The Women Of Cristiano Ronaldo – Where Are They Now?

Nereida Gallardo – Then

Around the time that Ronaldo was guiding Manchester United towards the Champions League final in 2008, he became romantically involved with Spanish model Nereida Gallardo. Everything seemed to be going well for the United number 7, including in the love department. He went on to win the coveted double with his club. However, after she had a bad relationship with Ronaldo’s mother, Gallardo decided to call it quits. According to Ronaldo, he was sick of reading up about Gallardo’s past in the tabloids.

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Nereida Gallardo – Now

Since her turbulent relationship with Cristiano Ronaldo came to an end in the summer of 2008, Nereida Gallardo has continuously spoken ill of her soccer ex, branding him a “coward” on national TV. According to her, Ronaldo broke up with her via SMS. However, Gallardo also has plenty to be happy out and can consider Ronaldo’s act of “cowardice” a blessing in disguise. A decade after that bitter end to the relationship, Gallardo has settled down and even had a child.

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Merche Romero – Then

What separates Merche Romero from many of Cristiano Ronaldo’s other past relationships was how long she was with him. Romero, who is a Portuguese model and has also worked on TV, dated Ronaldo for a considerable amount of time – between January 2005 and September 2006, to be exact. This means that she is, to this day, one of Ronaldo’s longest-lasting relationships. They were together while Ronaldo was tearing up British defenses for Manchester United. Unfortunately, Romero wasn’t by Ronaldo’s side when he won his first Champions League title.

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Merche Romero – Now

Despite her relationship with Ronaldo coming to an end in 2006, Merche Romero has remained a popular face in Portuguese TV. In the last decade alone, she has hosted and starred in numerous Portuguese shows and has even had some acting credits on a number of telenovelas and movies. As far as her personal life is concerned, the Andorra-born actress has been in a relationship with To Pereira and together, they had a son, Antonio, who was born on June 8, 2011.

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Jordana Jardel – Then

Everyone has to start somewhere. For Cristiano Ronaldo, it was with Jordana Jardel, the sister of former striker Mario Jardel, who he played with at Sporting Lisbon. Ronaldo was briefly linked with the young Brazilian model while he was coming up in the world of soccer. However, they soon parted ways after he made his move to Manchester United. While Ronaldo went on to greater things, he left Jordana behind. What exactly has she been doing with her life since?

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Jordana Jardel – Now

Other than the fact that she was Cristiano Ronaldo’s first celebrity girlfriend, as well as the fact that she is fellow soccer player Mario Jardel’s sister, there are not many other traces of Jordana Jardel’s recent activity. One thing is for sure, Jordana still works in the world of fashion and has recently lived a single life in Porto, Portugal. “I wanted to protect myself from the media exposure, not too much to face,” she said in an interview.

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Lucia Villalon – Then

After his relationship with Irina Shayk came to an end in 2015, Ronaldo moved on fairly swiftly. The first lady he was linked with after the heavily publicized breakup was Spanish TV journalist/presenter Lucia Villalon, who has done a lot of work on Real Madrid TV. This makes perfect sense, seeing that Ronaldo’s been on Real’s roster for the last decade. However, the romance was fairly short-lived, and after a couple of appearances on social media together, they went their separate ways.

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Lucia Villalon – Now

In all honesty, Lucia Villalon’s brief fling with Ronaldo didn’t make too much of a difference to her reputation. She was already a fairly recognizable face in Spain and has remained relevant in the Spanish cultural consciousness ever since. She is still heavily involved in TV presenting and has been a reporter for the Formula 1 World Championship since 2015, around the same time that she was dating the Portuguese maestro. Villalon has also worked at Bein Sports in recent times.

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Bipasha Basu – Then

Around the time that he was on the verge of lifting his first Champions League title with Manchester United, Ronaldo was actually believed to have been dating Indian model/actress Bipasha Basu. However, it was Basu who stole the headlines. It seemed like a perfectly innocent fling. However, it was soon revealed that Basu was actually dating fellow Indian actor John Abraham at the time. So the world was shaken when the media caught Basu and Ronaldo making out.

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Bipasha Basu – Now

Bipasha Basu’s small fling with Cristiano Ronaldo didn’t seem to have an instant impact on her relationship with John Abraham. However, a few years after things calmed down, the Indian super couple decided to call it quits in 2011. This wasn’t the end though of Basu’s love life, by a long shot. Since then, she has dated Indian actor Harman Baweja as well as Karan Singh Grover. In 2016, she married the latter and numerous Indian superstars were in attendance at their wedding.

