The Stars Of CSI: Where Are They Now?

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation used its fascinating and fantastic cast to push itself to the top of television ratings. Where have its stars gone since it ended in 2015?

Jorja Fox As Sara Sidle – Then

Fans of Sara Sidle might have forgotten that she started on the show as a recurring character. She eventually got bumped up to a series regular over the last five seasons and became a fan favorite. Jorja Fox played Sidle throughout the show’s run, becoming one of the most important forensic scientists on the team.

Jorja Fox – Now

While Fox became a crucial part of the CSI puzzle, she had success before the show as Dr. Maggie Doyle in medical drama E.R. from 1996 to 1999. Fox also had a small recurring role as a secret service agent on The West Wing. Since her day job with CSI ended, Fox has focused her energy on activism. She works tirelessly on causes related to human and animal rights. Her strong relationship with PETA led her to design a vegan purse for Matt & Nat.


Marg Helgenberger As Catherine Willows – Then

Few characters were as important to the CSI team than Marg Helgenberger’s Catherine Willows. She played the vital role of foil to Gil Grissom. Willows was based on a real Las Vegas forensic scientist named Yolanda McClary. The character is supposed to be a former cocktail waitress and showgirl that turned her life around and decided to work for the Las Vegas Police Department. Helgenberger stayed with the show through season twelve before leaving for other projects.

Marg Helgenberger – Now

Leaving CSI was a difficult choice for Helgenberger, but she had plenty of opportunities to fill her time. She starred in another CBS show, Intelligence, with Josh Holloway (of Lost fame) in 2014. Unfortunately, the show was canceled after one season. In 2016, she appeared in her first feature film in seven years, Almost Friends, about a twenty-something living at home with his mother and stepfather. Before CSI, Helgenberger played Siobhan Ryan on Ryan’s Hope, a daytime soap opera.

Elisabeth Harnois As Morgan Brody – Then

The show’s producers loved Elisabeth Harnois’ work as Morgan Brody that, following her season 11 appearance, they decided to make her into a cast regular in season 12. Brody came to the Las Vegas CSI from the Los Angeles Police Departement. Five years before Harnois worked on CSI, she had an appearance on an episode of CSI: Miami as a separate character. After joining the cast, Harnois would play Brody to the end of the show and in the series finale.

Elisabeth Harnois – Now

The end of CSI has corresponded to what seems like the end of Harnois’ public persona. Since the series finale movie Immortality, Harnois has been in two television films, but that is it. We can assume that she is taking the time to focus on her private life. Rumors swirled that she is engaged to her boyfriend, but Harnois keeps even his name close to the vest. He is believed to be a television producer with whom she lives in Los Angeles.

Liz Vassey As Wendy Simms – Then

CSI‘s show runners brought in a new lab technician, Wendy Simms. Simms was played by actress Liz Vassey. She came on in the sixth season and instantly started a rivalry with David Hodges in her recurring role. Following four seasons as a recurring character, she got the call to the big leagues and was added to the main cast. Vassey left the show for good following a season 11 episode. As many of the show’s actors renegotiated their contracts, Vessey’s contract option went unsigned.

Liz Vassey – Now

Liz Vassey made the rounds on television shows in the 90s and early 2000s before finding her place on CSI. She appeared in 40 episodes of the 1995 show Brotherly Love with 90s darlings the Lawrence brothers. Since leaving CSI, Vassey ended up in a short arch on Two and a Half Men as one of Charlie’s girlfriends. He had an issue with her being older than him. In real life, Vassey is six years younger than Charlie Sheen.

Aisha Tyler As Mia Dickerson – Then

She was only on the show for one season, but Aisha Tyler had a memorable arch on CSI. She played Mia Dickerson, a DNA lab technician, during season five. Fans will certainly remember Dickerson’s incredible work ethic and OCD-like organization. She used to scold her various co-workers for contaminating her workspace. Her colleagues probably did not mind getting yelled at since she was so good at her job. Tyler also appeared in an episode of CSI: Miami.

