Here Are Some Of The Craziest Walmart Shoppers


Quinn Of Walmart

We all have comic book heroes. And it looks like this fully grown man is a massive fan of the Joker’s sidekick, Harley Quinn. Personally, we would’ve expected him to prefer the former, but Halloween is all about freedom of expression.

walmart 1

Tail As Old As Time

We’re not totally sure what to make of this photo. We know that Walmart attracts people of all shapes and sizes. But never have we ever seen a man who appears to be the lovechild of a human and a fox. It seems like this fox-man is thoroughly interested in devouring all of the cakes at this Walmart food counter. Whatever you do, don’t pull this guy’s tail, you never know whether he will bark or bite…

walmart 2

Gender-fluid Grandpa

Staying on the theme of freedom of expression, sometimes a man just wants to wear a dress. Take this old man for example. Or, we might have got this totally wrong. Maybe it’s an old lady who happens to have a problem with keeping her face hair-free. This just goes to show that you should never judge a book by its cover. We just hope those who see this person from behind don’t get too much of a shock when trying to get their attention…

walmart 3

Love Me Some Lizard

Like we said, the customer at Walmart come in all shapes and sizes. And not just, that some customers aren’t even human at all! As you can see, this lady caved in when her pet lizard refused to stay home alone. She was kind enough to take him on a day out and obviously, the first place that came to mind was the greatest place in the world – Walmart. Naturally, Lizzie the Lizard was thrilled at the prospect of shopping with his “mommy.”

walmart 4

Driving Miss Cart

Walmart’s hospitality and ability to cater to people from all walks of life is nothing short of exemplary. Its exceptional care for the disabled is absolutely amazing and when they feel like it, they can even make these people’s shopping experience a fun day out. As you can see, this chain decided to connected all these people’s shopping carts together, forming something of a shopping train, for lack of a better term. Buckle up everyone, this is going to be a bumpy ride!

walmart 5

Pushy Child

The typical image of a mother and her child at a shopping mall depicts the mother pushing the cart while the child sits in the seat excited as the duo blitz through their extensive shopping list. However, there are times when the archetype is subverted and the roles reverse. In this crazy image, this boy has decided to help out his mother and push the cart for her as she attends to her other child and enjoys the ride.

walmart 6

Faux Fashion

At first, we were slightly confused by this particular image. Initially, it seemed like the staff at Walmart couldn’t find an official retail sticker and decided to label the boots with a magic marker, wrongly naming them “Uggs.” Off course, Uggs look a little different to these. Then we realized, maybe someone decided to prank the shopper who had just purchased these boots by describing them as uggs, which could be short for ugly. It must be one or the other.

walmart 7

Monkey Business

We all like to monkey around from time to time, but there’s something about Walmart that brings out the true primal side of us. Then there are some individuals, like this lady, who take things to the next level and bring an actual monkey to the supermarket. It appears as if this lady is treating this little cutie as if it was her own. And the monkey seems to be very comfortable, nestled in her chest, and sleeping through her weekly shop.

walmart 8

Double Standards

Sometimes, you get out of bed in the morning, and you’re so tired that you make some poor decisions. It seems like this shopper got off the wrong side of bed this morning, picked up his wife’s 80s style underwear and didn’t think twice after putting it on. It is only when he arrived at Walmart that day when he realized, “Oh, something feels a little off this morning.” That’s when it hit him: “I’ve made a huge mistake.”

walmart 9

Hot In Here

Not only do people of all shapes and sizes come to Walmart, but people of all different skin colors. However, this seems to be a tragic case of two friends that made very different decisions that day. Firstly, they left the beach to go to Walmart. But secondly, while the one on the left applied sun screen to themselves thoroughly, the lady on the right seemed to leave hers at home. So here they are, looking for 20 gallons of aloe vera.

walmart 10

Creative And Classy

Fashion trends go in and out and it seems like we’ve seen it all. But we think its safe to say that we have never seen someone pull of this bizarre display of style. However, if you’re trying to push the envelope when it comes to finding new ways to dress, Walmart is probably the place where you will be mostly free of judgment. While some rappers notoriously show there boxers above their jeans, this guy seems to be doing the opposite…


It’s A Miracle!