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Paris Hilton – Then

They might not have been so vocal about their relationship, but it was clear that Cristiano Ronaldo and Paris Hilton had something going on in 2009. The soccer player had recently moved to Real Madrid and Hilton had just got out of her relationship with Doug Reinhardt. The stars seemed to align between the two, and they were spotted at many parties in both Spain and the US. Nevertheless, it wasn’t meant to last between the two and they moved onto other people pretty swiftly.

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Paris Hilton – Now

Ever since making Ronaldo her rebound, Paris Hilton has struggled to stay out of the headlines, for a number of reasons. Between 2010 and 2012 alone, the model had numerous run-ins with the law, often being caught in possession of illegal substances. However, it hasn’t been all doom and gloom for Hilton. She has had her own fragrance line, the Passport Collection and has many stores around the world. Hilton has also tried her hand in DJing, with varying results. She is currently engaged to actor Chris Zylka.

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Gemma Atkinson – Then

It seems like 2007/2008 was a particularly eventful time for Cristiano Ronaldo, both on and off the pitch. Another lady who was romantically linked with the Portuguese forward was British celebrity Gemma Atkinson, who has developed a reputation as a lingerie model. According to Atkinson, their first date was pretty understated, to say the least. “We just went to my house and drank cups of tea and watched Only Fools and Horses. Genuinely.” Nevertheless, their relationship was pretty short-lived.

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Gemma Atkinson – Now

Gemma Atkinson hasn’t let her high-profile fling with Cristiano Ronaldo tarnish her career in any shape or form. In fact, she has only made progress, especially in the world of acting. She has had notable roles in shows such as Casualty, as well as popular British soap opera Emmerdale. She even competed on the popular reality contest Strictly Come Dancing in 2017 and did extremely well, making it all the way to the final and finishing as a runner-up to Joe McFadden.

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Kim Kardashian – Then

It shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that Kim Kardashian was at one stage, romantically linked with Cristiano Ronaldo. The model/TV personality has been one of the most famous women in the last decade and it is rumored that the star of Keeping Up With The Kardashians went on a romantic getaway with the soccer player back in 2010. However, the reports are strictly rumors and whatever romance Kim and Cristiano had back then was extremely short-lived.

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Kim Kardashian – Now

Of course, Kim Kardashian has become more and more famous with every Instagram post and every episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Not to mention the rise in profile of her many sisters, Kim has been enjoying life as a wife and mother for the last few years now. Having been married to rap superstar Kanye West since 2014, Kim Kardashian has welcomed three beautiful children into the world: North West, Saint West and most recently, Chicago West.

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Andressa Urach – Then

Arguably the most infamous relationship that Cristiano Ronaldo has ever had was with Brazilian model Andressa Urach. In fact, it would be difficult to call it a relationship – more like, an affair. According to the model, she slept with the soccer player just 48 hours before Real Madrid played Borussia Dortmund in a crucial Champions League semi-final match. They lost the game 4-1. However, Ronaldo was quick to dismiss anything had happened between him and Urach, accusing her of seeking media attention.

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Andressa Urach – Now

Andressa Urach’s reported affair with Ronaldo only raised her profile and shortly after the scandal, she became a contestant on Brazilian reality TV contest A Fazenda (The Firm). It was also during this time that Urach hosted Muito Show, a variety TV show on RedeTV. However, in recent times, the model has announced that she is a born-again Protestant. According to her, Urach only wants to get back the love and respect of her son and wrote about her troubles in a book.

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Soraia Chaves – Then

Here is another fine example of a time when Cristiano Ronaldo decided to stay close to home. After the forward severed ties with Merche Romero, he soon became head over heels for Portuguese actress Soraia Chaves, who is best known for her role as Maria in the movie Call Girl. This happened to be the highest-grossing Portuguese flick of 2007. However, the nature of their relationship is very much up for debate and at best, it was very short-lived.

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Soraia Chaves – Now

She may have only had a short relationship, if anything at all, with Cristiano Ronaldo, but Soraia Chaves need not have worried about her fame dipping at any point. The actress/model remained a very famous face in the Portuguese social and cultural consciousness and regularly appeared on TV in a variety of forms. Most notably, she had a role as Raquel in the soap opera Dancing Days, which ran from 2012 to 2013. She also recently had a role in the show Tres Mulheres.

