Vacation Photos That Did Not Go As Planned


Smile For The Camera

This stingray just had to get in on the action and get the attention of these three ladies. It’s safe to say it managed to do exactly that.


Watcha Got There?

There is a reason they say keep your hands and legs inside the car at all times during a safari drive because you never know how animals in the wild are going to act. It seems, however, that this girl forgot she was on a safari and surrounded by animals since she looks terrified at the sight of an ostrich standing next to her. With food already in her hands, it is no surprise the furry creature made its way towards the girl, and maybe she realized that wasn’t her finest decision.



It is no surprise this young couple wanted to capture the moment they became engaged to one another. It is a moment they want to remember forever, but it seems that they had a friendly visitor who wanted to watch the proposal in action. When this man decided to ask his girlfriend to marry him during a visit to the zoo, one hippo was not going to miss this being played out and stayed to watch the whole thing. It turns out, their photo became one hilarious engagement photobomb.


Perfect Timing

Jumping photos are always so risky. The jumper and the photo taker have to be completely in sync to get that perfect moving shot, and it seems to have proven successful this time around. However, it seems as though this jumping shot was not intended for the actual shot, and this guy just photobombed a couple on vacation. Even if they weren’t hoping for some man to ruin their photo, we’re sure they can appreciate how his timing and execution went perfectly.


Kicking Tower Of Pisa

It seems that just trying to “push” the Leaning Tower of Pisa is not enough anymore and that it is time to go above and beyond to stand out from all the other photos. This girl certainly tried her luck at the famous monument and stood above the rest by standing on other people to “kick” the Leaning Tower. Fair play to her though, because it worked out perfectly and she managed to have her own original pose at the famous monument.


Do Not Touch The Wildlife

It is not every day you encounter a small, sharp-toothed crocodile while swimming on vacation, but this woman got a real surprise when she came face-to-face with the reptile. We’re not entirely sure what the crocodile’s reaction was to this woman, but her face sure shows she was not enjoying this encounter whatsoever, and it does not seem like it could have ended so well either. Even the woman in the back was scared. Good to know someone was taking a photo rather than helping!


The Leader Of Love

Don’t mind the guy struggling in the water guys, you just get your cute picture, he’ll be ok! These honeymooners were just having a romantic horseback ride in the water and wanted to capture their love for one another in a picture. A shot they would have forever from their vacation in Jamaica, it is no surprise they wanted to have the memory in a photograph. Little did they know, their picture would be of each other, two sweet horses, and… their seems-to-be drowning tour guide.


Just Got Back From Paris

This girl just could not wait to post her vacation photo on her Facebook page to let her friends know she had just been in Paris. After visiting the Eiffel Tower and capturing the moment of her standing alongside the historic landmark, she wasted no time in letting people know where she had been. Seems she lost part of her body in the process, however, but blames “jet lag” as the reason behind her looking a bit different than what her friends are used to.


Kiss The Stone

The belief of Blarney Stone at Blarney Castle in Ireland is that it has magical powers. The stone has the potential of granting you the gift of the gab, but you must kiss it to be honored with this. This is not just a quick lean and peck, but rather, a more acrobatic skill is required. Kissing the so-called powerful, centuries-old stone requires bending backward and giving a kiss upside down, while another human holds onto you. An interesting move to kiss a stone that many have locked lips with.


Ladies Liberty

Do you think they were competing for who could get the best photo? From the same distance and view away from the real deal, these Lady of Liberty wannabes made their tourist identities clear to passersby with their foam crowns and cameras at the ready. In all fairness, they’re visiting New York, they have to pay a visit to the historic statue. But do they all need to be taking the same photograph which one could have taken and forwarded in an email to the rest of the family?


Does It Look Like I’m Holding It Up?

Once again, the classic leaning on the Leaning Tower of Pisa is captured. This time, however, it is at the exact moment every tourist in the vicinity is trying their luck at claiming it was their strength that led to this architectural wonder. While you may be impressed by a photo where the plan has been executed well, you have completely different thoughts looking at this photo. Seeing everyone trying their luck from this view, makes them look like they’re just trying to protect their faces from a serious wind.