Aisha Tyler – Now

Beyond CSI, Aisha has had quite a successful career. She is an author, producer, director, writer, and actress. Her career began to explode in 2001 after taking over as the host of Talk Soup before it became The Soup. Tyler also hosted the Whose Line Is It Anyway? reboot and was a co-host on The Talk. If you don’t recognize Tyler’s face, you might recognize her voice. She provides the voice behind agent Lana Kane in the animated crime series Archer.

Lauren Lee Smith As Riley Adams – Then

It’s no easy task replacing a beloved character, but Lauren Lee Smith handled it with grace and care. She joined the cast during season nine as a main cast replacement for Jorja Fox’s Sara Sidle. Riley Adams initially got along with her teammates but struggled following Gil Grissom’s departure under Catherine Willows. Her tiff with Willows came to a head when she gave a scathing review of Catherine during her exit interview.

Lauren Lee Smith – Now

Lauren Lee Smith might have jumped right into CSI as a main cast member, but her contribution would only last one season. American audiences might not know much about Smith outside of her role on CSI due to her dedication to her home country, Canada. Smith has acted in a handful of shows for the Canadian Broadcasting Company. She played one of the main characters in Mutant X, for 44 episodes. After CSI, she returned to CBC in The Listener.

Louise Lombard As Sofia Curtis – Then

During season five, the showrunners introduced a new character, Sofia Curtis. Louise Lombard’s character had hoped to become a detective, but the sheriff pulled her papers in order for her to work in CSI. Grissom had to convince her to stay on the team and forged a close relationship with her. Lombard was a part of the cast between seasons five and eight. She was promoted to the main cast for the seventh season and made her last appearance in season 11.

Louise Lombard – Now

Before joining CSI, Louise Lombard was a well established British actress. In fact, she is one of the few British actresses to star on CSI. For 34 episodes, Lombard starred on the early 90s British show The House of Elliot about two sisters that start a dressmaking business. In 1994, Lombard was named to People Magazine’s 50 Most Beautiful People In The World.  In 2009, she added another CBS crime drama to her resume. She appeared in the pilot for NCIS: Los Angeles.

Elisabeth Shue As Julie Finlay – Then

After Marg Helgenberger left the show, the producers scrambled to find some star power to fill her shoes. They chose Academy Award nominee Elisabeth Shue to take her place.  Julie Finlay was a blood splatter specialist with the team, joining during season 12 and staying on until the end of the show. Finlay sadly did not make it to the finale, as she fell into a coma following a brutal beating. They never filled her Grave Shift Assistant Supervisor position again.

Elisabeth Shue – Now

Shue was a major star even before her CSI role. She spent 30 years as a film actress before jumping back into the small screen. Most famously, Elisabeth Shue played Jennifer Parker, Marty McFly’s girlfriend, in the two Back to the Future sequels and Daniel LaRusso’s girlfriend in The Karate Kid. Since the end of CSI, she has put the focus back on her family. She has three kids with director Davis Guggenheim (of An Inconvenient Truth fame).

David Caruso As Horatio Caine – Then

When CSI decided to start a spinoff show in Miami, David Caruso became the focus of the show. He starred as Horatio Cane, a Miami-Dade Police Department Lieutenant, also known as “H.” The series revolved around H and each episode started with him dramatically putting his sunglasses on as he commented on the case with a pun. Caruso gained a cult following for the role and received heaps of praise from critics for his acting.

David Caruso – Now

Acting in a high profile show had its downside for Caruso. In 2009, an Austrian woman was arrested for stalking him and fled to Mexico to avoid prosecution. Since the show ended, Caruso has enjoyed his time out of the spotlight. He had been actively acting since 1980. He starred in another crime procedural in the 1990s. As Detective John Kelly on NYPD Blue, Caruso won a Golden Globe. He left NYPD Blue when he did not receive the raise he wanted.

Laurence Fishburne As Dr. Ray Langston – Then

With one of the show’s biggest stars heading for an exit, the producers needed to bring in some firepower to lead the team. They chose movie star Lawrence Fishburne to join the team as Dr. Ray Langston. Interestingly, Fishburne’s character was named after his son, Langston Fishburne. He became one of the show’s stars in seasons nine through 11. After appearing in 59 of 60 episodes, Fishburne did not have his contract renewed, and he was written out of the show.