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Maria Sharapova – Then

It is one of the most heavily debated rumors of two celebrities dating in the last decade. Amazingly though, despite there never being any confirmation, journalists and fans alike have been adamant that Cristiano Ronaldo and tennis star Maria Sharapova had something going on at some stage in their careers. This might be due to the fact that the Russian star has also been linked to a number of celebs in her heyday – most notably, Maroon 5’s Adam Levine.

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Maria Sharapova – Now

While her professional career has been topsy-turvy, to say the very least, it seems like Maria Sharapova’s personal life has been just as up-and-down. Her rumored relationship with Ronaldo has been nothing more than a rumor, but Sharapova has had some well-documented romances with people such as TV producer Charlie Ebersol, basketball Sasha Vujacic, and fellow tennis player Grigor Dimitrov. Her most recent relationship began in January 2018, when she started dating the president and co-founder of Paddle8, Alexander Gilkes.

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Raffaella Fico – Then

One woman who has claimed to have had romances with a number of huge soccer stars is the Brazilian model Raffaella Fico. In an interview, she claimed to have had flings with both Cristiano Ronaldo and Mario Balotelli. In fact, she went one step further, claiming Ronaldo to be her first ever lover. However, it was her relationship with the Italian striker Balotelli that stole headlines. After a DNA test, it was revealed that Balotelli was the father of her child, Pia.

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Raffaella Fico – Now

In 2012, while pregnant with Balotelli’s child, Raffaella Fico modeled at Milan Fashion Week. Despite her headline-stealing relationships with some of soccer’s biggest names, there is so much more to Raffaella Fico. Since 2014, the Brazilian has pursued a music career, recording her debut single under the record label Momy Records – “Rush.” The song was released in the summer of that year and is available on iTunes. Just a few months later, her album, which was also titled Rush, was released and features 10 tracks.

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Jasmine Lennard – Then

One woman who gave a first-hand account of her experiences with Cristiano Ronaldo was British reality star/model Jasmine Lennard, who claimed to “use him as a TOY.” Lennard gave a detailed account for The Mirror about the time that she met the soccer player and was given a rollercoaster insight into his average night out, full of money and partying. According to Lennard, she played hard to get and Ronaldo was desperately trying to get her attention through a torrent of texts.

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Jasmine Lennard – Now

Since her bizarre night out with the Portuguese star, Jasmine Lennard has kept herself busy in the world of reality TV. In 2012, the model entered the Celebrity Big Brother house. However, her housemates couldn’t stand her and on Day 8, she became the first housemate to be evicted from the house. She has also appeared on the show Come Dine With Me. The same year that Lennard hung out with Ronaldo, she actually gave birth to her son, Phoenix.

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Rita Pereira – Then

Another Portuguese icon to have been romantically linked with Ronaldo is the talented actress Rita Pereira. However, it is believed that she was simply another woman who Ronaldo had an affair with behind ex-girlfriend Irina Shayk’s back. They are believed to have got together in the summer of 2012, when the model, who has appeared in Playboy magazine, showed up at a Portuguese nightclub owned by the soccer player. It was here that the pair reportedly ignited their forbidden romance.

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Rita Pereira – Now

Since her rumored affair with Cristiano Ronaldo, Rita Pereira has continued to bless the Portuguese public with her beautiful looks and excellent acting skills. A year later, Pereira starred as Fernanda Moreira in the telenovela Destinos Cruzados. However, it wasn’t just dramas that Pereira was involved with. She also competed in the first season of Portugal’s Dancing with the Stars. In recent times, she has starred in some of the most watch telenovelas in Portuguese history, including A Unica Mulher and A Herdeira.

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Desiree Cordero – Then

Back in 2014, it was Desiree Cordero Ferrer who stepped up to win the coveted Miss Spain beauty pageant, before representing her country at the Miss Universe event just a few months later. Then, just two years after that, the beauty queen was reported to be in a relationship with the Real Madrid talisman himself – Cristiano Ronaldo. However, it was also reported that the soccer player got cold feet and decided to sever ties with the model, fearing her hunger for fame.

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Desiree Cordero – Now

Despite failing to go the distance with Ronaldo, Desiree Cordero Ferrer has moved on swiftly in virtually every aspect of her life. However, it is undeniable that her reported relationship with the soccer player would have ramifications long after the couple broke up. In 2016, Cordero’s ex-boyfriend Vicenzo Renella got into a spat with Ronaldo on social media. Nevertheless, Cordero has plenty to be proud of, having traveled all over the world and graduating with a degree in Oceanology.