As we previously touched upon, Walmart is fantastic at catering towards members of the disabled community. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that all of its customers pay respect to the retail the chain or those who actually need the shopping carts. Take this lady for example, who as you can see, can stand on both of her legs. While she still might possess some kind of disability, we wonder whether or not it actually warrants using one these carts.

walmart 12

Make (Hair) Do

Not only is it bizarre displays of clothing that can be found in Walmart, but there are many individuals who really go above and beyond to showcase the most extraordinary haircuts that one could possibly imagine. We’re not totally sure what this guy was going for. It is clear that he has gone bald on top, but he is still very much clinging to his youth and trying to grow a Mohawk where he can. Just grow up, man.

walmart 13

Sneak(er) Attack

Sometimes, people or objects find it difficult to fit into one specific category. Some overlap and share qualities of two things. Take this interesting pair of footwear that Walmart apparently sells. They are not exactly sneakers and they are not exactly sandals either. They’re kind of a combination of the two. So what should we actually call them. Snandals? Sandeakers? We’re not totally sure if any word can works. But one thing is for sure, people will buy them.

walmart 14

Barking Mad

If there is one breed of animal that loves Walmart, it is man’s best friend, dogs. This terrific trio seems to be so keen to help their “mommy” doing her weekly shop. One thing is for sure, they are going to be extra excited when they end up in the pet-food aisle. What they would give to just jump out of the cart and explore this large, expansive world of retail. But then again, they seem pretty happy to be passengers on this ride.

walmart 15

Meat Me There

People have many ways to relax. Some like to watch TV, some like to meditate, and there are those who like to get massages. Then you get exceptional individuals like this one who like to step into their nearest Walmart, proceed to the meat aisle and apply tons of chilled packages on themselves as they lie on the bottom shelf. Perfectly normal behavior if you ask us. We’re prepared to give this person the benefit of the doubt.

walmart 16

Real Life Thriller

Michael Jackson sadly left us in 2009. However, many still celebrate the King of Pop with numerous celebrities paying homage to the icon. Then there are places like Walmart that go as far to feature a life-size replica of the pop star in their stores, looking like he is one of the customers frozen in time. We just hope that there are no customers who take inspiration from the mannequin and decide to steal it. We don’t want a smooth criminal to worry about…

walmart 17

Holy Hair

As previously seen, there are some customers of the supermarket who have tails. Then there are those who appear to have tails growing from their heads. In the mainstream world, they are referred to as ponytails, but the one that belongs to this guy seems to look more like a dreadlock. If so, it might go down in the Guinness Book of World Records as not just the longest, but also the thickest dreadlock that has ever been seen!

walmart 18

Turtle Time

Let’s face it – it’s unlikely that this little one is going to get lost. You would have to take your eye of a tortoise before it stood any chance of getting lost. So putting a leash on this particular pet does seem redundant, especially when you go shopping. Just put in your pocket! Also, it’s certainly a safety hazard. A cart could easily run it over and the tortoise could cause some big accidents! Not to mention, the owner could step on it…

walmart 19

Motivation Is Key

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. Walmart’s customers come in many shapes and sizes. However, there are times when those shapes are completely unorthodox and difficult to categorize. It appears that the bulk of this person’s weight has risen to the top, leaving them with hardly anything down below. That is the ultimate crux when it comes to shopping – you’re burning off a lot of calories simply by running around the supermarket, only to put it back on as soon as you get home.

walmart 20

Crack Me Up

We’re pretty sure that every single Walmart has a changing room. So we’re not too sure exactly why this couple chose to try on these pirate costumes and strut around the store to show them off to everyone. Do they realize that the times of Adam and Eve have come and gone? Someone should tell them that it is generally expected in the Western world at least to change clothes in private. Maybe they were in a rush to a themed party and needed to put the clothes on before paying for them.

Don’t Fret, I Have A Ferret

We’ve seen dogs. We’ve seen tortoises. Heck, we’ve even seen monkeys that customers have taken to Walmart, but this guy decided to bring his ferret for the journey. The more animals that end up on this list, the more we realize that this supermarket is more of a jungle, or a forest than it is a corporate institution. For philanthropists and zoologists alike, exploring these parts of the world are absolutely mesmerizing and full of rich information.

walmart 22

A Bug’s Life

It seems like this particular customer is more geared towards the colorful things in life. From top to bottom, her appearances screams out, “I just want to have a good time and play with my toys!” Sometimes, you just can’t take the child out of the adult. This woman obviously has the heart of a child and is not afraid to express her youthful persona. She even has an accessory attached to her right calf that looks like a caterpillar.

walmart 23

Mission Accomplished

This lady obviously has some history with someone that she is not afraid to show to the entire world. We can only speculate as to what it might have been. A failed relationship? A stalker situation? We could get really dark with this scenario, but we like to assume that it’s just a funny jacket that she’s wearing just to make people like us theorize what the meaning of it could be. One thing’s for sure, it’s going get everyone’s attention in this Walmart.

walmart 24

Return Of The Mask

When you’re living on the go, and you have many responsibilities to take care of, sometimes you have be super-efficient with your time. Take this lady, for example. She needs to do her weekly shop. However, she also has a date tonight that she wants to look perfect for. So this face mask achieves two things. One: it’s going to make her skin extra smooth. Two: It’s going to conceal her true identity if she ends up running into her date at Walmart!