Laurence Fishburne – Now

CSI was fortunate to bring in such a big star. Fishburne is best known for playing Morpheus in the The Matrix franchise and Jason Styles in Boyz N’ The Hood. Fishburne has been recognized on many levels: he earned an Oscar nomination for playing Ike Turner in What’s Love Got To Do With It, won two Emmys, and won a Tony Award. Since leaving CSI, Fishburne took on roles in Hannibal as Jack Crawford, and as Pops in Black-ish.

William Petersen As Gil Grissom – Then

The CSI franchise more or less does not exist without Gil Grissom leading the way on its source material. He appeared in every episode from the pilot through season eight. As the team supervisor, Gil went from a witty and enthusiastic leader to an irritated and unapproachable one due to the loss of his hearing. CSI‘s show runner always considered Grissom as the center of the show, even among its great cast. He was replaced by Lawrence Fishburne after leaving in season nine.

William Petersen – Now

196 episodes of CSI were enough for Petersen, and he left the show in 2009 as an Emmy-nominated actor.  He has taken his time getting back into every day acting but has appeared in some projects. In 2012, he appeared as Glenn in the Steve Carell fronted Seeking a Friend for the End of the World. He joined the cast of Manhattan in season two for ten episodes, but the show was canceled at the end of the year. Grissom fans can’t wait to see his next move.


Paul Guilfoyle As Jim Brass – Then

Paul Guilfoyle has had a nice career, making appearances in L.A. Confidential and Amistad, but it is his work on CSI which he will be best remembered. Jim Brass was the captain of the homicide team from day one, getting the fans on his side from the beginning. Guilfoyle appeared in 317 episodes over the first fourteen seasons of the show. Producers felt that his story had come to an end and wrote him out of the show.

Paul Guilfoyle – Now

Although we would have liked to see Jim Brass on CSI  until the end, Guilfoyle chose his next projects quite nicely. He had an uncredited appearance in Alfonso Cuaron’s sci-fi thriller Gravity as a dead astronaut. The role was small, but the movie won seven Academy Awards. His next film was another critical and box office hit. He played Peter Conley in Spotlight. The film starred Mark Ruffalo, Michael Keaton, and Rachel McAdams and took home the Oscar for Best Picture.

Eric Szmanda As Greg Sanders – Then

From the get-go, Greg Sanders was a great source of comic relief in a show built around murder and drama. He started as a recurring character but by season three was a part of the main cast. Eric Szmanda had excellent delivery of the deadpan humor with his character. He started the show as a trainee but worked his way into being one of the better investigators on the team. As fans called for more Sanders, the show obliged.

Eric Szmanda – Now

CSI has been the biggest project of Eric Szmanda’s career. He was only 25 when he joined the show, and it has dominated his adult life. He has appeared in various television programs, but nothing of note. Since the show ended, he has taken a step back from the Hollywood life. Szmanda joined co-star Jorja Fox in a benefit to raise money for saving animals around the world from animal cruelty. He also traveled to Thailand to speak with Burmese refugees.

Wallace Langham As David Hodges – Then

Lab technician David Hodges joined the team in season three, spending five seasons as a recurring character before a promotion to the main cast in season eight. Wallace Langham appeared as the obnoxious Hodges throughout the character’s run in the show. Hodges always seemed to annoy his co-workers. Langham himself described his character as a “pain in the (butt)” and a suck up. His poor self-awareness is used as a point of comic relief.

Wallace Langham – Now

Wallace Langham has been showing up in television shows since the mid-80s. He played Mark Ratner in the Fast Times show before finding a home as a series regular on The Larry Sanders Show as Phil, the writer. Since CSI ended, Langham has continued to keep a steady line of work, showing up on television and in movies. He played Arthur Schlesinger in LBJ with Woody Harrelson and a supplier in War Dogs with Jonah Hill.