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Daniella Chavez – Then

It seems that whatever the reason was for Cristiano Ronaldo and Irina Shayk to split up, it was probably for the best. It is believed that yet another woman that the forward had an affair with during his relationship with the Russian model was Daniella Chavez. A Playboy bunny who hails from Chile, Chavez claimed that it was her dream to get with the soccer superstar. “I just wanted to fulfill a dream…I love his body,” she said in an interview.

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Daniella Chavez – Now

She may have claimed to have had an affair with Ronaldo, but that’s not even Daniella Chavez’s biggest claim to fame. After her disappointment of not winning Queen Vina del Mar, the model took to social media and her many Instagram posts are ultimately what put her on the map. Amazingly, Chavez’s work on Instagram continues to be the main way that she stays relevant in the public eye. In 2016, she posed alongside fellow model Joselyn Cano on the social media outlet.

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Luciana Abreu – Then

One woman who the Portuguese public will struggle to forget is Luciana Abreu, who represented her country at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2005. It is believed that the pop star-turned-actress actually had a brief fling with the former Manchester United player. Just two years after her Eurovision efforts, Abreu was seen in attendance at one of Ronaldo’s soccer practice sessions, with many speculating that something was going on between the two. However, nothing substantial came out of it.

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Luciana Abreu – Now

It seems like Luciana Abreu chose to keep her love life within the world of soccer. She may not have been able to go the distance with Ronaldo. However, she did manage to tie the knot with one of his international teammates, striker Yannick Djalo. In 2010, the couple were briefly married and welcomed their first child into the world, Lyonce Victorya. Abreu is also famous for her role as Flor Valente in the hit show Floribella. She is currently married to Daniel Souza.

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Karina Bacchi – Then

Another Brazilian star who briefly stole Ronaldo’s heart was actress/model Karina Bacchi. The pair reportedly had a summer full of love, where they spent lots of time in Lisbon, going to a number of fashion shows. Ronaldo even reportedly introduced Bacchi to his family. That’s not all though. Just a few months before the soccer player was confirmed to be dating Georgina Rodriguez, many were speculating that he would rekindle his romance with the Brazilian actress, who has also worked as a TV presenter.

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Karina Bacchi – Now

Karina Bacchi might not have got back together with Ronaldo after that rumored summer of love they had a few years ago. However, it turns out that she was able to find love elsewhere, in the form of a child. Through artificial insemination, Bacchi had a child on August 8th, 2017 – Enrico Bacchi. Despite things going well in her personal life, Bacchi has not been so busy in recent times, at least as far as professional endeavors are concerned.

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Georgina Rodriguez – Then

Of course, no list of Cristiano Ronaldo’s women would be complete without the current woman in his life – Georgina Rodriguez. Ronaldo has been dating the Spanish model since 2016 and just a year later, had Ronaldo’s fourth child, daughter Alana Martina. Amazingly, Georgina Rodriguez is the first identified woman who Ronaldo has had a child with. The other two were a woman who chose to remain anonymous and a surrogate. However, the big question is the following – are the couple still together?

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Georgina Rodriguez – Now

It seems like Cristiano Ronaldo has finally found someone who he could stand a good chance of going the distance with. Georgina Rodriguez is now one of the soccer player’s longest-lasting relationships. Now, with Ronaldo on the verge of captaining the Portuguese national team at the FIFA World Cup in Russia, it appears that the couple may tie the knot in the foreseeable future. In fact, it was Ronaldo’s mother Dolores Aveiro who referred to Rodriguez as her “future daughter-in-law” in a recent interview.

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Irina Shayk – Then

Arguably his most high-profile relationship; Ronaldo started dating Russian model Irina Shayk back in 2010. However, after five years together, the couple decided to go their separate ways.

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Irina Shayk – Now

It seems like Irina Shayk had no difficulty transitioning from one high-profile relationship to another. The same year that she broke up with Cristiano Ronaldo, Shayk became romantically involved with Hollywood star Bradley Cooper, who is famous for his roles in movies such as Limitless, The Hangover, and Guardians of the Galaxy. They have been living together in New York and in 2017, welcomed their first child. In her spare time, Shayk does a lot of charity work, most notably in Russia.