Tourism Capital Of The World

This family looks so proud to be in South Dakota, they even had to take a photo with the welcome sign on arrival. Unknown completely as to why they were entering the “Swinged Cat State,” they sure looked proud. They even prepped themselves perfectly in descending order to have the perfect family shot. The youngest child seems to be enjoying herself the most, so maybe this was her grand idea to make their way to this side of town.


Ambitionz As A Rydah

This woman certainly wanted to prove she was “Keeping’ It Real” by having rapper Tupac Shakur tattooed across her arm. It seems her love for the late rap artist got too much that she just had to commemorate it by inking herself with his name and face – especially to let others know her love for the rapper is real. She’s certainly kept his legacy real, because this is really going to stay on her forever, and it looks like her vacation has now been made.


Wave That Flag

It’s America’s birthday, and the family is sure going to show they are up for celebrating this 4th of July. And what would an Independence Day celebration be if families did not dress alike and represent the colors of America while doing so? Seems like the youngest child missed out on the red, white and blue socks, but the grin on all their faces sure shows this was the least of their worries. Today was all about ‘Merica, and they were letting that be known.


No Thanks, I Got This

The invention of the Selfie Stick was a truly magical invention that allowed us to finally capture those perfect selfie shots without having to work out the best angle to fit our face in. It also makes traveling on your own that little bit less nerve-wracking because there is no longer the dreaded thought: “but who will take pictures of me and capture all of my vacation shots?” Hath no fear people, the selfie stick is the answer to all those old fears, and now you can roam around freely while, of course, getting in all those selfie shots.


Fear Of Flipper

One afternoon, the parents of this young child thought “wouldn’t it be a great idea to take the little one to the zoo?” After all, the animals and friendly creatures are sure to keep the child entertained for the day, so why should they think otherwise? Well, this photo proves why it maybe is not the best idea to try and get an animal in the background when the young girl thinks she’s just smiling for her mom and dad.


The Multitasking Man

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, and this man was sure not letting this trash pass him by. The way it had been positioned, with a collection of different food and drinks, is surely an art, right? According to this man, it seems so, because he has positioned himself in a way where he means business. The forward lunge, while holding the camera in clear eye view, to take a photo of trash, he is sure in for gold.


A Magical Vacation Of Sadness

You say Disneyland is the happiest place in the world? Are you sure about that? Because this photo is sure to prove otherwise. While Walt Disney has been able to bring joy to so many for so many years, this family fails to see what all the hype is about. They did try to get into the Disney spirit, what with buying Mickey Mouse merchandise, but that wasn’t enough to convince them. Let’s hope no one gets a glimpse of this before paying for their magical experience.


You’re On Candid Camera

Nothing is getting in the way of this man and his photo. Even if it takes getting onto his knees and showing a little skin, he is going to do what it takes. His determination caught the eye of another photographer it seems, and little did he realize, he was a view in itself. Sometimes it is not a historic monument, a beach view, or a family photo that people really want to keep forever, but rather, it is the man wearing a fanny pack on the street.


Hangin’ Around

When the photographer says, “Look over here and smile” you are sure going to obey their orders. It’s unfortunate that at this same moment, one of the young children finds themselves stuck in their life jacket while dangling from the ground. What can you do though? The photo is of more importance, so the little kid clearly has to wait for the shot to be taken before he even gets noticed. It is safe to say he wasn’t having the best time right about now.


The Real Tour Of America

You see it on your TV screens and being driven on in the movies too, so why not check it out in real life? The highway is a real ‘this is what it looks like in the film’ moment, and this couple was going to experience it. Just a casual stroll along a highway is no big deal… surely. The two do not even seem phased that at any moment a rush of cars could come speeding past and disrupt their visit.


Hey Is For Horses

Kids sometimes like to disobey rules, not giving it a clear think as to why they have been issued in the first place. So when this little guy was told “do not open your window and throw your hands out,” he thought, “why, what exactly could happen?” Well, he soon learned that a huge horse could come and say hello and be a little too close for comfort. The young boy probably did not say hey back, and for sure never broke the rules again.


Distance Grows The Heart Fonder

Getting together to smile for the photo seemed like too tricky a job for this family. While the one child seemed pleased with the photo opportunity, the other was ready to jump out his carrier to see what was happening below, and the parents could not look less interested if they tried. If they were more interested in getting the boat in the shot than we’re left wondering what they would think when they look back at years to come and what they have to say about this riveting boat.