walmart 25

Like Father Like Daughter

They often say that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Or, “like father, like son.” In this case, you would like to think that it is “like father, like daughter.” However, we think that this is more like to shout out, “like daughter, like father.” It seems that this proud dad took some pages out of his daughter’s fashion book and decided to go with the denim shorts and tights style for today’s shopping spree.

walmart 26

Too Cool, Mom

Another interesting experiment with denim can be found in this photo. People do all sorts of things with denim. They can wear denim jackets, wear denim shorts, they can even have little tears in their jeans that look pretty cool. However, this lady seemed to take the latter expression to another level. These might be the biggest holes in jeans we have ever seen! One thing is for sure, this lady has a clear idea of how she wants to look.

walmart 27

Captain Ameri-Mart

Not only have comic book villains such as Harley Quinn been spotted in Walmart, so have their enemies, the superheroes. Recently, one store clerk realized that he was packing bags for none other than Captain America! That’s right, Steve Rogers himself went to do some much-needed shopping and it seems like, between Marvel movies, he has put on a few pounds. It makes you think, this is probably the last place that this Captain America should be right now.

walmart 28

Time To Shine

Naturally, Walmart is a prime location for shoplifters. So when any suspicious people pass through the store, you can rest assured that security or police won’t be too far to clamp down on the culprits. But it looks like this particular guy was taken down, not because he was stealing anything, but because he was running around in just his boxers! Maybe he realized he had no clothes and decided to buy himself a new wardrobe. Who knows.

walmart 29

Fancy Shmancy

Walmart can easily be the platform for some of the most important stages of people’s lives. Some people have been born here, some have even died here. And then you have people who are somewhere in the middle, and have fallen in love with each other. When you’re struggling to think of the ideal venue for your wedding, why not tie the knot at your local Walmart? It seems like this couple either just did or it’ll be the first thing they do once they process some wedding photos…

walmart 30

No Words

It’s one of the oldest rules in the book. Whatever you do kids, don’t put a plastic bag over your head. Every mother knows this golden rule. Well, apparently, we have found our stand out exception. How can you not realize that this is a risk not worth taking? You’re letting your daughter play around with a plastic bag and putting it over her head. It’s right in front of your face as you do your shopping and you’re not going to do anything about it?

walmart 31

Mister Easter

For most people, Christmas is the ultimate holiday. However, Easter doesn’t fall far behind. With its many traditions such as painting eggs and whatnot, what’s not to love about the holiday of the Easter Bunny? Walmart knows how much fun its customers have with their holidays. So the managers makes sure that people feel like they can stock up accordingly. Take this man for example. He’s so excited to celebrate Easter that he is covered from head to toe in Easter eggs.

walmart 32

Too Much Information

This wouldn’t be the first photo on this list to show a customer walking around with a funny message on the back of their T-shirt. But if you want our honest opinion, we think this one is not necessarily the smartest message, but it’s definitely the funniest. The beauty is in its simplicity. If there is one place where you should be able to let go a little and make people the laugh, then it has to be Walmart.

walmart 33

Game Time

When you think of toys and fun machines, you often associate them with children. Sometimes, adults can have the heart of child and become even more fun-loving than their own kids! Take this couple for example, who set their child in the cart to one side as they play on this machine. The question that you might be asking yourself is: are they simply trying to get a toy for their kid, is actually for their own enjoyment?

walmart 34

True Colors

You can tell that this guy must’ve had fun during the 60s and may have even attended Woodstock. This T-shirt screams out psychedelia. But what makes this guy even more amazing is the fact that he seems to have spilled gold paint all over himself! What does this mean? Did he do this by accident? Maybe he realizes that it won’t come off with just water and he has to find something get rid of it. He doesn’t look happy, that’s for sure.

walmart 35

Fashion Forward

Some people like to do things in a topsy-turvy fashion. Wearing hats back to front, for example. But then you have individuals who get up in the morning and put on an item of clothing inside out. We can’t believe that this guy was able to put on a polo shirt backward. Either he was so tired and he didn’t even look at himself in the mirror, or he decided to do it deliberately. This is the epitome of the avant-garde.

walmart 36

These Jorts Were Made For Wearing

When the summer arrives, it’s all systems go in the shorts department. However, this guy decided to take it to the next level during his trip to Walmart, wearing a pair of jorts, or denim shorts to do some shopping. We’re not too sure what the best setting would be to wear these. However, if there’s anywhere that you could get away with, as well as a pink polo shirt and a headband, it’s here.

walmart 37

Come On Cameo

They sometimes say that the longer you stay with someone, the more you start to look like each other. As far as this couple is concerned, it seems to be the case. At least, they are certainly dressing the same way. In fact, we could be getting this all wrong and maybe this is just two random strangers who happen to be wearing the same clothes and are playing X-Box next to one another. We hope it’s the former.