Robert David Hall As Dr. Al Robbins – Then

Although Dr. Al Robbins did not have his first appearance until a few episodes into season one, Robert David Hall has the distinction of appearing in the most episodes in both the Las Vegas show and the CSI franchise as a whole. Hall lost his legs in a car accident in 1978 which only informed his character as Dr. Robbins. Dr. Robbins is seen in a wheelchair in almost every scene, except a few scenes in which he wears prosthetics.

Robert David Hall – Now

Even though both of his legs were amputated in 1978, Robert David Hall never stopped acting. Many of his characters share his disability, including Dr. Robbins. Hall is also a talented musician; he plays guitar, piano, percussion, and mandolin. He worked as a DJ for years in Los Angeles. The end of CSI has not ended his career – he still has two films in post-production – but the 70-year-old has slowed down his workload since the finale aired.


Jon Wellner As Henry Andrews – Then

Jon Wellner patiently waited for his chance to join the main cast of the biggest show on television. Wellner joined the cast as Henry Andrews in season five but would not be made into a regular for another eight seasons. Funnily, Wellner played a different character in an earlier episode of season five before he would join the cast. Andrews was the toxicology expert on the show, so his presence was not required week in and week out.

Jon Wellner – Now

Jon Wellner is best known for his role on CSI, but has worked alongside some of the best in the business. In 2001, he appeared as Bob Denver in Surviving Gilligan’s Island, a docudrama telling the story of Gilligan’s Island with some of the original cast. Wellner also rubbed shoulders with some of today’s biggest stars – George Clooney, Brad Pitt, and Matt Damon – in Ocean’s 13.

csi 28

Gary Sinise As Mac Taylor – Then

CSI producers could not wait to spin the show off yet again with another star leading the way. Gary Sinise was well-known for playing Lieutenant Dan in Forrest Gump. Now he was tasked with leading the CSI team in New York. Mac Taylor is a good guy and good leader. He was a level three CSI supervisor and led his team through nine seasons of Big Apple mayhem. Sinise appeared in 200 episodes of the CSI franchise.

Gary Sinise – Now

CBS got exactly what they had hoped for with Sinise as Taylor. Sinise was an award-winning actor before coming to CSI. He won an Emmy for his role in George Wallace, picked up another Emmy nomination for Truman, and received an Oscar nomination for Lieutenant Dan. After the end of the show, he joined another successful CBS crime franchise as Jack Garrett in Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders. The show was canceled, but Sinise is not short of new projects.

Ted Danson As D.B. Russell – Then

After Lawrence Fishburne’s contract ran up and was not renewed, the show’s producers yet again found themselves without a truly bankable star. They turned to one of the most likable actors in all of Hollywood, Ted Danson. Dr.  Langston’s departure left a hole, but Danson’s D.B. Russell did a great job picking up the slack in his place. He held onto the role for the last four seasons, and also appeared in season two of CSI: Cyber.

Ted Danson – Now

It seems that Ted Danson only works harder as he gets older. Following the finale of CSI, Danson joined the cast of Fargo as Sheriff Hank Larsson. Currently, Danson stars with Kristen Bell on NBC’s The Good Place as the architect of a neighborhood in a pseudo-heaven. Of course, Danson is best known for his 275 episodes as bar owner Sam Malone on Cheers. He continued to play a fictional version of himself in the newest season of Curb Your Enthusiasm.

David Berman As Dave Phillips – Then

Not many CSI actors stayed a part of the show for as long as David Berman as Dave Phillips. Berman was with the show from the fifth episode of season one till the end.  He was a recurring character for the first nine seasons but became too important to the cast to not promote to the main cast by season ten. “Super Dave,” as he was called, was the assistant to Dr. Robbins.

David Berman – Now

David Berman not only acted as Dave Phillips on CSI but also worked as the show’s full-time researcher. He put so much work into the show that since its conclusion, he has taken a step back from the bright lights. His only notable television appearance since CSI shut its doors is a cameo in the crime drama Bones. Prior to CSI, Berman had a recurring role in the TV series Vanished. We hope that his career does not vanish without CSI.

