Mark said: “Belinda, I just don’t understand how something so small can be so impressive.”


To which Belinda replied with a: “Well, Mark you would know about that.” While it remains unclear how this female anchor would know about her coanchor’s “size,” some things are better off unsaid and unknown. We just hope this little behind the scenes affair was one that did not end badly.

I’ve Got Some Time

Glenn Beck, a CNN Headline News anchor, made suggestive comments toward a woman called Dina Sansing from US Weekly.


The two discussed racy photographs of former American Idol contestant Antonella Barba when suddenly, Beck claimed: “you can’t take stupid photos and expect those to be … locked away forever.” When Sansing said the situation differs, Beck replied: “Dina, I’ve got some time and a camera. Why don’t you stop by?” Shocked by his suggestion, Dina didn’t respond, which caused Beck to bounce back with a: “No? OK.”

The Truth Will Set You Free

Former KTVA reporter Charlo Greene quit her job mid-show and live after she revealed she was the owner of a club associated with illegal substances, which was part of the news story that she was reporting on at the time.


Greene blew her cover while on air, saying: “Now everything you’ve heard is why I, the actual owner of the Alaska Cannabis Club, will be dedicating all of my energy toward fighting for freedom and fairness … And as for this job, not that I have a choice but I quit.”

Too Hot To Handle

CNN news anchor Poppy Harlow’s speech began to slur as she was giving a broadcast on tax rates. Harlow was thankful for her camera crew, who acted quick on their feet and immediately went to commercials for a break.


A few minutes later, Harlow was back on camera and reassured her viewers that there was no reason to worry as she was alright. The reason for her momentary confusion was that she was pregnant and just got a little overheated.

Sticky Situation

Saphia Khambalia, a City TV News Toronto correspondent, was reporting live from Massey Hall theater when her nose betrayed her. Since it was freezing cold out, Saphia was unable to control her running nose.


As an attempt to avoid an embarrassing live drip, she turned away from the camera and tried to pull it in, but her nose trickled right onto the microphone she was holding before the segment came to an end. Luckily, this incident didn’t hurt Khambalia too much and went on to become an anchor for The Weather Network.

Childish Behavior

While on the topic of disciplining children, the male reporter from Fox News inquired his female co-host whether she received many spankings as a child. The latter did not stop to think and confidently answered:


“As a kid? No.” The male host could not keep a straight face, as his cohost’s answer just gave away her private preferences. Realizing what she had just admitted on air, the host then attempted to explain herself but ended up doing more harm than good.