Smile For The Camera And The EMTs

It may have been after this photo was taken and looked at when it was printed that these ladies realized what was happening around them. If they had noticed at the time, they might not have wished to make this a photo opportunity. While two boys hover their heads over a trash can, there is an increasing concern as to the medical help on its way somewhere. We hope they weren’t smiling while there had been some unfortunate accident right out of the lens view.


Chillin’ With The Family

What a vacation this must have been, having the opportunity to be greeted by a polar bear. While many would run from fear at the company of this winter creature, this family smiled alongside it while happily holding yet another polar bear. They may have had their sticks at the ready for any sudden turn of events, but everyone seemed to be playing happy families on this occasion, and they found that cold conditions really were to make the finest vacation.

Screen Shot 2017-11-08 at 1.21.45 PM

Jump Up And Get Down

The family who vacation together certainly do not jump together. It seems they’ve left a man (well, daughter) behind on this one. The poor tot was left stumbling while the rest of her family attempted to get that perfect jumping picture. They at least do a better job at coordinating their outfits in preparation for their photo, and how perfect it would have been to have the ocean in the background while high in the air. Sadly, they didn’t quite get that.


Express Yourself

In normal households, it is harder to get the children to get dressed than it would the parents. Not in this household. Mom had got her children ready for their family photo in their Disney themed pajamas, and together they would sit perfectly by the fireplace. Such cooperative kids. Meanwhile, dad is not so convinced that putting on clothes would be the best idea. Instead, he lies naked but keeps his modesty by covering up behind his wife and kids.


It’s A Bull Market Out There

Most people would not choose to get up close and personal to a bull. For fear of losing their life to the massive creature, it’s a good idea to steer clear or observe from afar. With this in mind, this guy wanted to state that he had done otherwise, so took to the huge bull statue and got really up close and personal. It’s a mystery to what he would find in the butt of a statue bull, but he must now have all the answers for those curious.


Mexico Mania

What would a trip to Mexico be without having taken a photograph while donning the finest colorful sombrero one could find? Just to add to this Mexican vacation, a fanny pack is, of course, essential to keep all your personal things close by. After all, they need somewhere to carry their camera. Even if the kids do not look too impressed by their given attire, nor their new hats, mom was making sure they got this photo for the family album.


Head Strong

This would be quite the sight if you were the person sitting behind this woman looking as though she has quite literally lost her head. Meanwhile, looking just to the right and seeing a head floating on the sand without a body attached at the same time, makes this a hilarious photo opportunity that is too good to miss. Seems like the perfect pairing, at perfect timing, and we hope they complete each other because, to us, they look like they have found just what they were looking for in someone.


Splish Splash

There is nothing quite like hitting the beach on a family vacation and spending the day frolicking in the sea and catching some waves. This family caught one quite literally, however, when they were just about ready to get their vacation photo taken. It was unfortunate timing, as they were not quite ready for what was about to come from behind and cause quite the ordeal. Meanwhile, the photographer was taking their duties seriously, and if the family asked for a photo, they would certainly be getting one.


Please Stay Behind The Bannister

This vacation had some pretty sights to see and explore, and photographs of everything they saw would have been the perfect addition to show their friends when they got home. Having come across this picturesque moment, the crew got ready to have their photograph taken while sitting on the banister. One vacation go-er got a bit too excited it seems, and all his excitement threw him over the edge and into the water. This is exactly the reason behind signs stating – “Do NOT sit on the banister.”


The Most Magical Place In The Underworld

Disneyland is where dreams are made. After all, it is not called the happiest place in the world for nothing. This Mickey Mouse is set to prove otherwise, however, instilling complete fear and sadness in one child who will probably be scared of Disney forever. The impossible has quite frankly been made possible by Mickey himself, and he has brought it all on himself. He was probably over the whole dressing up business and was looking for a way to get out of that one.


A Denim Dynasty

This family most probably never heard of the fashion faux-pas, denim on denim, and were trying to set some new trend. While denim jackets and shirts are sure making their comeback, this is quite the unexpected attire when there is a clear ocean in the background with the sun blazing that day. We would be expecting swimsuits and hats for this kind of day, but families like to have their own vacation traditions and do not care what the rest of us will be saying about it.