Archie Kao As Archie Johnson – Then

In season two, CSI viewers caught their first glimpse of Archie Johnson, the man responsible for the crime lab’s audiovisual work. Archie Kao was only supposed to be on the show for one episode, but executive producer Jerry Bruckheimer was so impressed that he told his agent that he wanted him back in a recurring capacity. Kao admitted in an interview that he was “stunned” by Bruckheimer’s confidence in him and his fit with the show.

Archie Kao – Now

Archie Kao took the confidence instilled in him by Jerry Bruckheimer and hit the ground running as an actor. He was a part of the main cast of Chicago P.D. in 2014. Famed director Michael Mann attached Kao to his 2015 thriller Blackhat starring Chris Hemsworth. Kao might be best recognizable to kids from the turn of the century – he played Kai Chen a.k.a the blue ranger on Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy.  He will appear in two more films before the end of 2017.

Larry Mitchell As Officer Mitchell – Then

The CSI world includes every possible facet of crime solving in a big city. Officer Mitchell was a valuable piece of the Las Vegas Police Department. Larry Mitchell played the character that shared his name, but went by the nickname “Mitch.” Mitch could frequently be spotted clearing crime scenes before the CSI team arrived. Due to his close work with the team, he became very close to them, and they have a shared level of respect for them.

Larry Mitchell – Now

Playing a character with his same name must have been quite easy for Larry Mitchell. Outside of the CSI expanded universe, Mitchell has stayed away from the Hollywood life. Mitchell’s work with CSis similar to that of David Berman. Both actors contributed behind the scenes too. Mitchell worked as a technical consultant on over 100 episodes of the show between 2004 and 2011.  Mitchell has been cast as Judge Durger in an upcoming show called Coded Court which is in post-production.

Marc Vann As Conrad Ecklie – Then

He might not appear in every episode, but Marc Vann is well known to CSI fans. Vann appeared in all but seasons three and four of the show as Conrad Ecklie. In the early days of the show, Ecklie, the assistant director of the crime lab, was portrayed more as an antagonist to the team. Ecklie received a promotion to Undersheriff in season ten, and eventually reached the rank of Sheriff of Clark County by season 13.

Marc Vann – Now

Marc Vann will always be remembered for his role on CSI, but the devoted fans of another major network drama might remember him fondly. Vann appeared in four episodes of Lost as the doctor on a boat which visits the island. Since he only made 37 appearances in CSI, he stayed active making appearances in various shows such as Monk, Angel, Boston Legal, and Modern Family. In 2008, he appeared as separate characters on back to back shows (Lost and Eli Stone) on ABC.

Alex Carter As Louis Vartann – Then

While most of the detectives in CSI do not get much screen time nor backstory, the show was interested in filling out Alex Carter’s character. Lou Vartann was a detective for the homicide unit of the Las Vegas Police Department, and he became quite close with one of the team leaders. In season ten, Vartann began getting close with Catherine Willows. Over the course of the show, Detective Vartann appeared in 41 episodes of CSI.

Alex Carter – Now

Like many of the actors in recurring roles on the show, Alex Carter kept his plate full with various television and film roles before, during, and after CSI. Recently he found guest roles on CBS staples NCIS and Blue Bloods. Like some other CSI cast members, he appeared in an episode of CSI: NY but as a different character than he plays in Las Vegas. Carter is a Canadian actor but currently lives in California with his family.

Paula Francis As News Anchor – Then

When they started the show, the producers of CSI wanted to make the show as realistic as possible. This meant including every piece of the crime-solving puzzle. One of the biggest parts of any crime is how the media portrays it. To make the show’s media feel realistic, they brought in real life journalist Paula Francis to take a stab at their news. Francis appeared in 11 episodes between 20o5 and 2014 as herself.

Paula Francis – Now

Born in Queens in 1952, Paula Francis began her career as a broadcast journalist in Madison, Wisconsin before moving to Las Vegas. She served as the evening anchor or both KTNV and KLAS in Las Vegas. Over her time in Las Vegas media, she was an eight-time winner of the Las Vegas Review-Journal‘s Best of Las Vegas award. The 65-year-old Francis retired in 1952 but continues to be active with humanitarian work and within her community.