walmart 38

Newest Trend

Is this what fashion has come to? It seems like the latest craze for many customers at Walmart is to take some plungers and stick them to random parts of your body. What is the world coming to? However, it sure is funny to look at it. Although it does make us wonder why people would do such a random thing. We assume that these customers ended up in the same aisle and thought it would be a funny thing to do.

walmart 39

Legs For Days

We honestly don’t know where to start with this particular image. As this lady and her son pay for their shopping, the clerk must be wondering why on earth he is dressed this way. We are aware that there is a growing community of gender-creative people. There’s a good chance that this guy belongs to the aforementioned community. Seeing that it is a movement that is in its infancy, it makes sense that people might have a tendency to stare.

walmart 40

Life’s A Struggle

Sometimes, life can be so difficult. You arrive at your local supermarket, and before you know it, you’re wondering to yourself, “why on earth am I so tired?” You’ve been there for 10 minutes, put a handful of items into your cart, and you just need to find a bench to lie down on. This is when we can honestly be so grateful that Walmart exists. If you shop at this fantastic retail chain, you can just take a nap during your time there.

walmart 41

Call Me Madame

It’s one of the oldest tricks in the book. You write a funny message and plant it on someone’s back, convincing them that you’re just giving them a friendly pat on the back. But seriously, you’re going to prank this friendly old man? Shame on you. We can’t see his face, but even if he does have some feminine resemblance, there’s no need to make a mockery of him as a result. Hopefully, someone took it off before he noticed.

walmart 42

Pants On The Ground

Sometimes, when you need to go, you need to go. We are not sure if that is exactly what is going on here. But if it is, you are caught on camera, buddy! However, it does kind of look like he is crying. Maybe someone pulled down his pants and ran off laughing. That is surely enough to make any grown man cry. Or maybe he’s in the middle of getting changed in public like one of our previously mentioned customers.

walmart 43

You See Me Rollin’

Sometimes, you just don’t have the time to get ready at home and then go out to run your errands, sometimes you need to multi-task and do things on the go. This lady seems to be doing a million things at once! Handling business matters with curlers in her hair. She is certainly an inspiration for all those people who can only do one thing at a time. One thing is for sure, this lady is going to be ready for the date of her life after having a very productive day.

walmart 44

By Cupid’s Bow

Either today is Halloween, or this guy is simply shopping at Walmart! We say this because it always seems that there are so many bizarre people who go to this place when they’re dressed up as some random character. Oh, wait one minute! Are those two hearts above his head? Is that a bow and arrow in his hand? We stand corrected, because this guy is shopping at Walmart on Valentine’s Day! We wonder if he’ll bring two lovebirds together.

walmart 45

I’m Blue Da Ba Dee

If Valentine’s Day isn’t for you, maybe Halloween is. This woman decided to blue up for the spooky day, dressing up as one of the beloved Smurfs. However, we believe she could have gone the extra mile had she painted her face with blue paint too. She’s certainly ready to warm other customers’ hearts with her larger than life appearance and she is bound to transform Walmart into a wonderland full of fun and joy.

walmart 46

Classing It Up

Look, we could let this old man off the hook if he wasn’t wearing those ghastly pink tights. The skirt makes him look like a Scotsman. That Tartan pattern suggests that it might, in fact, be a kilt. He’s certainly on his way to an important event. Sometimes, it’s very difficult to decipher these bizarre photos. One thing is for sure, this guy has a story to tell and he might want to let his tights do the talking.

walmart 47

Checking Out

Being a mother can be tough. And when you’re taking care of your kids 24/7, it can be a tiring job that clouds your judgment about many things that would often be considered basic decisions. When this mother took her kid shopping with her, she ended up putting him on the checkout table by accident, imagining him as one of the items that she was purchasing. We’re going to let her off this time, because we’re sure that she’s working hard.

walmart 48

Cheaper By The Dozen

This is the coolest gang of shoppers we have ever seen. We’re not sure what the occasion may be, but we’re loving every single piece of headgear. The tiger, the sloth, the two bears and the panther look like cover-ups for a happily married dad who happens to have four fun-loving kids. It seems like Walmart truly brings the best out of individuals, and even more so when group outings are concerned. Shop ’til you drop, you filthy animals!

walmart 49

Customer Of The Century

We have a feeling that this lady may be at a Walmart in Las Vegas. We are simply basing this on her attire. She seems like a fun-loving individual who lives for the glamor. With her extravagant makeup and the flamboyant pink dress, she looks like she’s ready to paint the town red, or more specifically, paint the supermarket red! When you’re going to Walmart, you simply have to dress your best and either go hard or go home.

walmart 50