Romy Rosemont As Jacqui Franco – Then

Jacqui Franco became a familiar face throughout season three, four, and five. She was the fingerprint lab technician which the team turned to for help. Usually, Jacqui is quite serious about her work and her life. In one episode, A Night at the Movies, her sillier side shined. She made a bet with Greg about who could process the results of a weapon quickest. When she lost, she accepted defeat and wore an absurd hat which Greg had.

Romy Rosemont – Now

CSI was never the end all be all for Romy Rosemont. She only appeared in 14 episodes and had appeared in plenty of projects before joining the cast. Her biggest role would come after she finished with CSI. She had an 18 episode arch in musical-comedy-drama Glee as Carole Hudson. You can currently find her as Diane Matthews on Beyond. Rosemont is married to character actor Stephen Root. They both appeared in an episode of Fringe together in 2011.

George Eads As Nick Stokes – Then

George Eads became a television star thanks to his role as Nick Stokes. He appeared in an incredible 335 episodes of CSI, working as a member of the main cast from the beginning until the end of the last season. Eads could not, unfortunately, make it for the finale and his character was written out of the show at the end of the 15th season. Stokes was one of the personable and empathetic members of his unit.

George Eads – Now

With 15 years of crime drama in his pocket, Eads attached himself to another crime drama, a reboot of the classic show MacGyver as Jack Dalton. Dalton is the partner to Lucas Till’s MacGyver. Before joining CSI, Eads had a guest starring role in popular medical drama ER. Eads left CSI due to an altercation with a writerIt was reported that they argued over the creative direction of his character. He starred in an action thriller with Steven Seagal in 2014.

Eva LaRue As Natalia Boa Vista – Then

When Eva LaRue joined the cast of CSI: Miami in 2005, no one knew what to expect from her. She was added to the cast as Natalia Boa Vista in season five but ended the season in shocking fashion. We eventually found out that she was a mole for the FBI within the lab. Once she gained full cast status the following season, she had to earn the trust of her team and the fans. She stayed with the show till the end.

Eva LaRue – Now

CSI: Miami was canceled in 2012 and LaRue was back on the street without a job. Following the end of the show, she joined the cast of Fuller House, the revival of the popular 90s show Full House, as Danny Tanner’s new wife, Teri. Beyond the CSI universe, LaRue is best known for her work on All My Children on which she appeared in two stretches. She married Joe Cappucio in 2010, only for them to divorce in 2014.

Emily Procter As Calleigh Duquesne – Then

Don’t let Calleigh Duquesne’s appearance deceive you. She might be blonde, beautiful, and “way too happy,” but she is certainly not dumb and has a knack for putting bad guys away. She is a ballistics expert and gained a nickname of “Bullet Girl.” She starred on CSI: Miami throughout the show’s run.

Emily Procter – Now

Before she got to CSI: Miami, Procter became a familiar face to fans of The West Wing as White House counsel Ainsley Hayes. With no more bullets to inspect, Procter made a guest appearance on the USA Network show White Collar. She can now be found cozying up with her music producer husband, Paul Bryan.

Gary Dourdan As Warrick Brown – Then

Off the bat, Gary Dourdan’s character Warrick Brown was one of the most popular characters in the show’s history.  He appeared in every episode from season one through season eight in which he was shot to death by undersheriff Jeffrey McKeen. To start season nine, Grissom discovers Brown bleeding to death, marking his last appearance in the show. Fans and critics had no idea how the show could carry on without him and his camaraderie with his co-workers.

Gary Dourdan – Now

Life for Gary Dourdan post-Warrick Brown did not go as he expected. Dourdan left the show after he could not come to an agreement on his contract with CBS. He made some appearances in other shows and films, but his personal life got in the way. First, he was arrested for possession of illegal substances. Three years later, following a car crash, he was charged with possession of paraphernalia. A domestic assault case led to five years probations. He filed for bankruptcy in 2012.